Friday, July 13, 2007

Just join in the

Just join in the, not really sure what I can get from there, just joined in.
You see sometime I just joined the member like that, but this time I just read their info and join in. Hope I can get some money from there, human being is greedy, including me.

Will try to exploring this web site and see what they are working on it.

I will use the very seldom used email for this kind of member joining.

Some thinking of anti spywares and anti virus programs

I think we should installed more than two anti spywares in our pc.

Even I have installed the near latest spyware doctor version 5.01.205, scan it and found 1998 threats. Then I tried to use the Ad-Aware se to deep rescan my harddrive, and still found10 critical objects(19 Negligible objects).

So I highly recomended to use a free ware anti spyware program with a commercial anti spyware program. It help somewhere and we will feel our pc more safely to use and surf.

Nowaday spywares and viruese are so trickly and not easy to get rid of, even you not log on to internet, but today's world that we cannot refuse to surf into the internet. Prevention is still very important to us.

Anti virus programs may also have to installed two different programs. Norton anti virus and AVG can lived together. Be aware that we cannot install two firewalls as Windows itself have one firewall installed. So there will be three firewall if we installed two.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Add some embedded mp3

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Second day at Chung Hwa School

Mr. and Mrs. Wong was went to KL for travel with his family from yesterday until Saturday.
So only two teacher valid on last night QiGong practice.

I do the leading last night.
The 15 members of "meditation" group will practice on the another place without any guiding music.

About 15 new student coming and there was one new student again. Luckily there was two assistant help me to guide the new group student. I have to teach this only one new student. We expected anyway for new student keep coming for this month.

Two assistant practice the first routine for 5 times, rest for a while.
I finished teaching the new student, ask her to follow the first rountine practice.

Two more assistant come and help me to teach two of the newest coming students who came the second time.

As one of the assistant told me he was quite tired to practice the first routine for so many times, so I asked one of the assistant to replace him. She only replace him and just practice once first routine.

So the tired assistant can practice the rest of the routine.
After all the practice, we chatting until 9:43am.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We moved to Chung Hwa school

We moved to Chung Hwa school last night for our QiGong practice.
The bedminton court was full and there is no space at all for me to fit in.

I think more than 60~70 student attend last night practice, new students included.

After the relaxation, song singing. Then they starting to practice the regular five routine.
I have to guide the new students, about 15 of them, still some of them didn't came, plus 3 new students again.

I still teached the relaxation as some of them still cannot catch it. After that I teached one more time for the first routine. Then practice 2 time for the first routine, rest for 10 minutes. Then two assistants help me to guide these new students. I have to teached the two new comers.
After finished the first routine teaching, I quickly asked them to join in the first routine practice. They practice five times for this first routine.

B group and C group student starting to the meditation qigong practice. Mr. Wong told them all the prepartions and all the necessary knowledge they should know. They only "stand" for about 5 minutes. Most of them have some feeling. I asked my sister and she mention she felt something inisde pushing her but she scared to move. I asked her to relax herself and let it go.
The important thing for this meditation qigong is "relax" yourself. No secret for this meditation routine.

We chatted outside the school until 9:45pm. Back to home at 10:00pm.

Installed Spyware Doctor

Installed Spyware Doctor version 5.0.1205.
A bit latest version. My previous version is only 2.0x.

Do the smart update for the program, not the definition file.
Scanning, found thousand plus spywares and trojans, but did not see the previous troublesome vundo trojan virus. I thinked it was clean by AVG anti spyware, so it was gone by some reason, not just gone suddenly.

This trial version required valid license then can removed the spywares.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Pratice QiGong at Seria.

Tonight just went to Seria Kampong Baru to practice QiGong. This is the second time for this year, last time was last Friday.

Called Juli in the afternoon and found Lee will drive his big car to fetch all of us.
I though he only can fetch 8 person, so I prepared my car outside my house while I back home from work.

She called again and mention Lee will fetch me too, so I have to drive my car to my house.
They came, wow, really a big car which can fetch total 9 person, but only 5 person inside the car, then include me.

They are not started when we arrived, but it was already 7:30pm. The 71 student clapped his hand mean we have to start practice. We practice the five routine twice set, no stopping.

Took a reset, then we started the "Meditation QiGong" for 20 minutes.
Rested and chat until 9:30pm, the spot light automatically switch off time. So we said goodbye and back home.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some arrange for October travlling

Finally I booked my Brunei- KL air ticket.
Thinking and thinking, I was thinking that I will not going, but Mr. Xing asked me to go.
After I decided to go, he seem did not want to stay with him in one room, although his daughter is with him already. May be this is the main reason why he didn't want me to stay with him in one room.

Calling to many Dharma brothers and sister, asking for information and thier flying time, schedules and so on. Some of them just booked their own ticket and arrange everything by themselves, did not join to the big group. Most of them have go with the 4 days 3 night schedule. I took the 6 days 5 night schedule. Although not stay with the same with Grand Master, it's still okay stay with the rest of the Dharma brothers and sisters. I cannot accept that before, but after I thinking I want to go, then I accepted it.

The air ticket just raised up from B$200 to B$279++, luckily I did not go with the short schedule which cost up to B$300.00 just for the air ticket. I cannot fly with Royal Brunei airline as my schedule is not with this although the ticket is B$341.00, I prefer this ticket price if the price go up to B$300.00. Now I did save some money for the ticket.

Hotel charge is according per head, not per how many person in one room. About RM$180 daily rate, 4 stars hotel. I checked the web it charge RM$190.00, just a bit cheapter.

Everything is settle down and my heart feel stable too after the hotel and ticket was booked.
Just booking the ticket after I called Dharma sister J Er as I really want to confirm the exact schedule date.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dinner with Dharma brothers and sisters

Called Qing again at around 3:45pm, to confirm with her that I want to dinner with her and the rest of the Dharma brothers and sister.

I didn't know Fang is with them, so I tried to call Fang and no one at home. I mobile was ran out of battery, so cannot called her mobile.

Called Fang again while back home, then I knew she was with them.

I told Fang changed the dinner to 5:00pm as I felt quite hungry. They agreed. Just took some photos after the dinner. I forgot to bring my DC by the time I also dinner with them yesterday. Just post it here:

Second day for new QiGong student

There will be 16 new student attend on the second day of QiGong new class last night.

There was 4 new coming student, so Mr. Wong just do the introduction to them and teach them the preparation. I did the warm up and relax movement. After that then I teach the first routine, separate into 3 parts to teach them. I just teach the first and second part.

Most of the new student have good feeling and willing to practice the movement nicely. They catch up quite fast, so I teach the second part.
I have to repeat the movements several times.

I will teach the third part on Thursday to complete the first routine.

I forgot to bring my DC, so no photos taken last night.

We got some snack and drink which brought by Zhang Ying, our QiGong assistant. She and her husband brought these snack occasionally.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New QiGong class started

There was about 12 new student come to the new QiGong class.

I do the introduction of the QiGong, some terms and condition the new students have to know.
Teach them some relaxation movement.
Tonight will teach the first routine.
I may took some photos for our Kuala Belait QiGong assistant to make their ID.

Their ID will look like this, it was not the final version, final version make look different: