Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy weekend

Photoed show the entrance of ICC(International Convention Centre)

Today will be a bit busy.
SMS to Xing after mum asked me to buy breakfast for her in the earlier morning.
He did not reply.

Geak sms me too for some office stuffs.
I replied back for my schedule today and she called me back and tried to solve all the problems.

Will go to workshop for my car meter board replace, cost B$150.00 but I just wonder it is the correct price. Hope the workshop man will not increase the cost.

Went up to BSB yesterday around 3:30pm to attend CHSchool talk, but found no one there. Decided go to CIC for the health Expo. We are a bit late for the show as they will closed at 6:00pm. We arrived there 5:00pm.

Exploring some of the booths and my niece found something interesting.
We heard some health products and what I found most of the exhibitors is from South East Asia, only one China product if I am not wrong, but no one on that booth. May be it's time their booth closed.

My niece called her friends and we have dinner at Royal Brunei Golf Club. Cost about B$6.00 each person.

Back to Seria at 8:03pm.
Shower and went to chapter for discussion until 9:58pm.
Felt tired but still checked my emails until 10:34pm.
What a day!

Arrived workshop at 8:22am, asked the man to repair my meter board, he opened the meter board and replace my owed one which is white meter board. He tested the meter and it was the same problem, main dashboard meter not working. So he asked the bass. The boss told him that it could be the meter sensor problem.

So he had to opened the meter sensor from the crashed car and replace mine. This time it was okay. Just only this very small piece of sensor causing it was not working for years. He repaired man found that one of the plug was broken. 3 pins only left 2 pins.

It took about one hour to finished this job.
I left the workshop at 9:32am and and continue my today office work.

Xing sms me at 9:02am, I was stuck at workshop that time. I called he after the work done. He told me he did not noticed my sms and going to leave.

So I did not meet him.

Went to do get car fuel and called Miri doctor. He was not in.
I booked on next Saturday around 10:00am.

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