Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Symantec antivirus realtime protection failed to load

Found this morning for my office PC cannot load the realtime protection mode for the norton antivirus program.

I tried to restart PC twice and found it's still cannot be loaded. I tried to reload it manually and it seem not working at all.

The first thinking is to reinstall this software, but the program is not with my hand.So other though is surf to the net to find the solution.I use Yahoo.com to search, just key in the full error message.It came the solution web page, the link address is not under Symantec, on this page then I doing the search, then got the solution page, it link to Symantec help center.

I read the solution and following the instruction to download one file. After downloaded, use the method they provided, restart PC. What I think this method will not solved the problem. What I think I may need to download the next definition file to fix it. Oh yes, the problem may cause by the latest definition file, I just updated the latest definition file and it show the error on the next day.

Anyway, their provided the good solution.

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