Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Testing Applce Mac book

WU:4:50 2WU:6:04 LNQG1~5 x 2

Test the Apple Mac book yesterday.
The first thinking is: it's a heavy machine, about 3~4 KGs? Not sure.
I tested it and the graphics really nice and sharp. Browe to the web, went to my own blog, found it also support Chinese characters. All text showed sharp and nice, better than the broswer in IE or firefox.

Tested the iTunes, volume seem a bit low, no enough power.
Can support USB pen drive without any problem, support mp3 which just copied from my Windows XP. Good, no worried for the file format problem.

I tested for half a hour, tired after work. Cannot find any file manager, may be it have and I just do not much time to test it.

I will buy Apple Mac Book, first bad impression: too heavy. Second impression, it will very expensive compare with any Windows compatiable PC!

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