Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Relation is starting to change...


Today is a special day?
Busy on the office, but still have my good breakfast. Went to tea break with Xing, went to office at 8:08am. 9:45am breakfast with Wong's couple. Talking about some QiGong manage matter until 10:00am.

There was something to do on office. One email causing some trouble. I just do my own part only.

Backed home and tried out Office 2007. Got some good feature, but as it's really a new toy to me, have to evaluation. Have to take sometime to exploring it.

Dinner was a special. Not causing by the meal, just some decided making by nephew. Actually he got his own decision already. Just give some of my own opinions, the final decision is still belong to him. Good to have this kind of communication. Relation is starting to change...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is he saying on 29th?

1WU:4:23 2WU:5:00 LNQG:1,1,2,4,5

Dear smn, I still wating for their transfer. Else I transfer a small sums first K. Apologize for losing ur patience.

Yes, I think I almost losing my patience as I wait for 3 months and have to wait again.
Againa and again...and hear too many reason he mention to me, I really don't like that.
What can I do, tell me!

He willing to pay?

1WU:4:38 2WU:5:56 LNQG:1~5, T2nd

He willing to pay? What do you think.
YES, he got too many reason, just what I mention before.
I cannot remember what is sms to me yesterday. Just that I remember he was NOT bank in yesterday. Asking me can bank in small amount or not? What do you think. Can I agreed with him.

I really sick of him already...see today what he say...what reason he will sms me...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Will he pay today?

WU:5:29 QG:1

His last sms is like that when I try to remind him on Saturday.
You see what he saying: Morning smn, I think u dun get wht my last message mean. I have taken advance salary. N I only know by this coming monday they approved n when they bank in to my account. =)

Yes, I do got his message. So from his sms then I can think of what he will saying today:
1. Sorry, they delay my payment.
2. They did not bank in today, so have to wait for few day.
3. Then he will action angry with his HR delay his payment.

His salary can be on the last day of the month, also can be on the very first days for the month. So what kind of company or he make me think what company he joined in??? He make me think wrongly...

Again, this is his way for delay and delay. ALWAYS have too many reasons try to delay here and there. He said he will NOT escape, yes, he will not as he got no way to escape!

I really sick of him already. 3 months NOT payment. Can I wait and trust him again what he saying? NO! I mention to him that "U use out all my compassion"...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Went to BSB

WU:4:30 2WU:5:25 RDP:40 QG:1~5

Called Qing accidentally yesterday afternoon. The time I was tea break with Guang who want to get the document he want that afternoon. We met at YYT and I pass the document to him and teach him how to reload the all-in-one printer cartridge. He like to learn, better than the rest...

So we went to tea break and I want to try out my LG phone ear phone, so called Qing, though she will not on her mobile on that time, but it was get through, so I let it ring for a while and she didn't picked out the phone.

She called then I miss her call. I called her then she miss my call too. So we started sms to each other. I finished invite her to have breakfast with MFang. She agreeded.

So this morning I have a good feeling to tea break with Qing, tried to call Xing and he mention he will go to BSB this morning to work. Suddenly I also mention I want to go. Thinking Qing and MFang may also can go with me. I told my nephew then I may go.

I manage to fetch Qing on the road and went to MFang's house to fetch her. We have breakfast at Seria and wait for Xing to come. I wait until 8:45am, then I found he called me and I missed his call. So I called back to him and he mention he will not going to BSB anymore as his technician went up already.

My elder nephew called me and mention he want to go too. So I decided to go with them and I told Qing and MFang, sorry that I cannot go with them together. They agreeded.

We arrived BSB around 11:45. Direct went "The Mall". Only few computer booths selling. I bought DVD-R 25 pcs at B$19.00, free gift:DVD storage box, light and portable.

I also went to Q-lap Mall which is having Grand opening today, a bit disappointed not all the shop was open, still closing. I think the owner just want to open before CNY.

