Sunday, August 26, 2007

Early wakeup

1WU:3:55 2WU:5:00 QG:1,2,5 MQG:10m

Wakeup early today and not like usual as today is Sunday. I should lay on the bed until 8 something. I think my wakeup routine back to early wakeup stage. I like that as I can practice my QiGong in the morning.

Today felt okay and I fell not enough sleep for the last 3 days.
Although not enough sleep, but still doing my routine work, entertainments as usual.
May be the medicine was acting correctly on my body. I have to take it again for today and I can stop it anytime if my have a good sleeping today.

Ming family went to Miri today, 6 person in one car. Must be very tight.
I ask Ying to make a key for me.
Hope they enjoy themselves today. They went to do the praying for their father and my third brother.

listen to Malaysia online radio when doing my regular internet surfing. Enjoy this peaceful moment, but my mum ask me to buy breakfast for her. No choice. I told her I will buy for her after I finished my blogging now.

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