Friday, September 07, 2007

Raining day while wake up

Raining day while wake up.
Late reponse on my mind, can go to office a bit late. I got this message while on every raining morning. The fact is not true as the raining can stop anytime.

Do the rountine.
Rain stop during my daily cultivation.
Late back to office these days, not only cause by the raining. Also got too many things to surf, to write and to think of.

Sleep getting better and better, although I did not take the "have a good sleep" pills. I almost sure that those pills were not suit to me. My body getting "heat" go up to my brain, so I cannot have a nice sleep at night. The acunpunture told me that the heat in my lungs at first. There were no more "lung heat" on my third visit.

Good sleep make me have more things to do. Got something to do on my mind.
The big problem is still the same, I cannot concentrate on my subject while surfting, so I loost too much times to finished my project while palm "head line" show all the truth for these messing brain acting. Do you know what I tried to say?

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