We went to Batu Bersurat to have our earlier dinner. The restaurant name was something like "new golder leave". 4 person dishes charged at B$20.40.

Back home at before 5:58pm. Tired.

3rd day Taipei - ZhongLie Shi - GuGong故宮

This is GuGong 故宮. The most famous museum in Taiwan.
13 January 2007, we were still travel within Taipei. After the president's office. Then we went to ChungLie Shi 宗列祠 and GuGong 故宮.

Oh, we went to GuGong 故宮 first then goods buying time again, I was not really like this kind of shopping as all you knew that some authority will tried to earn some money on the transaction. I don't mind if we have enought time, if not, it was wasting my time, but not all others time, may be they like to buy, who know?

Then Lunch time. Good dishes and nice lunch we have. It took about one hour for our lunch.

Nice prawn? Big prawn, not really, as it was a very close shooting photo. Tasted ok.

We went to ChungLie Shi 宗列祠. The second photo was the guard exchange period, just like show.

At that Night we went to take Taipei 101 building photo. The tallest building in the world. It was raining that night.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally I got my own desk

Finally I got my own office desk after 4 year working.
Cannot said I don't have my desk, just that the original desk is not suitable for my need. Good starting for 2007 new year.

It's still messing now but I think I will arrange it nicely. Just to be nice to myself. New desk new feeling, and I should have a good feeling in the future.

3rd Day - Taipei City tour - TaiChung

WU:4:43 AQG:1~5

I taken this photo inside the bus when we arrived Taiwan president palace.

13th January, 2007. I was in Taipei city. I didn't know whether I did sleep last night or not. Still wake up earlier in the morning.

I forgot when I waked up already. Still have my breakfast with the group. Oh, Yes, we are the F group. I don’t really like F, let me think something no so nice, but anyway, I have to accept it.

That day was a sunny day, a bit cold, have to wear a light jacket.

There were a exhibition over this place but we don't have to time to have a look, we only have 40 minutes to spend on there.

I have taken some of the photos here and also took photos with someone.

This is one is taken by Xing, I think. May be I forgot already. You can see the different I took the photo. Anyway, at least his hand was not shaking then it should be okay.

This "Chong Zhen Memorial Hall" area is quite big. That day was having some rain. I just rushed to the toilet that day as I am too full. Then I took several nice photos.

I like this photo. I like the flower with the huge door so much. Hope you all also like this photo. Another one is the flowers attracting me so much. Very red flowers and nice.

Friday, January 26, 2007

2nd Day Taipei

QG:1,2,5 SM:11

1st Photo showed people busy went to money exchange to exchange some money.

We arrived Taipei on 9:30pm, or may be 10:00pm, not so sure as I am too tired.

The first place we went was "Si Ling night market"

2nd photo is the place we went. I don't really know why I can took such a special photo. Ha ha, just show you and see how weired photo I have taken.

I didn't ate anything as we have dinner after arrived Taipei. I just felt thirsty so I ordered a strawberry juice with ice.

Did you notice anything from this photo? I saw lot of Chinese characters which I can think about.

I just walked around by myself, then meet the family. Joined them and left them again to see around the food store. Lot of different foods they selling. On that time, my think is strange, am I in Taipei? Yes, I am...I told myself. May be the not sleeping well mood make me think like that...anyway, I didn't buy anything from here, just the drink only. No eat anything, just watching the rest to buy things. Strange feeling to me on that night.

May be I have been 5 years didn't come to this BIG city. I don't like BIG city but for traveling, for me, a temporary traveler, isn't still okay to me as I will not live here permanently.

I really felt tired when I finally got my room which share with Xing. I just did my bath and went to sleep. What a tired day to me...

The family I meet.
We tried to persuaded me to eat, I don't. May be no mood to eat anything. Thanks!

