Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cannot login to Yahoo email

WU:6:22 MQG:1 YAQG:1~5

Cannot login to Yahoo email since last night.
Last night was Brunet Broadband acting too slow again, any reason. Don't know. It run but very very slow, worse than using dial up.

After a while, I manage to login Yahoo email. I think they are reseting the server for a while.
I think this is the first time I even encounter Yahoo is resetting their mail server.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He told a beautiful story?

WU:6:12 QG:1

I really how truth the story he told me:

I tried to sms him to remind him for the settlement, he reply:

Hi Seemon,

This is not a playing game. I am doing my parts to get advance to clear
you off. But what can I do when the manager turn it down when I only work
less than a year stuff. That the reason I get from them. Since our finance
is prepare in Singapore, it taking time. Nt like here, you get feed back
in less than a day wheather it approve or not. Fyi, I even selling my car,
awaiting for comfirmation as well. I trying my best to pay up. But I
still have a bad debt some bitch use my name to get it, at the end I paying
for it n she run away. All my frienz understand my stituation n support n give
me time to pay back. I trying to pay the bad loan first n than I be free
to clear u easily. The reason I cant this previous month coz the bad loan
ppl is chasing for large sum to clear at one time. If you 1 2 discussion. I
can meet up with u to clear the matter.

Hope you understand my situation. I dun 1 2 make things big n I doing
my best i could.

Meeting up is better than sending sms n email.


I really don't know how truth it is. Why he told this story in the first time.
He can pay for other the large sum amount, but what about me.
It's he lair, who know. I just know he delay me too long!

Monday, February 26, 2007

她還是一樣, 沒變 .

她還是一樣, 沒變 .
那日香港妹妹一走, 那天晚上她就開始詛咒穎了.穎 沒睬她.
Your G Mum just like a XXX.

嫂回到房間也很生氣. 說她在穎和羅前詛咒. 也說每天都在詛咒她.

總有那麼一天吧, 只怕到時後悔太遲了!

First CNY open house photo

WU:6:18 YAQG:1~5

Feng fetched me at 12:15 something.
Then I realized the open house gathering is at 1:00pm.
Chang cannot fetch me as I called him up at 11:40pm, the time he promised than he will fetch. He was not appeared. Then he told me that he was at KB Lion Dance...Just wonder why he will not came to fetch. He asked me to came with Feng.
We arrived the house at around 12:35pm.
4 of us was the very first guests. The rest arrive slowly by slowly. We chatted happily. Good and nice food I even encounter. Really good dishes for open house. Lile boneless drum stick, satay, prown, fruits, nice fresh fruits drinks, Japanese sushi and many others.

I did take a lot of photos, just the following:

I just like this tissue box which the open house owner bought it at Singapore at S$22.00

Tiny stuff may cause big problem


Tried to upload some of the CNY visiting photo last night.
Just tried to deleted some space, then one of the photos gone. I tried to click backward from the browser, the whole article gone.

closed the browser and reopen again. I though the can recover for me the whole article. This time without any luck, the whole article and 3 photos was gone.

So just a very little step can spoil the whole thing.
Sometime we have to be very careful of what we did. You may think it is a very tiny stuff, but it may cause a big problem.

So I didn't upload the photos again last night.
I will tried to recall the article and rewrite and upload the photos again.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

First CNY open house


Will go to QiGong friend's house for my first CNY open house gathering.
I think only have more than 10 QiGong friends for the CNY gathering, as this patch of very first KB QiGong friend which was practice the QiGong earlier than the others. These QiGong friends which I can call up their names. More close relation with them.

As now coming to the second public patch then I only can remember some of the new students.

Hope we can have a nice CNY gathering.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some trivia stuffs for today

WU:7:23 QG:1,2,5,4,3

No activity this morning, wake up a bit later on this morning. I used to wake up quite early these days although it was Saturday and Sunday.

Called Xing and talked to his wife then I realize today he will be the leader of the Lion Dance team. So just cooked two pack of instant noodle for my breakfast. Too long didn't ate this instant noodle as I knew it was no so healthy to eat daily.

So I didn't plan go to anywhere, just watching TV and check my emails regularly. Reading some IT news and reviews some products.

