Sunday, July 04, 2004

Getting darker. Posted by Hello

Goodbye to sunset. Posted by Hello

The sun is gone. Posted by Hello

How's the cloud? Beutiful? Posted by Hello

Almost cannot see the sun. Posted by Hello

Another way of touching the sea. Posted by Hello

Going half way... Posted by Hello

At about 6:37pm. Posted by Hello

Another way to shot the sunset. Posted by Hello

The sun is touching the sea level. Posted by Hello

The sunset cloud. Posted by Hello

I went to Seria to took some sunset photo, it was my dream plan to took the photos. Here it is. The first one is before sunset, time is about 6:30pm. Posted by Hello

Cloud photo at about 6:00pm at 3-July-2006, taken from Lot 306. Posted by Hello

This is the morning photo I took at 4-July, 2004. Time about 6:12am. Posted by Hello

Me and Friend took this photo at Seria Chung Ching Middle Schol at 3-July-2004 during the New Village 38th ceremony night. Posted by Hello

Beautiful flower they sell at Tamu, Seria. Posted by Hello

Small and beutiful flower, I took the photo at Tungullian at my friend house. Posted by Hello

Seemon at OGDC, Seria. Posted by Hello