Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dazzling light festival

Dazzling light festival photos which I taken at 19 December, 2007.
I will upload more on

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No viruses found

Run full scan using Norton Antivirus program last night, checked this morning.
There was no viruses found. No more backdoor.graybird viruses found on the tmp files.
It is not easy to get rid of this virus. Although Norton Antivirus mention the virus is been quarantine but it will still appear in the morning if I left the pc switch on. It's always detected on the tmp file.

The way I get rid of this virus is let the Norton antivirus program run the full scan. Deleted any file related with it. That's it, I managed to KILL pc viruses again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I like simple screen saver

I like screen saver, sometime only.
I still like the old style of screen saver, like this one: particle fie, you can download it for free now.

Tired of some screen saver which required serial number. Some free screen saver make me sicked. So sometime just do not want any screen saver, better use WindowsXP screen save.

Testing Trillian

Tested Trillian is okay after installed.
No more error on loading as I always encountered error while open this program in the first. I have to open this program the second time then it going to work.
This new version is okay when I open it in the first time. All my Yahoo, MSN and ICQ is working fine. More stable. Chat with my sister, friend all in one windows. Invite ppl to join in, okay.

Download Trillian

1WU:5:12 2WU:6:26 LNQG:1~5, + 1,2

Downloaded Trillian this morning. Downloading twice as the first downloaded is Found the latest one after the first downloaded.

Trillian download

What is Trillian for? It a combination of various messenger. I used it for ICQ, Yahoo and MSN messenger. Although it seem all the ICQ friends all gone...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday/s Miri trip

1WU:5:49 2WU:6:14

Went to Miri yesterday. The main reason was requested by friend who want to fetch one more person go to airport, but his car was not enough space. Mr. Xing asked Lian go too as they want to buy some stuffs for chapter.

It's a bit long queue when arrived Sungai Tujuh.
About half a hour or 45 minutes queue at Brunei check point and Malaysian check point.
Arrived Miri at 11:35am.

Done all the stuffs, back on queue at 3:35pm, arrived Kuala Bealit around 5:00pm. Mr. Xing need to meet our friends, so we went to YY for tea break. They came after 5 minutes. I ordered some snacks.

Sent Mr. Xing and Liang backed, then I backed home at 6:15pm.
Felt tired anyway after bath. Do so internet surfing.
Watching TV until 9:30pm, it was time for bed.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Today's stuffs...

1WU:5:59 2WU:6:14 LEQG:1,2,5,3,4

Viewing Betty's photo at facebook, her photos – A Trip to Honolulu, Hawaii (Part Deux).
I think she really enjoy the trip.
Do not when I can go to Hawaii, same day, sure for that.

Called Xing for breakfast, he was late and cannot have breakfast with me.
Ying backed from Temgburong last night, back home awhile, then out again. Back home again early this morning, then she have to go to school this morning. Monday will be her own time, on leave until next year.

Today will go to office, may be several hours only. Not sure but sure that I will not going back after lunch. Need to meet Sheron my more information on the merchant plan. Time to know more.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Turn your PC to Mac

Don't like Windows Vista? Want to change your Windows PC to Mac? There is a way:

Thanks my Canada's friend Joe told me this information.

Brian game in

I use the right brian on the brian game at, but I hope my print screen graphic will NOT again their rule:

Anyway, there is some brian game out there, hope I can play some other time.

Traveling season

Sister in law, his daughter and son will fly to Taiwan today.
Will arrive Taipei at around 9:45pm, late at night, just like the same flight I did. Then have to travel for 45 minutes to arrive Taipei as the airport is at TaoYuan.

After my nephew back from Taiwan, then he will go to Singapore for some camp. Before that my niece also will go to KL for traveling. Then my turn to go to KL, then go Perak for my Dharma learning.

My sister's family also went to China. This time I really hope they are enjoy the trip which arranged by Halim tour.

My elder sister also will travel to HK then Vancouver, Canada on this December.
So December really a tight traveling season.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today's diary

WU:6:14 QG:1,2,5

I thought I still wake up earlier today but it's not. I felt really tired after last night QiGong teaching. It's was the fresh experience to me for doing some "tuning" for the QiGong class.

I hoped our students managed to get something from what I taught.
Busy office day for today.
No time to do more surfing.

Dharma brother did not send his daughter to my house although I told him to do so. The worst thing he didn't even give me a call for his absent. So I was a bit late when arrived the chapter, I felt a bit angry with him. I didn't want to do any guessing any more for his acting like that. He just act like that, I have to call him directly then I finally knew he already arrived chapter. He just bring his daughter there and he have other place to go. I have to get use of his special style again. No inform, then I have to call him...

Chatting with his daughter when bring her back home, she changed a lot and will talk to me freely. It's a raining night, by the time I arrived home, the rain almost stopped.

Wrote this diary for today and it's time for me to have my night dream...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some trivia stuff

1WU:5:45 2WU:6:14 AQG:1,2,5

Uploaded song to and replace the previous one.

Exploring , good web site for both learning English and Chinese. Even can write Chinese characters on their web page.

Checked email on Yahoo , gmail...reject 4 chat invitation from not a friend. No mood to chat with him although I knew him. Deleted and made junks emails on, there were less spam emails on my hotmail account. Getting more spam emails on Yahoo email account, I think my previous greedy make this happen...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


1WU:5:32 2WU:6:14 LEQG:1~5

安和龍的晚餐是Mee Goreng 加下午的午餐肉和蛋.
她呀,有煮給她自己和我的. 清湯菜加魚丸和肉丸, 另有一道少量雞酒.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Source: Email













Do my visa

1WU:4:47 2WU:5:25 3WU:5:45

Monday have to send my CI to do the visa

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some Pipe works

Raining Sunday

1WU:4:34 2WU:5:45 3WU:6:04 QG:1~5 NMQG

Raining Sunday.
No planning for today.
Mum still request me to buy breakfast for her, I still keep quiet.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday working

1WU:4:23 2WU:5:32 3WU:6:12 QG:1~5 LEQG:1~5

Thought can have the free Saturday.
No, have to go to office today.
Haven't got my breakfast yet as my Saturday breakfast always late until I felt hungry.

I have to rush for my breakfast.
Hope I can arrive office on time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


1WU:5:53 LNQG:1~5 x 2 NOMG as rain

今天下午她和阿姨哭訴.說詞就和上一次和你說的差不多. 說到淚流滿面, 說到她有多悽慘就有多悽慘. 哭到阿姨會打電話問麗到底發生甚麼事? 家中沒有人了. 不是正如她所想要的嗎?

