Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday life

1WU:4:46 2WU:6:14

Did not sleep again when wake up at 6:00am something.
Doing my daily Dharma practice. Then doing my daily email checking. Adding some new contact on msn, for Germany friend Sven, for Dharma brother and sister at Canada and Singapore.

Met Sven after I added him. Chat with him and his time was mid-night.
As he will drove car to met grand father and mother(if I am not wrong), just we just chat a while only.

Uploaded some photos to photobucket and picasa.
Waiting for Dharma sister to call me who called me for breakfast on the last two week. She did not call today.

Having my very simple oat with some cookies breakfast.
Call TChai for lunch, he was busy with his customer, so have to wait for his call to confirm.

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