Friday, August 24, 2007 back to life? back to life?
I really not sure about it, but I hope it really back to life as I want to earn some money.
I do not want to lose any money from the net anymore. I have been lose once. Although it was not much money.

My nephew told me that his friend's upline him that they got this web site:

I checked and found it really a swisscash web site, exactly the same. The main problem is this web site do not have any secure setting. Even the member login page do not show a secure sign. Not a good web site for swisscash. If swisscash really a scam, why they want our username and passwords. I just wonder! Swisscash already got our money on their pocket, but why this swisscash25 appear...

Let me know if you knew the secret out there...

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That site is FAKE and they are trying to steal you login details!! You should remove the link from your blog so no one enters by mistake.

I've heard that SwissCash will be back today or tomorrow the 26th, but the same source claims it could take as long as up to 15th of September in worst case scenario.