安也怕了她. 因為那天她叫安不要走. 要安看著那工程做好.
那天只是回家來要去學校. 他對我說他去了學校不回. 會直接到朋友家去.

當我回家時, 如果沒有麗接到那個哭訴電話, 會發現什麼事都沒有.
當晚她沒有煮. 我還好有麗給我cheese蛋糕. 吃下超過半個, 其他的就是穎和安的甜品了.

昨晚嫂有回來睡. 早上還是被唱: "阿mei, 回來了呀?"
之前還在我剛睡醒去廁所時, 抓緊時間和我說:"打包給我吃呀"

今晚她有煮, 還特地會叫我吃. 我總是說:"我等一下吃".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

她在我修法的時候, 開門進來

她在我自己房間修法的時候, 開門進來.
掀起我修法壇城的布帘. 對我說; '跟我打包呀'
我沒回答她. 因為我還在持著昨咒哩. 那裡可能理她.

修完法後看我沒行動, 我又看見她已準備了要蒸番薯.

是不是我吃了她餘下的晚餐, 就要和她買個早餐?
有點奇怪的想法. 就是在那一剎那間修法.

不計較 與不比較



每個人一生中都要信兩種教 ,

你 知道是什麼教嗎....? 當然不是睡覺 .....^.^

是 不計較 與不比較 .....


到最後就演變成為了滿足自己的慾望而去傷害別人 ...



因此我們做人要謙虛,要知足,更要惜福 ....






這樣永遠都不會成功,永遠都不會滿足,也永遠都不會快樂 ....


這不是要你因此不求上進喔 ..... ,是要你懂得謙虛 ..


去包容每一個人,從家人,朋友,甚至陌生人 ....

也許我解釋得不是很好,但我體會很深 ...

如果每個人都能有所體悟,都能放寬心,相信都會過得很快樂 ....

because.......... 知足常樂!

在星期一開始時 , 我的這封信告訴你,

這個禮拜會不一樣 .

好的開始就是成功的一半 .^.^

祝 你 天 天 快 樂

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lost my eyeglasses today!

After I have done vacuum cleaning for my car in the noon time. As it cause sweating(冒汗) then I had to put my eyeglasses on the top of my car.

After finished car cleaning, I forgot to wear back my eyeglasses(眼鏡).

It was first time for me to do the car cleaning for the last 7 months. My office car is too tidy as I think the dirt kept coming in and I really lazy to do any cleaning.

Today is prompted by a sudden impulse(心血來潮) to do this job.

I just went up to upstairs to do my Internet surfing. Then my nephew came in asking me to lend him my car.

After 20 minutes then I realize that my eyeglasses is on top of my car.
Everything seem to late for me to found this fact.
Mood just dropping to the bad. Like the Chinese idioms said: "The mood falls into the valley" (心情跌入谷底)

Then I tried to analyse why this will happen.
Am I a careless person? Am I a forgotten peson? I think the main problem is I just forgot to wear back my eyeglasss. That all! No other reason to loss a precious along with stuff!

Today I got a dinner. After cool down then I have to find my old eyeglasses for tonight!





今天福家正式搬. Wx 馬來奕半路.想是她岳母家附近吧.



Busy weekend

Photoed show the entrance of ICC(International Convention Centre)

Today will be a bit busy.
SMS to Xing after mum asked me to buy breakfast for her in the earlier morning.
He did not reply.

Geak sms me too for some office stuffs.
I replied back for my schedule today and she called me back and tried to solve all the problems.

Will go to workshop for my car meter board replace, cost B$150.00 but I just wonder it is the correct price. Hope the workshop man will not increase the cost.

Went up to BSB yesterday around 3:30pm to attend CHSchool talk, but found no one there. Decided go to CIC for the health Expo. We are a bit late for the show as they will closed at 6:00pm. We arrived there 5:00pm.

Exploring some of the booths and my niece found something interesting.
We heard some health products and what I found most of the exhibitors is from South East Asia, only one China product if I am not wrong, but no one on that booth. May be it's time their booth closed.

My niece called her friends and we have dinner at Royal Brunei Golf Club. Cost about B$6.00 each person.

Back to Seria at 8:03pm.
Shower and went to chapter for discussion until 9:58pm.
Felt tired but still checked my emails until 10:34pm.
What a day!

Arrived workshop at 8:22am, asked the man to repair my meter board, he opened the meter board and replace my owed one which is white meter board. He tested the meter and it was the same problem, main dashboard meter not working. So he asked the bass. The boss told him that it could be the meter sensor problem.

So he had to opened the meter sensor from the crashed car and replace mine. This time it was okay. Just only this very small piece of sensor causing it was not working for years. He repaired man found that one of the plug was broken. 3 pins only left 2 pins.

It took about one hour to finished this job.
I left the workshop at 9:32am and and continue my today office work.

Xing sms me at 9:02am, I was stuck at workshop that time. I called he after the work done. He told me he did not noticed my sms and going to leave.

So I did not meet him.

Went to do get car fuel and called Miri doctor. He was not in.
I booked on next Saturday around 10:00am.

Friday, November 16, 2007

CCleaner got a update

1WU:4:30 2WU:5:40

CCleaner got a update. The version Although it seem that this small pic of free softwares not better than the CleanUp! but I still downloaded this free new version.

Installed it and run it. It still cleaning some files, but I think as my using IE and firefox browsing somthing. Cleaning temp files only.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

1 clikc dvd copy

My Dharma brother introduce me a good tool for DVD burning software.The name of the software called: 1 click dvd copy, it's from LG Korea!

So I tried to downloaded it and tried it last night, cannot wait to check it work or not.The first copy of DVD is burn successfully . I checked in the morning and found it finished copy after I just click "start". So I tried to do the second copy this morning. It just stop at 27% and seem hanged there. I just wait impatiently, so I think I will tried to stop it and try another copy again when I back to work by today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Add new domain

Add new domain name for this blog as I read a article regarding is the most riskiest country-level domain in the world. Today finally tested okay.

Dot TK cleans up Tokelau’s web domain <- This article seem a bit negative for this free domain.

What I found another article which more positive:

Dot TK Reaches Out to Open-Source Community

Just depend how we think, right?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


1WU:5:24 2WU:6:01 LNQG:1~5 MQG:17m

I used to exploring almost everyday these days.


Tea break with SLian, Soo, Cally and me. Chatted for one and a half.
We chatted everything, from Dharma sister, the Guru, newspaper press and life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Learn something

1WU:5:24 2WU:6:01

Learn something from the web for our life:

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You willhave your heart broken probably more than oce and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt whenyours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sicty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Don't be afraid that youf life will end, be afraid that it will never again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Life

1WU:5:24 2WU:6:14 QG:1~5 MQG:15

After practice my routine for today. Got TCai SMS calling me to have breakfast but he did not told me where and when. Reply him back and he still did not give me where, just when only.

