Friday, July 06, 2007

Pratice QiGong at Seria.

Tonight just went to Seria Kampong Baru to practice QiGong. This is the second time for this year, last time was last Friday.

Called Juli in the afternoon and found Lee will drive his big car to fetch all of us.
I though he only can fetch 8 person, so I prepared my car outside my house while I back home from work.

She called again and mention Lee will fetch me too, so I have to drive my car to my house.
They came, wow, really a big car which can fetch total 9 person, but only 5 person inside the car, then include me.

They are not started when we arrived, but it was already 7:30pm. The 71 student clapped his hand mean we have to start practice. We practice the five routine twice set, no stopping.

Took a reset, then we started the "Meditation QiGong" for 20 minutes.
Rested and chat until 9:30pm, the spot light automatically switch off time. So we said goodbye and back home.

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