Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holiday today

Holiday today. Not going anywhere.
Just went out to met Xing with Fahui at Seria noodle store, Eng also there, did not talk to here, just with them for 15 minutes.

Back home and continue on TVB drama series.
Did went anywhere.
Went go to QiGong tonight as usual.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I love this song lately

I live this song lately from



Try to tanslate using online web translation:
If two people's heaven likely are the warm wall
imprison you the dream to be happy
whether likely was a leaf of prison
migratory bird has lost south
if you to the sky
yearned for longed for a pair of wing
dropped to let you soar
your wing not to be supposed to follow the time
which the rose obeyed died of old age
romantically if turned has hobbled me
to be willing for you to choose
lonelily returns to be tangled up
if turned the catena to abandon the promise
to have one kind of love
to be called drops
for liked giving up us
defend for ever and ever
if let you pay
all lets really like leading me
to walk for liked finishing me
to depart for ever and ever
if let you have all
lets really like leading me
to walk said bid good-bye
In order to you lose you
cruel-heartedly to act injure
you in order to you
leave departing which you never divides

Hey I know your IP!

Hey I know your IP! Just click on the link below!

Interenet Radio

Just got this internet Radio web link, good link for all the Chinese listeners:

Many online radio.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some update

Quite some days didn't write anything.
He still no sign on his payment, will try to remind him. He will ignore again.

Just went to QiGong Practice again for tonight.
Mr. Lim from Bandar came down to Seria to discuss something with them.
Seem they are not so agreed with Mr. Lim and got no point to discuss with them.
May be they are too stubborn to discuss.

Back home at around 9:30pm.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Upload photos for my QiGong blog

Very low mood these days to post anything on my blog.
Just upload some photos for my blog. Sent the invitation for related friends to let them view those photos they like to view!

Just have a view if you like to.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hoax stories from Yahoo

Checked and found this hoax information, quite interesting.

Some of the hoax just really familiar to us. Just wonder that I still received the "Microsoft Bill Gate will send money to us" hoax email recently. Wow, This hoax starting 1997 then today it still appear somewhere, why people just didn't think before they sent anything? Just wonder how they can think sending emails then Microsoft can tracked down we did sent that emails. Bill Gate is rich, but not that rich enough giving money like that!

The top 25 hoax from Yahoo news.