Felt a bit hungry then tried to get something to eat.

Got Qing's SMS said she will fly to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon. Her daughter and son in law will fetch her to the airport. She did mention saying she is not willing to go, don't know why. As she said she like go to Taiwan instead of Brisbane, Australia. I told her she should appear there as his son so expecting her to come over. Her son always said that after he became a permanent resident there, then the authority will like to see his family came to visit him.

I told her she should go. To fulfill son's expectation.
She just told me she not really willing to go again on our tea break today.
I told her should go happily. It was time to go as her son's best friend already paid for the ticket for her. She should gratitude.

Tonight will go to my younger brother's house for CNY gathering.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy visiting day for me

Back from my first CNY visiting at around 6:30pm. Only visited 3 houses only.
I waited for my D brother for 2 hours then he finally appeared. I though he already didn't want to go already. As our planned was started at 2:00pm, so I thought he will fetch me up at around 1:45pm, but I finally waited until 3:10pm then he finally came to my house.

He mention he have to bring the "Lion head"(for lion dance tomorrow and the day after tomorrow) to KB. He came with his daughter, there was no seat for me. He asked me to drive my own car. I asked why he didn't call me, he mention he did. I checked my mobile, YES, he did call me at 2:39pm but I can't hear the ringing tone, so one miss call.

He really made me wait too long. I knew his style, so at 2:20pm, I didn't call him and he mention he just back home. I though he will came after 15~20 minutes time, but I have to wait until 3:10m. Made me a bit angry with him. I knew he will late but no expecting TOO late.

After I saw him and he mention he didn't call me then my angriness gone so fast!
Anyway, today was a happy visiting day for me. Too long didn't have this good new year visit feeling.

No photo shooting on this visiting, only shot:
Anyone knew this flower's name?

First CNY visiting

Just back the morning praying.
Plan go to Dharma sister' s house for my first CNY visiting.

This morning praying running smoothly. End at around 10:00am, although all the family praying together, good sign.

After the praying, we went to Da Hua for our lunch, chatted until12:35pm.
Back home at 12:05pm

Doing praying for beings

WU:6:48 QG:1,2,5

We done the pass away praying last night at KB.
We will do it again on this morning again.
I really hope this morning praying will have lot of Dharma brothers and sister join us.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some trivia stuffs

WU:5:33 QG:1~5

Today still not a official working day, but I hope I can stay at the office until afternoon.
Although boss not really mention when it is the officially reopen for CNY.

HK sister will go back to HK and she will start her work on tomorrow.

Thinking to send SMS to my debtor yesterday but still no action. Today I will send regarding his advance payment.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teeth filling

Good that I remember my teeth filling booking for today.
I did miss once for this teeth filling, so cannot forgot again for this time.
Went to Seria clinic at 2:20pm, after pay for the B$3.00 then went up to the right department.
The whole treatment took about 15 minutes, good doctor and good altitude too, give them 90 marks! Thanks everything!

I think I will visit again after six minutes.

Will go to office this morning

WU:6:23 QG:1~5

Will go to office this morning to do some checking and checking email for my boss.
Although today will not a official office opening, but I have to go to do some regular checking although today my boss will fly over to Perth, Australia for his son graduation ceremony.

Plan go to KB to have breakfast but not sure which food store or restaurant will open. Although today is the 4th day of CNY, I asked my KB's sister and she also not too sure whether the food shop will open or not. Hope some of them will open.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will go to Miri today

WU:6:32 QG:1~5

Today I finally decided go to Miri with my younger brother and sister who back from HK.
Last night my nephew asked me want to go or not, I mention I am not decided yet as on that time I felt a bit tired after the heavy meal(long time didn't have this kind of really heavy meal, especialy dinner), so I said if you ask me now that I would say I am not going.

So when I waked up today, felling okay although I have headache last night at 2:00am when wake up to toilet, but after I took the medicine. Then after my daily Dharma and QiGong, seem okay. So I decided to go.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back from sister's house

Just back from sister at 5:58pm.
I think we will be a bit late for tonight 7:00pm planned dinner. Never mind, already msn to my nephew.

Just shot some of the photo:

More CNY photos.