So today may be have a long breakfast time. This is also a routine for our close friends gathering time. Just do not know today gathering place only.

We can have our breakfast for more than 3 hours until noon time, pass the lunch time but usually did not have lunch and back home, sometime will continue to another place to have our lunch. Depend that days everyone is free or not.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Family gathering

Having the family gathering when my brother told me to go to my sister's house tonight.

We have the steam boat dinner. I ate not so many as I ate a bit at home. I have to ate my mum's cooked dinner.

My sister always prepared lot of foods for steam boat.

Dinner end around 8:15pm. We enjoyed the food and we chatted happily.

We did have this kind of family gathering once in a while.

Saturday life

1WU:4:46 2WU:6:14

Did not sleep again when wake up at 6:00am something.
Doing my daily Dharma practice. Then doing my daily email checking. Adding some new contact on msn, for Germany friend Sven, for Dharma brother and sister at Canada and Singapore.

Met Sven after I added him. Chat with him and his time was mid-night.
As he will drove car to met grand father and mother(if I am not wrong), just we just chat a while only.

Uploaded some photos to photobucket and picasa.
Waiting for Dharma sister to call me who called me for breakfast on the last two week. She did not call today.

Having my very simple oat with some cookies breakfast.
Call TChai for lunch, he was busy with his customer, so have to wait for his call to confirm.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

CleanUp! got a update version

1WU:5:32 2WU:6:03

CleanUp! got a update version. Version 2.54.
Just follow the links:

CleanUp! Official web site

Good to have this tiny tools to clean up all our PC temp files, history and all kind of cookies.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Autumn Time


這幾天都沒有去練氣功. 和王老師請了一個星期假.
這此上師到, 很想去堂. 就和王老師請了一個星期假.
和這一位上師幾天, 感覺還不錯. 蠻隨和的.
雖然開示不是很精彩, 但有它的特色. 有自己個人的體會.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Testing Applce Mac book

WU:4:50 2WU:6:04 LNQG1~5 x 2

Test the Apple Mac book yesterday.
The first thinking is: it's a heavy machine, about 3~4 KGs? Not sure.
I tested it and the graphics really nice and sharp. Browe to the web, went to my own blog, found it also support Chinese characters. All text showed sharp and nice, better than the broswer in IE or firefox.

Tested the iTunes, volume seem a bit low, no enough power.
Can support USB pen drive without any problem, support mp3 which just copied from my Windows XP. Good, no worried for the file format problem.

I tested for half a hour, tired after work. Cannot find any file manager, may be it have and I just do not much time to test it.

I will buy Apple Mac Book, first bad impression: too heavy. Second impression, it will very expensive compare with any Windows compatiable PC!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm

WU:5:20 2WU:5:54 LNQG:1~5 MQG:15

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm.
We god the information that we have to wake up early today again. The morning was at 5:00am. 6:00am bus will ready to go.

My room mate, Canadian Dharma brother mention why we have to wake up so early? I told him we were in Malaysia, Malaysia students always will go the ceremony as earlier as possible, especially our root Guru Grand Master’s ceremony.

We were arrived the stadium around 6:30am. Crowded of people already line-up to enter the stadium.

About 7:00am we managed to get our seat. Settled down and starting to went outside of the stadium to checked whether anything to buy. Came in and out of the stadium several times as it was earlier. My Dharma brother told me we have to another 6 hours for the ceremony to get ready.

I bought several T-shirts and some sovenirs.
10:30am, Root Guru was arrived. Resting, tea break and get ready, met all the masters.
12:30pm noon, the whole stadium was full, no more seat at all and the ceremony was going to start.
12:45pm, welcome monks line up and get ready to welcome our Root Guru to came into the stadium.
12:55pm, ceremony started.
It last until 5:30pm for this ceremony. Welcome ceremony 迎師, monk ceremony 出家戒儀式, married ceremony 福証儀式 and the main Kalachakra Ceremony started.

Then the empowerment time, I think it took about 2 hours for this empowerment to finished. It went smoothly this time, not like 9 years before it was mass up. We all were in the empowerment and enlightment team, it took quite fast for us to have the enlightment ceremony.

Went out of the stadium was about 6:30pm, wait for all the members group to gather and have our bus back to hotel. It have to took about half a hour to wait the rest of our group.

7:45pm then back to hotel. A bit tired.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Trip photos

View my Dharma brother Kuala Lumpur Trip photos:

馬來西亞時輪金剛護摩大法會, 请欣赏 !

Malaysia Kalachakra Ceremony

My own photos of Kuala Lumpur Trip photos

馬來西亞般若雷藏寺開光, 真佛墓園開光,19日感恩宴,時輪金剛護摩大法會照片等等, 请欣赏 !

Malaysia Kalachakra Ceremony

More to come...continue uploading...

Have a good sleep last night


Have a good sleep last night. It's been so long I did not have this kind of good sleep for several weeks already.

Good sleep then have good mood. Feel so good.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Found waist pain while wake up

1WU:5:05 2WU:5:56

Found waist pain while wake up.
No thinking to visit any doctor today, may be tomorrow.

Today may busy watching TV singing contest from and continue my KL trip writing. Hope I can write more today.

Uploading photo to and Picasa Google yesterday, what I found PIcasa is better than Photobucket which only limited for 100 photos while Picasa can hold for 1 GB file size files.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

18th arrived KL

Although I mention I fly at 18th dawn from the Capital, but arrived Kuala Lumpur LCCT at around 11:55pm, after the luggage claim, then it's 19th Oct, 2007. Yes, it mid-night at KL LCCT. Felt a bit tired after this late night flight.

As I do not have any baggage claim(the rest of the group got the baggage claim). Stepped out of LCCT was about 1:00am.

Saw the sign board written for our group. Said hi to the tour guide. I was the first group member who step out of the LCCT.

Have to wait for the rest of the group members, then it was 1:10am.
Arrived PutraJaya Marriot Resort Hotel around 1:30am.
Tired and luckily our TangZhu checked in the hotel for us, then after I have the card key, then rush to room for resting because we will have 4:30am morning call that morning. Only got 3 hours sleeping time.

5:00am something wakeup and have the hotel breakfast. The breakfast not showing it's quality of food, although I was sure that it's better than 3 stars quality, but I don't think it was a 5 star breakfast.

Nevermind, breakfast was included on this trip package. I have to eat the same quality of breakfast for another 3 days again.

Arrived Klang BoYe Lie Zang Temple(般若雷藏寺) around 7:00am.
About several buses parked near this temple already. Oh yes, today event was the opening ceremony for this temple.

