Monday, August 20, 2007 is dead? is dead? I think so as I cannot surf to their web for 3 days since 18th August, 2007
Then I found it really a scam for more than two years.
What a long scamming investment program.

I think may there will be million of US dollars involved.
Also invloved million of people around the world.
Why we will be scam? As we are too greedy.
If not, I earn something from this investment already.


RAVINDRA said...

Because of Dean - Hurricane affected Dominica, Indonesia, see
bbc news, website server closed for
precaution. Will be back in a day or two. Be rest assured I hope.Let us pray for Dominica and effected areas.Please do not spread spam messages. said...


I heard similar news from a trusted source (but not sure if Dean was the cause of it, but if it was it wouldn’t be the first time a server went down due to bad weather…). I will be surprised if we don’t have access again to our SwissCash accounts early next week or sooner (also heard 25th/26th mentioned). Let’s be positive!

SwissCash scam or not, who would know, how and with what authority?

I suggest anyone with suspicion of fraud to simply spend their money elsewhere. Investing always comes with a risk. My advice is to only invest what you can comfortably afford to lose regardless of type of investment.

Money online isn’t the same as having them in your bank account. So only count with the money you have disposable. With simple guidelines like this you can avoid the worst mistakes associated with investing.

In the end, if you lose you money in a scam or in a legit investment gone wrong, the result is basically the same; your money is gone either way!