Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm

WU:5:20 2WU:5:54 LNQG:1~5 MQG:15

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm.
We god the information that we have to wake up early today again. The morning was at 5:00am. 6:00am bus will ready to go.

My room mate, Canadian Dharma brother mention why we have to wake up so early? I told him we were in Malaysia, Malaysia students always will go the ceremony as earlier as possible, especially our root Guru Grand Master’s ceremony.

We were arrived the stadium around 6:30am. Crowded of people already line-up to enter the stadium.

About 7:00am we managed to get our seat. Settled down and starting to went outside of the stadium to checked whether anything to buy. Came in and out of the stadium several times as it was earlier. My Dharma brother told me we have to another 6 hours for the ceremony to get ready.

I bought several T-shirts and some sovenirs.
10:30am, Root Guru was arrived. Resting, tea break and get ready, met all the masters.
12:30pm noon, the whole stadium was full, no more seat at all and the ceremony was going to start.
12:45pm, welcome monks line up and get ready to welcome our Root Guru to came into the stadium.
12:55pm, ceremony started.
It last until 5:30pm for this ceremony. Welcome ceremony 迎師, monk ceremony 出家戒儀式, married ceremony 福証儀式 and the main Kalachakra Ceremony started.

Then the empowerment time, I think it took about 2 hours for this empowerment to finished. It went smoothly this time, not like 9 years before it was mass up. We all were in the empowerment and enlightment team, it took quite fast for us to have the enlightment ceremony.

Went out of the stadium was about 6:30pm, wait for all the members group to gather and have our bus back to hotel. It have to took about half a hour to wait the rest of our group.

7:45pm then back to hotel. A bit tired.

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