Rushed to the temple for toilet, then temple authority announced that they will stopped people entering the main temple hall. So I have to find a seat outside the temple.
More people rushed into the temple surrounding. Opening ceremony will start at around 9:30am. My root Guru arrived the temple at around 9:00am. Too crowded then I cannot took any photo direct to him. Just a crowded people photo I can taken.

Our Grand Master arrived and all people rushed to meet him.

Took some photos when I arrived the temple:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from KL-JB-Kuching-Miri

Back from KL-JB-Kuching-Miri. Took about 300 photos.
Will show you all the photos when I have time.

This trip is quite tired as we have to wake up earlier in order to get our seat for the ceremony.
Anyway, although it was a tired trip, I also enjoy it.
Travelling always will get tired sometime but we also got sometime fresh and nice.
New thinking coming up on my mind after every travelling.
Took this photo at KL-Klang TBS temple:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Get rid of Trojan vundo virus

Finally I manage to "kill" the Trojan.Vundo virus from my PIII notebook.
What method? May be you will ask.

I tried various way to get rid this virus. Checked to get the formal information again. Few weeks ago I just no time to read the instruction, so I just want to read it slowly to get detail information.

From the "virus removal" web page, I followed the instruction and check through the registry files, values and statements. No sign of virus value added into registry, but what I knew it's only a file in my c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll was infected by Trojan Vundo virus. Norton anti virus detected this virus and pop up with the notification.

I even follow the instruction that to restart my notebook to safe mood, run the FixVundo.exe, no virus found after several hours or scanning. So no use for this Norton virus removal.

I restart the notebook, fix the bad sector. Restart again and run Avast antivirus program, this time Avast detected virus on memory. So there was a option to scan the notebook on next restart. So I want to tried again for this restart scanning.

After few hours of scanning, this time Avast managed to detected two W32.Trojan viruses. I selected to delete all viruses detected.

The two viruses also included c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll and DELETED it finally.

Restart notebook again and found there was no more virus detected notification again. So good for me to keep retry.

I am no sure why this Avast cannot detect the above mention virus on the first scanning, and managed to detected on second time. May be Avast just updated the definition files. No sure for that, but the good news is I managed to get rid of all the viruses on this notebook.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Group praying for Dharma sister


Doing my regular Dharma practice after wakeup.
Decided went to "pass away" praying at Seria. It was a group praying for the Dharma sister who was 90 years old.

Decided to invite Qing to go with me. Arrived her house at around 7:05am, she want to go. I felt a bit sorry that I did not informed her earlier. One of the reason was she off her phone, another reason was I just decided to go to this praying in the earlier morning. No time to inform her earlier.

I decided go to have some tea break as I felt a bit hungry. So we were late when arrived the Dharma sister's house. The praying was just started when we arrived.

The praying was about one and a half hour. Then we went to Seria noodle store to have our breakfast. Left the noodle store at around 10:00am.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why did he cry? (A True Story) 發生在中國的一個真實的故事

Source 來源:Email電郵
Why did he cry? (A True Story)
A true story that happened in China

A bus full of passengers was travelling on hilly road.

Midway through the journey, 3 armed thugs was eyeing the pretty woman bus driver.
They forced the bus to stop and wanted to have fun with the driver!

The woman driver naturally shouted for help,
butall the rest of the passengers just kept quiet.

Then a weakly looking middle-aged man came forth to ask the 3 men to stop; but he was instead beaten up.
The man was very angry and appealed loudly to the other passengers to stop this uncivilised act but nobody responded. And the driver was dragged by the 3 men to the bushes nearby.

An hour later, the 3 thugs and the ruffled driver came back to the bus and the driver is ready to drive off again....

" 喂,你下車吧,我的車不拉你!"
"Hey you, get down the bus!" the woman driver shouted to the man who tried to assist her earlier on.

The man was bewildered and said:
"What's wrong with you? I was trying to save you just now and was I wrong in doing so?"

"You save me? What have you done to save me?"
The driver retorted, and a few of the passengers were quietly laughing away.

The man was really angry. Even though he did not have the ability to save her, he should not be given this treatment at all. He refused to get down the bus and said; "I paid for the trip and I have the right to remain."

The driver put on a grim face and said: "If you don't get down, the bus will not move on."

What was unexpected was that the passengers, who were oblivious to the barbaric act of the thugs just now, suddenly woke up and in a concerted effort asked the man to get down the bus saying:
"You might as well get off the bus, we have things to attend to and cannot afford anymore delays!"

A few stronger passenger were indeed trying to drag the man down the bus

The 3 thugs were smiling knowingly at each other and commented: "We must have done a great job to the lady!"

After much ado, the man's luggage was thrown out the bus window and he was ousted out of the bus.

The bus started on its journey again. The driver straightened up her hair and turned the radio to full volume.

The bus was reaching the hill top and will go downhill after a turn. The right side of the bus was facing an unfathomable cliff..

The speed of the bus increased gradually. The driver's face was very calm with both hands on the steering wheel. Tears started to swell in her eyes.

「慢點開,慢點開,你想幹什麼?" 」
One of the thug realised something amiss and said to the driver: "Drive slowly, what are you trying to do?"

The driver said nothing, but the bus travelled faster and faster.
The thug tried to grap hold of the steering wheel, but the bus shoot towards the cliff like an arrow leaving the bow.

昨日發生慘禍, 一中型巴士摔下山崖。
車上司機和十三名乘客無一生還 。
The next day, the local paper reported a tragic accident at the 'Tiger Taming Hill' region. A medium sized bus fell through the cliff and the driver and the 13 passengers were all killed.

The man who was chased down the bus saw the paper and cried. Nobody knew what was he crying about and why he cried!

You know why he cried?
If you were in the bus, would you stand up like the man did?

We need people like him to create and sustain a normal society!

有心人將以熱情回報妳 ;
希望我們都是用心的人; 也是有心的人
When we treat others with our hearts; we will receive warmth and love from people!
It is a very tragic story. What will you do if you are the bus driver.

Life driven by anger is no life.


早上走時還是被罵: 走了就不要回來! 也不知大嫂已經很傷心了。

Monday, October 08, 2007

Exploring "FaceBook"

I read one of the article at for this facebook web site. One of my Dharma brother also ask me to teach him how to use this facebook. So I decided to join in and exploring it.

What I found if compare with friendster, I like this facebook.
It have too many applications and you can add in anytime.
I think more and more application will be adding in facebook.
I registered on Sunday and starting to exploring it for more than one hour.
Keep exploring it and tried to get use to it.
I like some of the features. Today what I found is your friends can added photos for you. So on your photo page you will have photos which added by your friends.