On this photos background showed lot of different kind of foods but sure that you have to know how to read Chinese characters. Photo also show this family was so happy and enjoyed their supper that night. Good tried!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

2nd day KL - Taiwan

I didn't have a very good sleep, but still manage to wake up and went to KLIA airport at 11:30pm. The Concord Inn provide the free transportation direct to KLIA. Good services, and the small bus traveled every half a half, so we have to be earlier to catch the free bus.

We went to the 5th floor to find the gathering point, it's J raw. We always a bit earlier. Some of them went to do the money exchange.

Crowded students around at 12:00 noon. We starting to check it. I felt really miss out by the too many student in this huge group, about 300++ people...

We have our lunch at this LARGE airport. I still in exiting mood and just ate a soup noodle.
We starting flight to KL - Taiwan at 15:30pm. Arrive TaoYuan International airport at around 9:00pm something. We have to walk a very long long way to get the Emmigration stamp. Yes, we were in Taiwan already, but not in Taipei. We have to travel about 45 minutes to Taipei city...

I really felt tired after this flight. The photo showed me my tireness!

1st Day, we arrived KL

Regardless the payment problem. My sickness just arrived in the wrong time. Sleeping problem appeared, but I manage go to work and manage to pack all my luggage. I think I must miss something then I may needed. This was a bad feeling that MISS and left something while travel.

Fan brother picked us up at 2:00pm. Ahead to Brunei BSB airport. Yes, we start our journey at Brunei.

Arrived KL at 9:00pm something. Catched a taxi toward the Concord Inn KL international. Charged B$75.00 which we booked in Seria, Brunei. This Inn is not bad and it was a wide spread type hotel like "Regal Hotel" in Miri.

Room is quite big, and we have our dinner(supper) at the hotel, and the time is about 11:30pm. We don't have enought time to explore around this hotel.

Call Irene today

Called Irene today and she still mention she did not get the money I transfer.
I already decided to write email to KL public bank for my this tranfer matter.
Wrote quite a long email to them but not send yet as I have to recheck every detail information and make sure I am not wrote the wrong info.

I don't think my money is gone. It's just stuck somewhere at KL, I think at KL Public Bank main office.

My travel money finally using the most basic and easily way. Just go to Miri to bank in to Public bank, directly to their account. Then the payment story is end. Transfer story is on going...

Before Taiwan trip story 2

WU:4:28 2WU:5:20 QG:1,2,4

We facing some trouble before going. The payment.
We faxed all the necessary document to the authority who arrange this Taiwan trip. They mention we have to pay before end of December, 2006. So I told Xing I will use internet banking to settle this payment.

The first payment was made on the 12th of December, 2006. It was guide by one of the bank staff. I tried to call Irence who is in charge the account. After this deposit payment, she mention after two three days, she checked the bank and the bank told her that they didn't found any money tranfer to their account.

I checked with my banker and found that B$5.00 have been charged for clearing my internet banking TT payment. So, that's mean KL bank already received it and why my benefiniary didn't received it? Irence told me may be the rate problem, as Malaysian RM will not really release their rate, so when I sent using Brunei Dollars then the bank may have to take several days and may took more time to clear out the tranfer. So I have to wait patiently.

As they already charged me so I almost confirm that my payment have been tranfered, so I make the second full amount payment to them, still using internet banking. That day was 29th December, 2006....

So I though everything will be running smoothly after my first deposit payment to the authority. But the answer is NO. My TT transfer still NOT received by them. Both transfer was already in Kuala Lumpur, and my banker checked and told me they found the KL HSBC have transfer the money to KL Public Bank. I wonder why my beneficiary cannot received it.

So I have no time to spend to deal with this kind of tranfer. I called my beneficiary again and they agreed and advice me to bank the payment directly to their bank at Miri....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Before Taiwan trip story

Met Fred this afternoon and he mention he want to read my Taiwan trip story.
It's a tiredness for me to think this Taiwan trip although I really felt excited to met my Grand Master.

Before the trip we (Xing and me) already got some trouble. I never think I will go to Taiwan on the beginning of this new year. Xing asked me to go then I say no to him in the very first time.

