Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We moved to Chung Hwa school

We moved to Chung Hwa school last night for our QiGong practice.
The bedminton court was full and there is no space at all for me to fit in.

I think more than 60~70 student attend last night practice, new students included.

After the relaxation, song singing. Then they starting to practice the regular five routine.
I have to guide the new students, about 15 of them, still some of them didn't came, plus 3 new students again.

I still teached the relaxation as some of them still cannot catch it. After that I teached one more time for the first routine. Then practice 2 time for the first routine, rest for 10 minutes. Then two assistants help me to guide these new students. I have to teached the two new comers.
After finished the first routine teaching, I quickly asked them to join in the first routine practice. They practice five times for this first routine.

B group and C group student starting to the meditation qigong practice. Mr. Wong told them all the prepartions and all the necessary knowledge they should know. They only "stand" for about 5 minutes. Most of them have some feeling. I asked my sister and she mention she felt something inisde pushing her but she scared to move. I asked her to relax herself and let it go.
The important thing for this meditation qigong is "relax" yourself. No secret for this meditation routine.

We chatted outside the school until 9:45pm. Back to home at 10:00pm.

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