Thursday, August 30, 2007

I had car accident today


I had car accident today when I just open my car door in Miri.
I help Xing to bank in money, and just going to back home, who knew this incident will happen.

The good thing is this is really a very small accident. I just opened my car door, a car from right side drove in and hit my car door. It's stuck. The Chinese driver have to come out his car then knew how to move the car, he drove the car backward then I can move my car door.

I just sat in my car, chatting. I just going to drive away if he did not say anything. Just like Monday I also have a small car accident which I drove back my car and I hit something. Then I knew I hit a black old car. The driver did not came out from the car and I just came out and asked him: "Nothing?" He said: "Nothing", then I left.

So what I think today may be the same thing happen again. The passenger, I think the driver's son attitude is not good, said: "Why you open the door so big oh?". I kept silent. I knew it was both side mistake. Not only my side. The driver mention the car need to repaired. If I am the drive, I will said: "It's okay, as both party have mistake somewhere". I opened my car door, then you also have to be aware that someone is open the car door, right? Who's right and who's wrong. So I didn't want to say anything.

I tried to called my Miri's Friend use driver's phone. Cannot get through. The driver went to bank to do his stuff, left his son stayed there and I borrowed his phone to call back Brunei to get another Miri's friend phones numbers. Finally I get thorough and got the numbers. I called the numbers and manage to find my friend. Told him the story. He can handle it. The driver also talked to my friend. They both agreed the term.

No mood and rushed back home at 11:23am. What a morning!

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