Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Over Weight

That day weighted and found I already 78 Kgs. Wow, too fat for me and my mind starting to think how to keep fit and loose weight. Cannot get more weight again. Checked web site for my BMI, yes, I am slightly over weight. Have to get rid the over weighted. The best weight for me is 69 Kgs.
My first target is 75 Kgs then 70 Kgs, then properly to 69 Kgs.
I do not want to loose weight too fast, I just want to make it steady and slowly.

So I have to keep remind myself to exercise daily. As I knew I am very lazy, will tried to have many reason to make myself not to exercise. Keep this exercise mood on this morning, so keep my mind to the exercise mood on this morning until afternoon.

So practice QiGong after back from office. I really hope I can make it daily.

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