Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sound card faulty

Found my home PC sound card not working at all in this morning.

I got the same problem on last week. So I tried to use the same method, tried to find the device drive in device manager, delete it and put it the driver CD to reinstalled the driver, reboot then it should be okay.

What I found I cannot find the sound device driver at all, no sign on it in device manager. Put in the driver CD, also the sound driver menu is not appear, that's mean the on board sound card is totally dead, just what my normal solution.

So decided to buy a sound card from Seria. Called Seria Wywy, no sound card sold. Call KB netcom, found only one single sound card cost only B$20.00. Good price for me, just what I wanted!

So went to KB with my nephew and niece in the afternoon at around 3:00pm. Bought the sound card first then went to NamHua cafe for the tea break, cost B$7.40. Then went to Soon Lee Mega Mark as my niece want to buy some stuffs.

Just plug in this PCI sound card when back home. Good WindowsXP driver found this new card and installed the driver directly. So I not need to put it the driver CD. No need reboot, play mp3 song on WMPlayer, it working fine! Cheap card cannot said no quality. What I think this card also cost RM$20.00 in Malaysia.

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