2nd day of CNY

WU:6:08 QG:1~5 YQG:1,2,4,5

Good that to practice Dharma and QiGong as usual on the 2nd of QiGong.

Chatted with sister from HK for 20 minutes and watch TV simultaneously.
Today no much planning. 15:30 will go to second sister's house as she invited us to go to her house as there is lion dance perform over there. Just have dinner with elder sister at KB at 7:00pm.

Last night also went to her house for first CNY visited until 10:30pm. Today will be the second visit.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wow! It's Chinese New Year day!


Yes,today is the first day of CNY.
Ha ha, this year breakfast will be special. I ate one cup of oat. Then I saw my nephew staring to cook instant noodle, Mee Goreng, then I felt a bit hungry. Request him to cook for me. Then he cooked a bow of Maggi Mee curry favour for me.

Today plan will go to chapter to do the joss stick praying at around 10:30am.
I felt happy then most of the family members will go with me.
Then no planning to go anywhere, but mostly will go to my sister's house at KB.

Yahoo Chinese New Year News

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Some Miri Photos

Just post some Miri photos I did promised:

I like the flower, although some of them is fake.

Small and cute pig adornment.

All red Chinese New Year adornment.

Crowded of people walking this special CNY event at Miri.

Their decoration is not so bad, nice flashing blue light on the tree.

Another side of crowded of people.

More photos on

Chinese New Year Eve

WU: 6:03

Today is Chinese New Year Eve.
Seem a bit busy although I don't have to go to the office.
Wakeup at 6:03am and doing my daily Dharma practice. 7:00am practice QiGong, only finished one routine then I have to fetch my sister in law to Seria market to buy "nian gao".

7:32am backed home and my sister came, we ready for morning hill walking at Sungai Liang.
9:10am we backed from morning exercise, then went to NanHua for our breakfast.
When reading my newspaper, my younger brother asked me to download some mp3 for his LG phone.

Hope the coming new year will be happy, healthy and nothing to worry again.

He replied yesterday

He replied me at 17:53:14. When I backed from Miri on my mobile then I found his sms.
Same thing he replied: Give me some more time, Within this mth I will complete the overdue monthly.

I gave him too much time already since.
19/1 he mention he got his own plan to settle everthing, just give me hope he will pay the full amount plus some interest.

19/1 13:58 he mention he already ask for advance payment, but just sorry to him until today I didn't see his ADVANCE payment.

Too bad he just give me the impression that he truly a REAL LIAR. Cannot believe what he is saying anything from the very first day he delay monthly payment. I really do not like this kind of HUMAN! Promise me to pay on time and now became delay me THREE month. I really hate this kind of bad feeling

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just back from Miri


Just back from Miri at 8:30pm.
Quite a nice short trip. We start our journey at around 3:00pm. Not so many cars.
Arrived Miri at around 4:00pm, after do the money changing then went to eat. My brother mention the wet noodle and dry MiHoon is quite nice.

Will post some photo tomorrow as now I am a bit tired.

Will go to Miri today

1WU:2:50 2WU:6:05 LNQG:1 x 5

Will go to Miri today, mostly after 12:00 noon.
For to Miri before CNY, this is the first time I went to Miri before CNY. As I knew there have some special occasion. Some special arrange on the main road. I heard it start after 12:00 noon.

I will go with my brother and HK backed sister.

I tried to sms him today

I tried to sms him today and mention how his advance payment. I hope he will reply me.

I did sent a email to him, tried to give him special offer for CNY.
He did not reply. He went to CNY? Not sure, no news.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Yahoo inbox problem was solved

My Yahoo inbox problem was solved since in this morning.
I recheck at my office, and found it work fine, I really hope everything is go to normal from now on. As I did get this Yahoo inbox folder 25626 emails before, now it seem back to normal.

I really don’t know what is cause, but I think I did sent two complain email to I really don’t know whether this back to normal folder was solved by them or not? As I didn’t received any reply, but anyway, the problem is gone.