Things changed after we received one of the Master sms from HK. Our mind starting to change, and Xing sent this message to the rest of the members...they also didn't want to go at first. But finally decided to go via KL group trip on final stage. It's a bit rush for us, as we have to do the Taiwan visa which cannot make it on here. The travel agent help us to send our travel document to KL for doing the Taiwan visa. It's a bit fast and lucky that our visa done and sent back to us within 3 weeks. After that, we have to do the Malaysian visa. This one took about 3 days.

So seem everything is ready then it's time for me to pack my luagage. I getting a bit nervous this time and felt going to sick before this travel. May be too excited and thinking too much. Then I tried to communicate with Taiwan brothers and sisters, tried to get some important info from them. They mention we have to be aware of the weather, may be it will be a snow fall during that special ceremony period.

More thinking appeared on my mind and make it nervous again, so cannot sleep well before on that trip. Body became not so steady anymore, but still have the concept that: " I have to go for this trip".Yes, I knew it. I am getting sicked, so I went to Miri to visit the Acunpunture twice before this trip.

Xing and me have to throw away 6 pcs of air ticket, as we did book return air ticket to KL before we knew this Taiwan trip. The starting date still the same but finally we have to cancelled that air ticket as we found AirAsia have too many RETIMED flight schedule since December, 2006.

Then we have to book flight to KL air ticket and it was flight from Brunei.

Downloading driver

Busy downloading drier and software for my own PC at home tonight.
As the PC was infected by spyware again during my travel period. My nephew mention he cannot manage to "kill" the spyware and the popup keep open windows, so he have to format the PC without backup anything from the PC.

So have to install everything on the scratch. IT's a tired task anyway but have to do.
Scanner software, install office, install necessary softwares...lot of thing to do. The worst thing is this version of XP cannot detect any of USB device. Have to think a way to solve this problem as many device use USB port right now.

LG mobile phone support

I lost my LG 3 series mobile phone software during my the travel period. I didn't bring the cd with me and I finally found I lost the cd.

So I tried to find the solution for my LG 3 series software on the net.
Luckily I found the website and tried to contact them using email.
I wrote email in the morning before go to work. Found they reply me when I do the evening mail checking. Thanks Buddha, they really solve my problem. Although it took sometime for me to downloading the 54 Mbytes software but it's really what I want.

I got it, thank to their good and fast support.

They provide me the following website for downloading the software.

Finally I got a good sleep last night

LNQG:1 x 3, 2~5

Finally I got a good sleep last night. I never have so good and deep sleep again after I was back from the tired trip. Not so sure what is happen but I tried very hard on my diet, and do what even the acunpunture told me. Light solidum, light oil or even no oil, no chili, no peppe, no "hot" fruist like durian, rambutan and so on. So I have to eat the "medium" type of food which really suite me and my sleeping problem will not come back again and again.

Other reason casuing may be my own healthy, my body may cannot stand cold and heat together. So I have to make my body getting strongly in order to protect my own healthy, then I can live healthy and happily in the future.

Don't worry about me, I will take care of my self.
On this tired trip, I really learn lot of things. Thanks Buddha!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seem busy today


Today seem busy. Went to bank for transfer some cash for privilege account. Went back to the same bank again to cash in. Found the bank already merge my two account together with one card so that's mean I can use one card to check both two different type account. Good concept, I like that, but I have to remember which account is for which founction.

Found some bank still conservative for their term deposit account. Some interest rate as lower as 0.04% whereas some of the bank give attractive interest at 1.6~7%, what a big different. If I didn't approached them directly then I though the term deposit rate still very low at this moment. Finally I got the good turning point for my bank account. Learn something.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Espeed back to service

Espeed back to service at around 9am something...very slow and it seem working fine in the afternoon...

Visit D sister this morning

Gave Qing a call and she finally switch on her mobile this morning. Managed talked to her and she mention Miss C will came to picked her up after finished repaired the cars at workshop. I asked Shu status and Qing mention she will be back this afternoon. I told her may be we can meet at Fang's house to view my Taiwan photos. She agreed.