There must be lot of fun using this facebook.
Will let you know what I found on this facebook.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Get rid of Winantispyware spyware and Vundo Trojan Virus

As my PIII notebook Norton antivirus liveupdate got error while updating, so I tried to search the liveupdate program. Found the liveupdate program which not from official web site. After downloaded the program, then I suddenly found that some popup keep appear.

I knew my notebook was infected with this Winantispyware spyware. It will run IE automatically and show the winantispyware software web site, and ask you to buy this software. Then it also will ask you to download this software. Exit the spyware web site windows, then it keep running again automatically.

Tried to search internet for the solution. No best solution.
I also found my notebook infected with vundo trojan virus which noticed by Norton antivirus program, but it only can detached the virus, cannot qurantee and delete the infected file. Also cannot deleted the file manually as the system mention the file is used by Windows.

I knew Avast antivirus have the feature that can scan Drive C: while booting up. So I tried to install this free Avast antivirus program, run the program for whole night. Found several viruses and I just deleted all the files.

Then I found the winantispyware spyware not appear anymore. I am not sure whether this Avast really get rid of this winantispyware spyware or not, but I did not get any automatically running IE again.

Sad to found that the vundo trojan virus still there.
Searching the web and found a special small removal program for this vundo trojan.
It was not from Norton vundo trojan removal. As I read some forum mention this Norton Vundo removal is not work, cannot fix the problem. I also knew that as my office have the same virus infection and the Norton virus removal cannot help.

The small removal program is from:
I downloaded the file vundofix.exe. Run it and it also cannot fix the problem.
Have to find a good solution again. I run the Norton vundo trojan removal now, as it is too slow, then I have to wait and see whether it's work or not for this time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


今天她把安的門搞壞, 那門現在關不緊.
她是趁穎和安不在的時候把門搞壞的. 太利害了吧!
為何知道是她搞的? 因為只有她在家. 我回時門就開了! 穎出門時門是鎖上的. 還有, 門邊有明顯被破壞的痕跡.

知道後, 除了生氣, 還能做甚麼?

Online FLV Converter

Want to convert the youtube to MP3 or other format? There is a way.

Just surf to:

Easy to use. You need a broadband internet. Do not worried the size of the file while converting although it seem too huge while converting, but it will shorten to the smallest size if you convert the file to mp3.

Try it today!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Over Weight

That day weighted and found I already 78 Kgs. Wow, too fat for me and my mind starting to think how to keep fit and loose weight. Cannot get more weight again. Checked web site for my BMI, yes, I am slightly over weight. Have to get rid the over weighted. The best weight for me is 69 Kgs.
My first target is 75 Kgs then 70 Kgs, then properly to 69 Kgs.
I do not want to loose weight too fast, I just want to make it steady and slowly.

So I have to keep remind myself to exercise daily. As I knew I am very lazy, will tried to have many reason to make myself not to exercise. Keep this exercise mood on this morning, so keep my mind to the exercise mood on this morning until afternoon.

So practice QiGong after back from office. I really hope I can make it daily.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Raining day while wake up

Raining day while wake up.
Late reponse on my mind, can go to office a bit late. I got this message while on every raining morning. The fact is not true as the raining can stop anytime.

Do the rountine.
Rain stop during my daily cultivation.
Late back to office these days, not only cause by the raining. Also got too many things to surf, to write and to think of.

Sleep getting better and better, although I did not take the "have a good sleep" pills. I almost sure that those pills were not suit to me. My body getting "heat" go up to my brain, so I cannot have a nice sleep at night. The acunpunture told me that the heat in my lungs at first. There were no more "lung heat" on my third visit.

Good sleep make me have more things to do. Got something to do on my mind.
The big problem is still the same, I cannot concentrate on my subject while surfting, so I loost too much times to finished my project while palm "head line" show all the truth for these messing brain acting. Do you know what I tried to say?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Added Creative Commons License

Added Creative Commons License for my blog this morning.
More Information can get from Creative Commons License.

Good to have a common license on my blog.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why Drink Coconut Water

Source: Internet Email
Coconut Water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help:

* Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature
* Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage
* Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
* Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising
* Raise your metabolism
* Promote weight loss
* Boost your immune system
* Detoxify and fight viruses
* Cleanse your digestive tract
* Control diabetes
* Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
* Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer
* Treat kidney and urethral stones
* Boost poor circulation

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I had car accident today


I had car accident today when I just open my car door in Miri.
I help Xing to bank in money, and just going to back home, who knew this incident will happen.

The good thing is this is really a very small accident. I just opened my car door, a car from right side drove in and hit my car door. It's stuck. The Chinese driver have to come out his car then knew how to move the car, he drove the car backward then I can move my car door.

I just sat in my car, chatting. I just going to drive away if he did not say anything. Just like Monday I also have a small car accident which I drove back my car and I hit something. Then I knew I hit a black old car. The driver did not came out from the car and I just came out and asked him: "Nothing?" He said: "Nothing", then I left.

So what I think today may be the same thing happen again. The passenger, I think the driver's son attitude is not good, said: "Why you open the door so big oh?". I kept silent. I knew it was both side mistake. Not only my side. The driver mention the car need to repaired. If I am the drive, I will said: "It's okay, as both party have mistake somewhere". I opened my car door, then you also have to be aware that someone is open the car door, right? Who's right and who's wrong. So I didn't want to say anything.

I tried to called my Miri's Friend use driver's phone. Cannot get through. The driver went to bank to do his stuff, left his son stayed there and I borrowed his phone to call back Brunei to get another Miri's friend phones numbers. Finally I get thorough and got the numbers. I called the numbers and manage to find my friend. Told him the story. He can handle it. The driver also talked to my friend. They both agreed the term.

No mood and rushed back home at 11:23am. What a morning!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good health feeling

1WU:5:00 2WU:6:07 LNQG:1~5, MQG:15m

Wakeup at 6:07am in the morning and feel okay. No so headache.
Surf the net for 15 minutes and do my daily Dharma practice.
Feel good and still feel a bit headache, but I think the main tiredness is gone. This is the main problem for me for not having a perfect sleeping. It's sleep and the brain is still working, no resting for the brain. Keep thinking something, but strange thing is I did not feel I was thinking.

I though I will go to Miri again on this coming Thursday or Friday to visit the acupuncture again. I really hope I don't have to.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NeoCounter reset

Wow NeoCounter reseting my visitors counter.
I just install a new neocounter for my Brunei Blog. Configure the nice background.Save it and installed.

Then I tried to reconfigure my main blog. Save and installed. Then I found it reset the counter to 0. Start from fresh...oh Buddha...why like that?

