Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning trvia stuff

1WU:3:22 2WU:5:30

Wake up early and surfing the net.
Watching some unfinished video on
SMS to Xing for breakfast, he replied after 5 minutes.
I called him to confirm the time, he mention he did not do the cultivation this morning.

I tried to change my Samsung battery problem mobile phone to Nokia which belong to my nephew. This one seem also got problem, first thing "please insert simm card" problem, and I also found the phone will always have to restart. The restarting time take too long for most Nokia mobile phone? I really not sure about that.

I tried to recharge it for low battery. I switch it on, no more restart for this time.
I hope it will running for today testing.
My nephew mention his colleuge request to sell this mobile to him for the lowest price. He mention he thinking about that.

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