Meet doctor today

1WU:3:15 2WU:6:31 LAQG:1~5

Today is the day for regular visit doctor's day.
I hope the blood test report all pass, but I think must be one term will fail, anyway, I already keep my body to 90% fit. Eat less, on diet sometime, keep practice QiGong, eat 70% on each meal, cannot too full. Eat fruits before meal, eat lot of vegetables, little meat. Hope this help the blood report will be 90% in good result.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Headache again this morning

WU:6:08 LNQG:1~5 x 2

Backed home after QiGong practice at around 9:15pm, chat with sister who backed from HK until 10:00pm. Then went to sleep, a very good sleep last night.

Felt a bit headache again and it happen yesterday too, but not so severe like happen in the first time. Yersterday I just took two tables of medicine then the headache gone after several hours and it not happen through out the day.

It happen again this morning and I felt a bit strange, may be have to find out what is really causing this headache. I never have this kind of headache before.

I will meet the doctor tomorrow, may be consult her and hope she can give me a better solution!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Please do take care of your own life

1WU:5:21 2WU:6:06 LNQG:1~5 x 2

Today is the first day I back to work after my brother pass away. Yesterday was sicked. What a last week, sometime it seem to me it just like a dream week. Everything came so suddenly and it gone also so quickly within a week.

You really can feel life is so unstable, life is so short sometime. Death just come so near to us sometime, but we always said: it only happen to others, not us. But all human being's life is the same, sudden accident, sudden death just arrived anytime anywhere, it will NOT inform you when it will happen.

We really have to be aware of our health. We really have to treasure our life. We have to take care all our family members all around us. Life is precious. Please do take care of your own life. It's only acting once in this life. We cannot go back to our childhood's life anymore.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Headache this morning

1WU:4:45 2WU:6:29

I have this headache since two days before, but I still went to Miri for my brother final step of putting his ash to Miri LianLot yesterday.

Wakeup this morning still okay, a bit headache but not so severe, but at 7:30 it's started to getting worse and become really pain around my head when it was 7:30. I am the one who really can abide for the pain, but this time I cannot abide anymore. So I took the medicine.

After 9:00am then I felt it severe headache was gone, I felt really better, but still not 100% gone away, 90% painfulness was gone anyway.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go to Miri LianLot today

1WU:4:25 2WU:5:29

Will go to Miri today as we will go to the Miri LianLot to settle down the "body ash".

Meng's family member, Hiang and Ann with Yun will go to Anduki Indian cremation to collect the bone and ash at around 7:00am.After the collecting, then they will go to Miri directly.

Another three cars will go to Miri too,which is Meng's family car, driver is Mr. Lo. King's and YKP's car. About 20+ family will go down to Miri.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some funeral photos

Some guest and the praying group.

The funeral was at KB hospital back side. This photo show the 靈堂 and the praying group is doing the praying.

wreath is from SKS and New Village association, there was another flower, I am not sure where it from.

The praying group.

Some of the guest. There was about 30~50 guest came on this funeral.

Other guest.

If you want to view the whole album, just surf to:

Funeral Album

I tried to SMS him yesterday

I tried to SMS yesterday, asked him to pay back some as the family need the money.
He never replied until today. I really cannot accepted.


Today funeral running very smoothly.
Just back from funeral, the fire ceremony fire will burning, it have to burn for several hours.

I went to KB hospital at around 7:45am.
Everything was running okay. We have to wait for my brother on put inside the coffin then we can do the praying for him.

The praying was started at around 9:00am, finished after one hour.
Then the worship ceremony started at 10:00am. Starting from his family first, then brothers sisters, then friends and the rest of the people.

We went to incinerate place 火化場 at 11:00am. Finished all the necessary praying and worship. Left the place at 12:00 noon. Went to have lunch, 3 tables. Back at home at 1:10pm. A bit tired.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Go to Miri today


Planned go to Miri today.
Heavy rain after wakeup this morning. Still raining now when writing this blog.

5 Family members ready to go at 8:00am, hope the rain will getting smaller.
We have to do some preparation work for my elder brother in Miri.
To buy a cemetery place at LainLok place. To inform them for Sunday activities.

We have do the praying for my brother last night. Master did Dharma talked until 10:45pm, quite late as we started a bit late.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Preparation for my elder brother

This morning at around 9:00am, the whole family starting came to my house for a preparation meeting for my elder brother.