I received Qing sms at around 10:53. I tried to reply her but she called to DST line. She mention she already on the way to Fang's house. So I mention I met her there.

I prepared my poor PIII notebook which I used it frequently these days to Fang's house.
Qing was there already. I showed them the photos. I told them so stories and asked Fang's her opinion for her's Taiwan's trip(we were on different group). She mention it was a rush trip.

I have lunch at Fang's house. I ate not a lot as I think I can control my diet a bit these days. Lost some weight after the tired trip. Now is about 73 KGs.

C came at around 12:35 noon. We chatted happily until 2:33pm. C left and I also ready to go back home for some resting.

I manage to have a half a hour snap. Wrote this blog after the snap.

Espeed lost again

Espeed lost any connection this morning again.
I try to surf the net using my PIII notebook at my own room, the internet connection is there but it cannot surf to any web page. I tried several way, still the same. So I shutdown the notebook, reboot and try again, still the same. Cannot surf to any web pages.

So I tried to switch off the espeed modem, on and off, disable the connection and reconnect again, use repaired button and tried again, same problem, no help.

So I have to use my LG Bmobile as a dial up modem to surf, hope it will cost a lot this same...this is the only way I can surf to the net this morning, bad day? Good day? We always have to think a way to make ourselves positive, NOT negative. I don't want to be spoil my good feeling by just cannot surf to the net. Espeed sometime really annoying me. It worked so fine last night...and it seem down this morning. Cause by the Indoneisa earthquake? I just wonder...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

May go to visit D sister

WU:4:30 QG:1~5

May go to visit D sister this morning for Taiwan photos.
I think I have to process faster this time rather let them keep waiting.

I showed photos to Xing last night at Seria Muwayafi restaurant.
Showed him some website he may interested. I think he is not so scare about computer, can accept this new kind of technology. Showed him so interesting web sites, msn and newspaper he may read in the future. Actually he got his own computer which just sitting on his house...he need sometime to learn this new toy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back from Miri

Back from Miri at around 2:30pm.

Start the journey at around 7:50am. Not so long queue at Brunei side, but a bit long queue at Malaysia side and the queue started near the Brunei checking hut area.

We didn't wait for quite long time anyway. Ariived Miri at around 9:00am. Go to have our breakfast directly at New YaKin, finished at 10:00am.

I just visit the Chinese Acunpunture for unfinished tireness sickness, crowded people waiting. Until 11:35am then come to my turn.

Wait for a wait then my brother appeared. They finished all their buying.
Went to Bourlevoud to buy some daily stuffs. I just bought some coffee which I like. Spent only RM$26.60. Not much.

Crowded of people at this shopping center, my younger told me that Miri also having holiday today.

We went to 2020 area place for our lunch. I ordered fish ball soup and some vegetables.
Raining, and it stop after we finished our lunch.

So it's time to go home...short and worth trip for today.

Holiday again!

Today is a public holiday in Brunei.
Most company off until Monday. Holiday mood always good to me, beings also like holiday, right?

So when my younger brother ask me want to go Miri or not last night, I asked when he will back. He mention will back same day at around 1:00pm. Then I decided to go with him. There should be 4 person will go. My second brother, youngest brother with his elder daughter and me.

He mention will go at around 7:30 something. I hope and pray not so many cars go down to Miri. Holiday day may have long queue, then this 3 days holiday will have longer queue at emmigration place.

Friday, January 19, 2007

He still NOT pay me yet

He still find some reason NOT to pay me, the following is his recent “delay” reason, I don’t really believe his stories anymore…I really don't like that.

Sorry I run out of easy credit 2 reply back. Next week u got it. Dun worry.

Plz hold on. Last day tomorrow can? The cheque release either tomorrow. Stupid baiduri drag times. they promised either tomorroe or Friday. Can u still hold on? I already ask my co to give me advance. If of, I can clear u already, pls hold on.

