Sunday, October 14, 2007

Group praying for Dharma sister


Doing my regular Dharma practice after wakeup.
Decided went to "pass away" praying at Seria. It was a group praying for the Dharma sister who was 90 years old.

Decided to invite Qing to go with me. Arrived her house at around 7:05am, she want to go. I felt a bit sorry that I did not informed her earlier. One of the reason was she off her phone, another reason was I just decided to go to this praying in the earlier morning. No time to inform her earlier.

I decided go to have some tea break as I felt a bit hungry. So we were late when arrived the Dharma sister's house. The praying was just started when we arrived.

The praying was about one and a half hour. Then we went to Seria noodle store to have our breakfast. Left the noodle store at around 10:00am.

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