Mr. Yu is the one who in charged for the funeral.
We decided several things:

He have to report to police for this proof of death. Called the people who incharge of incinerate place.
Funeral held at Kuala Belait Suri Seri hospital back side starting at this coming Saturday 10 th Februry, 2007 8:00am.
8:30am will have praying ceremony.
10:00am starting a public memorial ceremony 公祭.
11:00am will send to incinerate place 火化場.

Sunday 9th February, 2007
7:00am go to incinerate place 火化場 for bone collecting.
8:00am go to Miri.
9:00am go Miri LianLot Chinese cemetery for placing the ash.

Raining Days...

Photo showed medicine taken from Hospital this morning.

1WU:4:44 2WU:6:00 QG:1,2,3

It's always raining these days. Yesterday was a sunny day. Today it rain again, cloudy, grey sky, just like my today's feeling. In the deep low mood.

My 2nd brother and my elder brother daughter and sons went to Bandar's hospital to find out what the real reason causing this death. Not sure what they do next, as they just went up to Bandar then I have to do the regular blood test at Seria Clinic.

Also visit the doctor again, this is the second time I visit doctor within this week. The first visit was at KB clinic(private), even the doctor gave me the antibiotics, flu medicine, after two days taken, getting worse for my cough. So I decided NOT to take anymore until today I visit second time again at Seria Clinic.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He is gone

My elder brother finally pass away.
His heart beat stopped at 2:00pm in the afternoon.
My niece and nephew went up to JP to find out the confirmed.

I felt really sad on my heart. He gone just within 3 days.
JP doctor mention have to sent him to RIPAS to check what is the main cause of the death.
Still waiting for my niece call back...

Too sad...

Condition not so good

1WU:10:00 2WU:4:44

I was sleep very earlier last night at around 7:30 something. A bit tired or may be the cough medicine made me dizzy and felt have to go sleep.

I knew Hock and PYing them back from JP. I felt asleep so didn't wake up to ask for the information.

This morning at 2:30am JP will called and told the family that his condition going to critical again. Not so good. Have to do the kidney "cleaning", have to give more heavy medicine. Still need the machine to control and monitoring his breathing, blood pressure and heart beat.

Sent sms to my sister in HK and asked her to read my email I sent to her as sms cannot write too many information.

I prayed again on this morning Dharma practice by the time I still didn't know the bad news.
I have to prayed again. Hope he is getting better after the kidney "cleaning". Hope everything will be good...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I pray everything will be over soon

My elder brother condition cannot said stable yet. Last night, he have once critical condition at around 8:00pm. After 10:00pm then can said over the critical condition. The heart beat was not so stable, sometime gone down to 30~40 then stopped! It really cannot said stable.

My sister in law with his second son went to visit him again. No much changed. He did awake awhile. Cannot said anything as he using the breathing machine.

Some family members went up tonight. I was not going as I felt sicked too.
I pray everything will be over soon.

No sign of paying

I tried to sms him in the afternoon. Hope to keep remind him.
After half a hour and he said: By far ny yet. Haiz~*

I knew that, so I have to keep reminding him.

200 only and hear what he said

I found he only bank in 200. So I tried to sms him. He reply like that:

2007/02/5 16:08:04 yes friend, I already told u small amount before in my sms. I notice u dun get my message clearly. The rest I still waiting for cheque from singapore as i say before. Have check today, my office haven't receive yet.

I replied because his delay and delay and delay, made me cannot get what his messages. No point for let me wait, wait and wait until the 3 months then the 4 months is arrived soon.

So he replied:
2007/02/5 16:20:22 it nt that | 1 2 delay at all. U r nt me in my situation which u will nvr understand. But for 1 things plz bear in mind n I already replied this sentence many times. I am a PAYING ppl. Nt of those running away which u maybe think I am else u nvr lost patience on me. Can't say much. I am chasing my HR as well to clear matter off.

What a good reply. I can wait. Wait patiently? Tell me! For those PAYING ppl will never try to forget what he should pay at the mature time. Not just let me waiting waiting waiting and lose my patience! I don't like this kind of feeling. Yes, I am not in his situation, he also is NOT in my situation, right? What can I say?

Still cough

1WU:3:47 2WU:5:00

Still cough when wake up. Seem the antibiotic medicine still not function very good. May be I like the Acupuncture style of medicine, ha ha, who know. Have to take the medicine until finished see what is the result.

Brother stayed at JP last night without any with family as it was the JP policy. They provide the great service and sure for the value charged. We paid what we gain. This is their policy.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What a day!


Waked up by my niece at 2:00am in the morning, told me my elder brother, her father was admitted to KB hospital around 1:00am something. I really getting headache, cough and felt really sicked on that time, so I said I cannot fetched her go to KB hospital. She called Lo to fetched her.

I backed to sleep and cannot sleep well anymore, but manage to snap a bit until 6:20am. My niece back and ready for her work at 6:30am. She mention her mum was stayed with my elder brother at ICU. I still got headache and my cough problem have to solve by today.

The kids packed some cloths for me to bring to KB hospital which I can do for them.
Two nephew was asleep as they just backed at 4:00am in the morning who Loong just back at 12:00 mid night last night, waked up by his mum at 1:00 something as his father getting really ill on that time. He have to fetched them rush to KB hospital.

They manage to take 2 days leaves anyway. They have to get some sleep anyway.

Before I went to KB hospital, I passed my niece mobile to her at her school. She was having the teaching. By the time I arrived KB, I saw my sister-in-law, she was standing outside the ICU room. As doctor need to do some worked. I waited for about one hour then I have to go see the doctor for my cough first then back to office to do some works. Luckily my blood pressure is stable.

At around 10:00 something, my sister-in-law called and she mention the doctor required the family to decide to send the patient to JP or not, they agreed.

11:45pm, they were ready to go to JP. It was the critical time and my elder brother stopped breathing. This was the second times happen today, once was happen around 10:00am.

They put him back to hospital. At around 1:00pm, they done something and manage to send him to JP.

JP doctor mention he infected with virus. No heart attacked!
JP policy cannot let the family stayed at ICU, so they have to left after 9:00pm.
They have to have a good rest for tonight.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday life

1WU:4:43 2WU:5:34

Got Xing called for breakfast this morning while I was chatting with net friend, Craig Borak happily. I did chatting with a China guy who just back from Toronto Canada yesterday noon time. Just that I login to Yahoo messenger, not msn any more.

May be I have too many friends using Yahoo Messenger now, more than msn friend. Although both messenger is tried to merge together. Each messenger member can link together, but Yahoo messenger may be a fresh new toy to me to play with.

So quickly end up the 45 minutes chatting and rushed to the store.
Xing still not appeared yet although I already delay for 15 minutes. I think he like to delay a bit these days, may be his wife delay him, who know?

I decided to brought my niece Dell laptop going, testing it. After parking the car, still put the laptop inside the car, not taking with me. Then Xing arrived with his wife, he don't want to go the next shop for breakfast, so we still have our breakfast at Seria noodle store.

Chen and his wife came and we chatted and discussion. We knew some facts but we also have some points to discuss.

10:45am, I decided to left, if not, I didn't knew where they will left this breakfast place.

Back home and I realized I forgot to buy something I want to buy. Ask Ang, he like to come with him to Seria Shop again. 2nd Brother told me he will have hill walking at around 11:40. So we have be quick. Ang and me bought two thing, the string and the ventilating fan at B$55.00.

Back home, and it was over 11:40. I quickly prepared my sport wear.
Quick walked for half a hour or 40 minutes. Talked with Alex and Ang after the walked.
Backed home, got my simple eggs + some rice + oat lunch. Simple and easy.

No snap for this afternoon.
Watch 30 minutes TV.
Wash my own blanket. Took 40 minutes to let it dry. Good day for this Sunday although I got some other things no finished by today.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good start for her

Elder brother sicked today. She cooked and asked them to eat. SPY went to Marai. Hiang not eat most of the time. Loong, Ang and CaiYin eat special dinner tonight. May be today is a pay date for her, good and nice feeling, or she want to have the change, who know.

Anyway, a bit strange to me but Good start to her, good start for the whole family.

He is pay today?

He promised me last night at 10 something. Saying that he will go to bank this morning and asked me to check the bank after 9:00am. No, he done nothing and I didn't get anything from him.

Then I starting to sms him at around 11:00am. He sms back said: I been q since9. just bank in la...

