Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second day at Chung Hwa School

Mr. and Mrs. Wong was went to KL for travel with his family from yesterday until Saturday.
So only two teacher valid on last night QiGong practice.

I do the leading last night.
The 15 members of "meditation" group will practice on the another place without any guiding music.

About 15 new student coming and there was one new student again. Luckily there was two assistant help me to guide the new group student. I have to teach this only one new student. We expected anyway for new student keep coming for this month.

Two assistant practice the first routine for 5 times, rest for a while.
I finished teaching the new student, ask her to follow the first rountine practice.

Two more assistant come and help me to teach two of the newest coming students who came the second time.

As one of the assistant told me he was quite tired to practice the first routine for so many times, so I asked one of the assistant to replace him. She only replace him and just practice once first routine.

So the tired assistant can practice the rest of the routine.
After all the practice, we chatting until 9:43am.

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