May be have to complain to them. Free counter, what do I expect?

Brunei Daily Diary

1WU:4:07 2WU:5:28 LNQG1~5

Found this website today, and I think this web site is available for quite sometime already:

Brunei Daily Diary

Quite informative for Bruneian and may be tourists.

Monday, August 27, 2007


头疼。但还是上网检查信件。去 看cloning credit card.
把它放到我的另一个英文博客中。 回信息。



头疼。但还是上网检查信件。去 看cloning credit card.
把它放到我的另一个英文博客中。 回信息。


Take care of your credit card

Take care of your credit card. Keep a eye on it is not enough. Just watch this video:

Credit card cloning

Sunday, August 26, 2007


不象平常的星期天。我应该躺在床上直到八 点。我想我的“醒来惯例“又回到早醒来阶段。

我喜欢早醒因为我能在早晨练我的气功。 今天感觉赞还好。那几天我读没有足够的睡眠。虽然不是很足够睡觉, 但我仍然完成的每日工作, 娱乐,就和平常一样。


明家今天去美里, 六个人挤在一辆汽车里。一定非常挤。

当做我规则互联网冲浪时,倾听着马来西亚网上广播电台。享受这片刻的安静, 但我的妈咪要我为她。没有办法。我告诉了她在我写完我的博客之后我将买为她买早餐。

DO NOT login to fake Swisscash

I got a comment regarding this

According to my
I did mention I found a new link, then I found this web site it NOT secure at all. This user told me that this is a fake web site, in order to steal the investor user names and passwords.

I really hope will back to life as someone still tried to get the user names and passwords.

I pray and hope will back to life as earlier as possible! I still cannot login today.

Early wakeup

1WU:3:55 2WU:5:00 QG:1,2,5 MQG:10m

Wakeup early today and not like usual as today is Sunday. I should lay on the bed until 8 something. I think my wakeup routine back to early wakeup stage. I like that as I can practice my QiGong in the morning.

Today felt okay and I fell not enough sleep for the last 3 days.
Although not enough sleep, but still doing my routine work, entertainments as usual.
May be the medicine was acting correctly on my body. I have to take it again for today and I can stop it anytime if my have a good sleeping today.

Ming family went to Miri today, 6 person in one car. Must be very tight.
I ask Ying to make a key for me.
Hope they enjoy themselves today. They went to do the praying for their father and my third brother.

listen to Malaysia online radio when doing my regular internet surfing. Enjoy this peaceful moment, but my mum ask me to buy breakfast for her. No choice. I told her I will buy for her after I finished my blogging now.

Earth from space

Someone sent this photo to me, there are several photos, but I only like four of them:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning trvia stuff

1WU:3:22 2WU:5:30

Wake up early and surfing the net.
Watching some unfinished video on
SMS to Xing for breakfast, he replied after 5 minutes.
I called him to confirm the time, he mention he did not do the cultivation this morning.

I tried to change my Samsung battery problem mobile phone to Nokia which belong to my nephew. This one seem also got problem, first thing "please insert simm card" problem, and I also found the phone will always have to restart. The restarting time take too long for most Nokia mobile phone? I really not sure about that.

I tried to recharge it for low battery. I switch it on, no more restart for this time.
I hope it will running for today testing.
My nephew mention his colleuge request to sell this mobile to him for the lowest price. He mention he thinking about that.



看台湾新闻:聽膩星光 滅光幫倒大拇指从星光帮和减光帮。对我来说,有点无聊吧!也知道他们又有压力了。只是有点心疼他们而已。他们太累了!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Went to Miri this morning

1WU:4:48 2WU:5:23 QG:1,2,6 LNQG:1~5 MG:20m

Just back from Miri at 12:15am.
Actually there were family member will went to Miri together this morning, but somehow my brother in law having "fighting and boxing" last night with his wife, so she have to cancelled this morning's trip. Then my elder sister and younger brother also cancelled the trip.

As I promise Dharma brother will bank in money for him, so I have to go.
Got my sister called this morning told me that the trip is cancelled. I told her I knew already last night as my nephew was msn with her child. The statement "having fighting and boxing" was his description. What my younger brother got the message that her mobile have been smashed by her husband. What I found her mobile phone was still working fine this morning.

I arrived office at 8:12am, found all children were not having their tuition. So I called Miri's doctor and he will be back tomorrow.

I starting my journey at 8:23am, arrived Miri at 9:12am.
Visit the acupunture at first. Took two different medicine, once for my "lung heat" and once for my skin itch problem. Both only cost RM$30.00.

Then went to EON and Public bank to bank in.
Went to Boulevard to buy some grocery for myself.
Back to Brunei at 12:15 noon.

My China Blog not refreshing

I just want to public my blog to my Dharma brothers and sisters in Taiwan. So I post one new message there. Found my China Blog not updating my latest message as I tried to update one new message but it won't show the latest message. I post the article last night and did not show in the morning, do not know why.

I tried to login to my China blog, tried to search for the reason.
No sign of error or setting I miss out.
Need to explore the files management again.

This one should be the latest post. back to life? back to life?
I really not sure about it, but I hope it really back to life as I want to earn some money.
I do not want to lose any money from the net anymore. I have been lose once. Although it was not much money.

My nephew told me that his friend's upline him that they got this web site:

I checked and found it really a swisscash web site, exactly the same. The main problem is this web site do not have any secure setting. Even the member login page do not show a secure sign. Not a good web site for swisscash. If swisscash really a scam, why they want our username and passwords. I just wonder! Swisscash already got our money on their pocket, but why this swisscash25 appear...

Let me know if you knew the secret out there...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Add Neocounter

Added neocounter for testing.
Very good counter and I like very much, but it will expired soon on 2007.
I may thinking to buy from them if the price is not so expensive.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strange appointment

Noticed that I have my teeth filling appointment on last week. So I quickly noted it down and do a reminder on my mobile phone. The appointment was on 21st Aug, 2007.

So I asked for leave and left the office at 2:00pm. The appointment was at 2:30pm. There was just right time for me to have the appointment. So I have to pay the bill first before see the dentist.

I pass my file to the counter, one assistant came out and mention that my appointment was over as my appointment card written is 21st Feb 2007. The doctor is on leave! Oh? I just wonder why this appointment will became like this. He mention the doctor will back next week, I requested I have to make the next appointment, I thought the next appointment will be next week.

One lady came out again with the appointment book, mention that there was no sign of appointment was written on the book. She even show me the book. I wonder again. So I mention I have to make the appointment for me to do the permantent filling for my teeth. She went in again to take my file.