Need to check with bank then can 100% sure he did bank in by 11:30am today. Full amount? No sure.

Breakfast with D brothers and sisters

1WU:4:43 2WU:5:36 QG:1,2,4 SM:15

SMS Fang after QG. She replied get read and I told her I will fetch her and go to find Qing before 8:00am.

prepared everything.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Some trivia stuffs for tonight

Checked bank at night, no sign of payment. Knew it. SMS him, no reply yet. Have to wait.
I don't want to loose my temper again for this payment, just see what he will do next. Put too much time for this payment, I hate the feeling, I pray it will gone one day.

8:46pm He sms back saying Traffic Jam, heading to the Mall.

My bad dream still on going. He starting to scold and shut out:damn words appeared! Here and there and I don't want to hear anymore. His main task for tonight is no going to BSB for fun, he have to rush to a machine to finished his main task, but he failed to do it. Same as me, his saying start "damn" word...who's right who's wrong, please tell me.

So, no bank in and I have to wait until tomorrow around 9:00am at my bank. Good reason again. Don't have that bank account and cannot bank in. What a good reason he give. Okay, wait until tomorrow morning at 9:00am, I HAVE TO wait patiently again.
Listening some CNY song, tried to feel the atmosphere of CNY. Try get rid some bad feeling.

Still deleted some of the emails as routine work for Friday night. Drink two pack of no sugar coffee, I just add some brown sugar just suite for my own taste, 3 in 1 always a bit too sweet. I told myself not to take more than 3 cups of coffee daily.

Testing the USBs on my PC, the USB port not working after reformatted HDD that day. After few days trying, it work in a sudden!

Friends requested my Taiwan's travel photos again, so just send emails to them for the links.

Managed to reregistered again. Staring to hit the link again and again daily. A tired task but I have to maintain I will not loose it again.

Found FireFox 2.0 cannot support Yahoo! photos Easy Upload Tool, only support Firefox 1.0 to 1.99. Too bad, so I have to use IE6 again. I get use for firefox already and a bit hate for this IE.

9:00pm, I getting a bit tired already...

Will he pay tonight?

AQG: 1,2,4,5 SM:15

When he sent the sms last night, then I knew I have to wait patiently.
I knew his style of delaying already. Too many excuses!
When morning wait until afternoon, then go to evening time, I have to wait really patiently.
You get what I felt when I received his sms in the afternoon at around 2:58pm saying that he got the payment late, and he will heading to BSB after work, asking and requesting my another bank account number.

I really felt annoying after I read his sms although I knew I have to WAIT! Driving my car back home, cannot listening what my favorite music playing just like previous Friday, even I made the volume to the larger. My heart really sad and getting sicked again...I told myself NOT to deal with any money matter stuffs again in my life between friends. It's really hurt! I really don't like this kind of bad feeling.

Tonight I don't know he really will bank in or not or he will give me another delaying reasons. Let's see what he will told me when he is in Bandar's the Mall...

Going crazy for my inbox

Going crazy for my inbox...great feature 4 GBytes! What a services...

He breaked his promise again

1WU:3:34 2WY:5:30 QG:1

Did not go to QG session last night.

He breaked his promise again last night. He promise to bank in yesterday evening, but at 21:16:45 he sms said: Damn my friends delay transfer money to me. Can u check tomorrow around 2pm. he directly pass to me during lunch.

You see, so good. DELAY one more day. He like to do it like that. This is his style.
I already remind him to make it yesterday. Then delay again. So see today what he said after 2:00pm.

Will you angry for this kind of FRIEND or Damn?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Best wish for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Did you feel it already. I found lot of cars towards the town these days, make me stuck someway on the road.

Feeling is different for this year. May be I getting older. Yes, older...not like kid, still dreaming to have lot of red pocket "ang pao" during CNY.

My wishing is to become more healthy and upgrade myself to highest level of living, clear mind and positive thinking. To be more optimistic rather pessimistic. So my nickname is Every Day is a Good Day! Best wish!

Self upgrading

1WU:3:38 2WU:5:03 3WU:5:34

Today may go to do own business, so may have to take leave from QiGong section. Sorry to the 3 teacher there if I on leave again. Have to take this leave if I think that one is more important to me.