Give me some more time, it almost done.

I do have problems but I already ask for advance from my co. Once approved. I can settled u off. N I hope u can give me discount.

Fine, just wait. Ok, I have my own plan to settled off everything.

Breakfast with Xing

Breakfast with Xing this morning at Seria.
Told him some he should know.
We still talking the one we may hated.
He is with his daughter and he decided to pass the car key to her. Then I have to drive Xing back to his home.

We finished at 7:30am

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still tired

The tireness of this KL-Taiwan trip is not really over, but I told myself I have to work today.

Not much big things happen in the office, just the normal routine work have to follow up.

Checking emails is the most important task for this first back to work day and I knew there will be tons of emails coming in when I on holiday. Luckily I sent two emails to two huge attachments sender, request them to stop to sent any big attachments on the time I am in Taiwan.

There is no time for me to check any emails when I am was there.
The trip is really full schedule and mostly we have the earlier morning call. I don't like that but as it was the group trip, then I have to follow, no other choice.

I will try to post the most beautiful photos I have taken during this exiting, happy and tired trip in my life.

The most important thing for this trip was to meet my Grand Master. I saw him then everything is fullfill in my heart. No words can described my feeling when I saw my Grand Master, although it was not the first time I even met him directly face to face. I didn't manage talked to him as there was too many students around.

The ceremony reported it was about 50,000 student taking part. I am not sure, but I am just one of the student inside there...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am Back!

I am Back! Yes, I am back from Taiwan.
Nice trip? You will ask, but I have to tell you, it's a tired trip in my life. Make me sick!
Will write more when I am getting better...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's time to flight!


It's time to flight to Taiwan. Back from KL to Miri, have to stay in Miri and will back home on next day.
Too tired to do the packing. Arrange everything nicely. Cannot forget the air ticket, CI and money. Then too many have to follow up: forms, mobiles, roaming, top up, dinning,
Headache appeared and it may be I am too exited for this trip.
They mention will do this ceremony LIVE! Too many IT technical stuffs concerned.

To be continue/..

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sudden went to Miri

Suuden wen to Miri went to Miri this morning.

At 8:20am, I tried to call Tai, he mention the payment was not arrived yet. I suggested use bank draft, but he said it will more trouble to have the bank draft.

So he told me it's better to bank in to the Beneficiary bank account is the faster and safe way.
So that's mean I have to went down to Miri to bank in the money.

I have to take my CI and some RM, went to Seria Bank to cash out the amount I wanted.
Then starting my today journey to Miri just to bank in the very urgent payment for my Taiwan trip. Actually the trip charged was not expensive, cost RM1,888.00. 5 days 4 night include some breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The 15th lunch we have to pay by ourself, as it was arrange by Taiwan authority. That lunch cost NT$700.00, around B$35.00 or RM$80.00. Okay for me.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Terrible experience

It was not a good experience when you 100% sure for something then suddenly become everything is not okay.

The person who in charged for the money was busy. She just ready to go when I called her, she promised will call me in the dawn. I was too worried right now.

Someone still confirmed everything but she didn't done her job yet. She have to fax all the necessary documents to KL ASAP, but she was not, she mention she will waiting. The thing may spoil by her. This delay also cause by her anyway.

My mind starting to think if everything is become 0 then what will we do.
I think I have to think a way to solve the problem if I 100% sure that I HAVE TO go to Taiwan. My mind starting to turn. What if we have to arrange by ourself, what situation we will encounter. I think to think about it.

I prayed everything will getting worse and worst. The worst come to worst then I will run my own plan. Money and schedule is the first thing to make. Have to bring all the necessary documents, contact info, telephone numbers, address and so on.

This is the worst trip I even encounter in my life. It's a kind of disturbing and try to stop not to go. No I cannot think that way. I should think optimistically. Cannot too...will be continue...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Go to Miri today

Went to Miri as plan on last week. Agreed with Xing to drive my drive to fetch him back to Brunei.

AS I want to buy some stuffs, so I decided to drive my car to Miri first, then I will meet Xing in Miri. He asked me to wait for him at New Yakin. So I just drove my car and arrived Miri at 9:30am, heavy rain today when I arrive Brunei emigration.

I buy some stuff for Taiwan trip, and a clear folder for Dharma use.

I wait for Xing at Yakin food center at around 11:30 as I called him and he mention he was at Sungai Tujuh. So I count he will arrived Yakin at around 12:00, but he arrived at 12:30 noon by the time I finished my milk tea.

He mention there was lot of cars waiting at the emigration station.

Then I knew he is with his wife. He want me to follow him to the house for placing his car there. We will use his car when we arrived back to Kuala Lumpur.

We went back to Yakin to have our lunch. I ordered porridge as I don't want to eat so oily food.
We went to take the calendar but the boss was not in so we went to buy some cakes at 2020. Xing drive in the wrong way to Fo Xiang, it almost closed the shop as today is Sunday. So we quickly buy some stuffs we wanted then left.

Xing went to buy some meat at NuiChangChu. We bought one XO for TCai as he requested. Charged RM$309, TCai paid back B$160 which got extra when I met him at Seria.

After that, we back to Brunei at 4:22pm.

Where is my transfer money

That day I am 100% confirm that my transfer money is arrived KL.
But found it was NOT when I received call from Irence yesterday afternoon. She mention she did checked with Bank the day before and the bank said there was no money transfer from Brunei. Oh, Buddha, where is my transfer money.

As it was 11:35am in the morning, Saturday. So I tried to call Bank, someone answer the phone. Do not call the general phone as no one will picked up the phone, just let you wait until tomorrow. So I told her the story. She checked with her senior, come back to me afer 2 minutes...I have to hold the phone for that long, so make sure you got enought money on your mobile before you call to the bank.

She came back to me and the answer is: The money is been transfer, there is no reason why the KL bank cannot received the money...????on my head now. Where is my money gone?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Save youtube file to your PC

It is a way to save the YouTube file to your PC.

If you key in the seraching in then you will find a lot of these links.
I found a one with free version and a charge version. Sure that the charge version one is better.

Free version:Savetube
What I found this free version screen size will be a bit small.

Lite version of Movies extractors scout: Movies extractors Scout lite
This lite version should be free, and normal version will charge US$14.50, more feature for charged version. Good that this small program can resize the screen window which savetube cannot do it.

Get ready for the trip

I starting to pack my luagge on last holiday.
Just same as usual, not much thing to pack, as it's only a short trip, so no big luagge to bring. I also don't think I will buy lot of stuffs. Taiwan's stuff may be expensive.

May be I will ask for the PC memory price, if it is good price then I will buy it for my unused Toshiba laptop.

This is trip is so important to me as I didn't meet my Grand Master for several years.
Hope everything is going smoothly for this trip. I will pray daily for this special trip.

Earlier wake up day

Earlier wake up day these 3 days.
Never mind, although I knew my cannot sleep well problem is appear, it's still okay for me.
I already get use to it already.

So just wake up to do so surfing, go to my favorite form to do some posting.
Checking my regular emails. Practice the Dharma, practice QiGong then I got more time to tea break with Xing.

Good also sometime to wake up earlier!

Friday, January 05, 2007



內文: 為賡續強化我與汶萊雙邊經貿實質關係,並基於發展我與東南亞各國關係之全盤外交策略與佈局,及我與東南亞國協建立聯繫與合作關係之整體考量,外交部宣佈恢復駐汶萊台北經濟文化辦事處,並籌備開館相關事宜,預訂於明(96)年3月1日正式對外掛牌運作,提供包括領事、經貿等各項服務,新任駐汶萊代表處代表將由財政部關稅總局局長俞邵武出任。

Blogger broswer

1WU:3:38 2WU:4:30 3WU:5:05

I tried again for login to this new blogger. Found the cannot login using IE6, just handed there and no screen appeared. So I tried firefox broswer and found it working. I think the best broswer for is firefox.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some Trivia stuffs

Already 100% sure that my tranfer money to KL for Taiwan is confirmed. Just that as it was not tranfer to HSBC, and I tranfered in Brunei Dollars, so the bank have to take some money to convert it. Called KL Dharma sister and she said the bank confirm received it.

Good news and I will felt save to tranfer money to abroad next time.The going to KL hotel is not confirmed yet as the travel agent is on leave until Saturday. So I have to follow up with here again. The charge of the hotel is name: Concorde Inn, very near the KCCL, about 10 minutes, good for us.

Xing already paid me all the fee for this trip to Taiwan. We spend too much money, and wasting the two ways ticket to KL which fall on 12th to 14th back to Miri. We finally change the to KL ticket from Brunei, charge B$87.00 quite cheap for only one way to KL. Oh, yes, the total charge for the trip is B$1076.00, not include the KL hotel yet.

Very slow login to blogger

1WU:4:20 2WU:5:01 QG:1,2,5

Found it is not easy to login to new version of this morning and some other days within this week and last week. I though it may be cause by the Taiwan earthquake broken internet links? But I found the Taiwan website it okay, only this have problem...not easy to get the new login page, but luckily I can login when I am in the office.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New PC?

Finally the family AMD PC is fail to work anymore, I think is the power supply got problem.
So we tried to use the PC that have some problem. The problem is it will restart or will power off for 20 minutes. I tried several after it heating up, then it refused to work too.

So I have to bring this P4 2.4 pc to repair.
It was the time before new year, it should be ok on 1st January, 2007. Just that I didn't go to KB to bring it back.

Today I went back to PC repair shop to check the status. It's okay, the problem is easy, power supply failure, the technician show me there is so burn on the power supply cable, luckily it will not burn off the motherboard.

It's okay now and it's time for me to update the antivirus data and I installed the Real Player tonight for me to watch some HK series drama. Good to have this P4 back to service then I ahve more room to download something I like. My nephew also add back the AMD harddrive into it to make it as the second hard drive, good! At least all my old data still there, no lost too much things!

Some Bank services info

WU:7:05 AQG:1,2,5
Firstly I though I use my credit card to withdraw money from ATM machine will gave me some bonus point, but it is NOT and I didn't get any point, I found this when I do the query to the bank staffs. I didn't notice that this withdraw with cost me so much interest. By the time I withdraw the money from the bank, the bank already charge me for the services, and it will do the second 2% interest for one month.

So when I checked the internet banking and always see a "finance charges" it cost less than B$20. It charge throught the second if I withdraw the money let said on 19th Nov, then it will show the finance charges on the Nov statement and December statement as it charge until the 19th of December.

Today I checked with the bank staff and it show me when I withdraw the money and how it charge from this month and to second month. So I finally realise how the bank charge for their services and it is one of the way for gain the services money.

I didn't get any bonus point at all and lost money. I don't have to "borrow" from my credit card as I got enought money from my saving account. Just that the bonus point make me lost something and gain the knowledge not too greedy. I do this stupid withdraw THREE times as I too lasy to visit the bank staff to find out the fact!

Another thing I found if you TT money from Internet Banking, they charge quite a lot, I think if less than certain amount, they will charge at B$25.10. Then the bank who received your money will also charge $5.00 for the oversea charge. So totally the charge for each TT is B$30.10. I think something if your TT amount is more than B$5,000.00 the charge may be reduce.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Doing nothing

Not doing much thing during this a bit long holiday.
Just been remind myself have to prepare our bargage for Taiwan trip, so just ready some cloth and shirt. Also called my sister to borrow two spring jacket. I got the jacket this morning and she bring me three of them, just make me not easy to select which one I like to bring over. Finally I select the lightest one and the thickest one.

Just watch TV and do so surfing internet only...