Another lady came out and told me that my treatment was done! Oh oh oh....I got the thrid wonder, she show me the file and told me my last visited date, I really forgot already, I just recalled may be was some where on Feb and asked me to come back on September before 10:00am.

So I just went back home...
All I recalled that may be I am mess out the whole thing, but why my reminder noted down 21st Aug 2007 with time 2:30pm? If no time wrote down then I though it may be just next flexible appointment only...strange thing happen. I think I am old already to remember all the stuff happen to me. Ha ha!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Too many mistakes

I checked, read and found my blog have too many spelling mistake, just like my "palm head lines" too complicated so make my word spelling always goes wrong.

I will tried my best to correct it! Anyway, sorry for my poor English and grammar. I am Chinese and my Chinese writing is always better than English. is dead? is dead? I think so as I cannot surf to their web for 3 days since 18th August, 2007
Then I found it really a scam for more than two years.
What a long scamming investment program.

I think may there will be million of US dollars involved.
Also invloved million of people around the world.
Why we will be scam? As we are too greedy.
If not, I earn something from this investment already.

Over clock CPU

Found overclock the CPU speed for 30% which can be done on board make some errors on network copying, even cannot watched youtube movie correctly.

It took so slow to copy a 1.63 Mbytes file from the network. It just took 1 second to copy the same file after I switch to 5% overclock. Youtube is working fine and will not running in the middle and very slow. Youtube run very smoonthly and fast after I switch to 5%.

The over clock can be done on CMOS. It very easy to do the switching.
I knew all the CPU can be over clock as all the CPU is not made with the exactly speed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sound card faulty

Found my home PC sound card not working at all in this morning.

I got the same problem on last week. So I tried to use the same method, tried to find the device drive in device manager, delete it and put it the driver CD to reinstalled the driver, reboot then it should be okay.

What I found I cannot find the sound device driver at all, no sign on it in device manager. Put in the driver CD, also the sound driver menu is not appear, that's mean the on board sound card is totally dead, just what my normal solution.

So decided to buy a sound card from Seria. Called Seria Wywy, no sound card sold. Call KB netcom, found only one single sound card cost only B$20.00. Good price for me, just what I wanted!

So went to KB with my nephew and niece in the afternoon at around 3:00pm. Bought the sound card first then went to NamHua cafe for the tea break, cost B$7.40. Then went to Soon Lee Mega Mark as my niece want to buy some stuffs.

Just plug in this PCI sound card when back home. Good WindowsXP driver found this new card and installed the driver directly. So I not need to put it the driver CD. No need reboot, play mp3 song on WMPlayer, it working fine! Cheap card cannot said no quality. What I think this card also cost RM$20.00 in Malaysia.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Surf is too slow when using mobile as modern

I surf using my LG mobile phone as a mobile to surf the internet. I seem so slow and worse than the time I using dial up. The connection said it 115 kbps, but the speed is like 30 kbps.

I really do not what happen to this provider Internet connection.
My LG phone problem? May be...I have to try again.

Anyway, the rate still the same, quite expensive, it cost about 70 cents for about 45 minutes. I cost by the data in/out not the time consuming.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PC can surf espeed now

My nephew's friend espeed is working fine on the PC I mention before suddenly.She told me that it's working fine after she bring back from my house.Strange thing always happen on IT stuff?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Symantec antivirus realtime protection failed to load

Found this morning for my office PC cannot load the realtime protection mode for the norton antivirus program.

I tried to restart PC twice and found it's still cannot be loaded. I tried to reload it manually and it seem not working at all.

The first thinking is to reinstall this software, but the program is not with my hand.So other though is surf to the net to find the solution.I use to search, just key in the full error message.It came the solution web page, the link address is not under Symantec, on this page then I doing the search, then got the solution page, it link to Symantec help center.

I read the solution and following the instruction to download one file. After downloaded, use the method they provided, restart PC. What I think this method will not solved the problem. What I think I may need to download the next definition file to fix it. Oh yes, the problem may cause by the latest definition file, I just updated the latest definition file and it show the error on the next day.

Anyway, their provided the good solution.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Espeed problem? PC problem?

It really strange that my niece’s friend house Espeed(broadband) cannot surf completely while using his own desktop PC. So my niece tried to bring this PC to my house and found it can be connected to internet after do the formatting and reinstalled WindowsXP.

So my niece tried to bring this PC back to her friend’s house and found Espeed internet connection still not working. Strange, what happen? Espeed problem? Desktop PC problem?

She also tried to use her own notebook to connect to the net using her friend’s house espeed internet connection, it’s working fine, but why his desktop pc which can surf on my house and cannot surf using the same Espeed internet connection?

To many question mark on my head and cannot help her, better ask Espeed technician to solve this problem.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My PC problem solved!

My PC finally get back to healthy yesterday.

My nephew found my pc cannot start anymore and do not have any display when he tried to switch it on. So he tried to replace the display video card, switch it on again and it was back to work. Surprise to find that the previous problem which cannot play any video files is solved!

Good news to me and I also suspect the problem is cause by hardware, not software. Also suspect video card just do not have chance to replace it, good that I have the chance to replace it and solve the problem.

Friday, August 03, 2007

PC hanged

Did your PC always hanged?

My home PC did not hanged me for so long time, but it keep hanged me these days.
Really make me sicked. Even I want to watch a simple wmv video file, it just hanged.
But it will not hanged when I play mp3 songs. No hanged on my chatting. No hanged while doing most of the things. But I mostly watch wmv drama files these days, it just hanged and hanged, let me reboot and reboot my pc.

So I tried to watch some HK drama DVD which using rmvb real player format, it's also hanged.
Any wrong with the video card? I just wonder.
I tried to roll backed from Windows media player from version 11 to the older version 10, hope it will solve the hanged problem, but it was not! It also hanged on real player...

Make me sicked. My PC is sicked now and the bad thing I have no idea what I can do now.
Who can help me?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just join in the

Just join in the, not really sure what I can get from there, just joined in.
You see sometime I just joined the member like that, but this time I just read their info and join in. Hope I can get some money from there, human being is greedy, including me.

Will try to exploring this web site and see what they are working on it.

I will use the very seldom used email for this kind of member joining.

Some thinking of anti spywares and anti virus programs

I think we should installed more than two anti spywares in our pc.

Even I have installed the near latest spyware doctor version 5.01.205, scan it and found 1998 threats. Then I tried to use the Ad-Aware se to deep rescan my harddrive, and still found10 critical objects(19 Negligible objects).

So I highly recomended to use a free ware anti spyware program with a commercial anti spyware program. It help somewhere and we will feel our pc more safely to use and surf.

Nowaday spywares and viruese are so trickly and not easy to get rid of, even you not log on to internet, but today's world that we cannot refuse to surf into the internet. Prevention is still very important to us.

Anti virus programs may also have to installed two different programs. Norton anti virus and AVG can lived together. Be aware that we cannot install two firewalls as Windows itself have one firewall installed. So there will be three firewall if we installed two.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Add some embedded mp3

Try to add some embedded mp3 on my blog:

From 出自SonyChuck's Blog的部落格喔!
(註:聲音檔轉載自youtube及I'm vlog)

Powered by

Second day at Chung Hwa School

Mr. and Mrs. Wong was went to KL for travel with his family from yesterday until Saturday.
So only two teacher valid on last night QiGong practice.

I do the leading last night.
The 15 members of "meditation" group will practice on the another place without any guiding music.

About 15 new student coming and there was one new student again. Luckily there was two assistant help me to guide the new group student. I have to teach this only one new student. We expected anyway for new student keep coming for this month.

Two assistant practice the first routine for 5 times, rest for a while.
I finished teaching the new student, ask her to follow the first rountine practice.

Two more assistant come and help me to teach two of the newest coming students who came the second time.

As one of the assistant told me he was quite tired to practice the first routine for so many times, so I asked one of the assistant to replace him. She only replace him and just practice once first routine.

So the tired assistant can practice the rest of the routine.
After all the practice, we chatting until 9:43am.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We moved to Chung Hwa school

We moved to Chung Hwa school last night for our QiGong practice.
The bedminton court was full and there is no space at all for me to fit in.

I think more than 60~70 student attend last night practice, new students included.

After the relaxation, song singing. Then they starting to practice the regular five routine.
I have to guide the new students, about 15 of them, still some of them didn't came, plus 3 new students again.

I still teached the relaxation as some of them still cannot catch it. After that I teached one more time for the first routine. Then practice 2 time for the first routine, rest for 10 minutes. Then two assistants help me to guide these new students. I have to teached the two new comers.
After finished the first routine teaching, I quickly asked them to join in the first routine practice. They practice five times for this first routine.

B group and C group student starting to the meditation qigong practice. Mr. Wong told them all the prepartions and all the necessary knowledge they should know. They only "stand" for about 5 minutes. Most of them have some feeling. I asked my sister and she mention she felt something inisde pushing her but she scared to move. I asked her to relax herself and let it go.
The important thing for this meditation qigong is "relax" yourself. No secret for this meditation routine.

We chatted outside the school until 9:45pm. Back to home at 10:00pm.

Installed Spyware Doctor

Installed Spyware Doctor version 5.0.1205.
A bit latest version. My previous version is only 2.0x.

Do the smart update for the program, not the definition file.
Scanning, found thousand plus spywares and trojans, but did not see the previous troublesome vundo trojan virus. I thinked it was clean by AVG anti spyware, so it was gone by some reason, not just gone suddenly.

This trial version required valid license then can removed the spywares.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Pratice QiGong at Seria.

Tonight just went to Seria Kampong Baru to practice QiGong. This is the second time for this year, last time was last Friday.

Called Juli in the afternoon and found Lee will drive his big car to fetch all of us.
I though he only can fetch 8 person, so I prepared my car outside my house while I back home from work.

She called again and mention Lee will fetch me too, so I have to drive my car to my house.
They came, wow, really a big car which can fetch total 9 person, but only 5 person inside the car, then include me.

They are not started when we arrived, but it was already 7:30pm. The 71 student clapped his hand mean we have to start practice. We practice the five routine twice set, no stopping.

Took a reset, then we started the "Meditation QiGong" for 20 minutes.
Rested and chat until 9:30pm, the spot light automatically switch off time. So we said goodbye and back home.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some arrange for October travlling

Finally I booked my Brunei- KL air ticket.
Thinking and thinking, I was thinking that I will not going, but Mr. Xing asked me to go.
After I decided to go, he seem did not want to stay with him in one room, although his daughter is with him already. May be this is the main reason why he didn't want me to stay with him in one room.

Calling to many Dharma brothers and sister, asking for information and thier flying time, schedules and so on. Some of them just booked their own ticket and arrange everything by themselves, did not join to the big group. Most of them have go with the 4 days 3 night schedule. I took the 6 days 5 night schedule. Although not stay with the same with Grand Master, it's still okay stay with the rest of the Dharma brothers and sisters. I cannot accept that before, but after I thinking I want to go, then I accepted it.

The air ticket just raised up from B$200 to B$279++, luckily I did not go with the short schedule which cost up to B$300.00 just for the air ticket. I cannot fly with Royal Brunei airline as my schedule is not with this although the ticket is B$341.00, I prefer this ticket price if the price go up to B$300.00. Now I did save some money for the ticket.

Hotel charge is according per head, not per how many person in one room. About RM$180 daily rate, 4 stars hotel. I checked the web it charge RM$190.00, just a bit cheapter.

Everything is settle down and my heart feel stable too after the hotel and ticket was booked.
Just booking the ticket after I called Dharma sister J Er as I really want to confirm the exact schedule date.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dinner with Dharma brothers and sisters

Called Qing again at around 3:45pm, to confirm with her that I want to dinner with her and the rest of the Dharma brothers and sister.

I didn't know Fang is with them, so I tried to call Fang and no one at home. I mobile was ran out of battery, so cannot called her mobile.

Called Fang again while back home, then I knew she was with them.

I told Fang changed the dinner to 5:00pm as I felt quite hungry. They agreed. Just took some photos after the dinner. I forgot to bring my DC by the time I also dinner with them yesterday. Just post it here:

Second day for new QiGong student

There will be 16 new student attend on the second day of QiGong new class last night.

There was 4 new coming student, so Mr. Wong just do the introduction to them and teach them the preparation. I did the warm up and relax movement. After that then I teach the first routine, separate into 3 parts to teach them. I just teach the first and second part.

Most of the new student have good feeling and willing to practice the movement nicely. They catch up quite fast, so I teach the second part.
I have to repeat the movements several times.

I will teach the third part on Thursday to complete the first routine.

I forgot to bring my DC, so no photos taken last night.

We got some snack and drink which brought by Zhang Ying, our QiGong assistant. She and her husband brought these snack occasionally.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New QiGong class started

There was about 12 new student come to the new QiGong class.

I do the introduction of the QiGong, some terms and condition the new students have to know.
Teach them some relaxation movement.
Tonight will teach the first routine.
I may took some photos for our Kuala Belait QiGong assistant to make their ID.

Their ID will look like this, it was not the final version, final version make look different:

Friday, June 29, 2007

I like the rainbow

I like this rainbow, someone send to email attachment to me: