Friday, August 03, 2007

PC hanged

Did your PC always hanged?

My home PC did not hanged me for so long time, but it keep hanged me these days.
Really make me sicked. Even I want to watch a simple wmv video file, it just hanged.
But it will not hanged when I play mp3 songs. No hanged on my chatting. No hanged while doing most of the things. But I mostly watch wmv drama files these days, it just hanged and hanged, let me reboot and reboot my pc.

So I tried to watch some HK drama DVD which using rmvb real player format, it's also hanged.
Any wrong with the video card? I just wonder.
I tried to roll backed from Windows media player from version 11 to the older version 10, hope it will solve the hanged problem, but it was not! It also hanged on real player...

Make me sicked. My PC is sicked now and the bad thing I have no idea what I can do now.
Who can help me?

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