Monday, June 30, 2008


5 ways to get (and stay!) asleep tonight

Got this information from Yahoo front page.
Good article anyway.

5 ways to get (and stay!) asleep tonight

Espeed speed test

Do the BruNet Espeed speed test this morning.
Wow unbelievable speed:

After speed lower down to:

FireFox 3.0

Got this message from friend. FireFox have version 3.0 full release.
So tried to download now and install in. The file is about 7.8 Mbytes. It took about 2 minutes for me to downlaod.

I like the first impression, when key in the web link on the address bar, it show not only the history links, also with more information.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I attend this dinner.

I bought B$10.00 lucky draw ticket, then I got a 21" Pevy TV. Good luck to me and I did chanting a lot during the dinner.

There were 29 tables that night.

Official 福娃

The official FuWa. Now the name is change to Friendlies?

China Embassy 福娃

This FuWa photo was taken at ICC China embassy booth during Baiduri Expo.

Ying asking about these FuWa, the man mention it was brought from China.

The embassy man also give us a small souvenir.

Barbecue at ShaoLiang's house

Barbecue at ShaoLiang's house. Hong do the barbecue and So assist him.
They do not want to show their face, so I make the oil paint effect. Photo taken on 27-June-2008 around 8:30pm:

Sunday's life

1WU:3:29 2WU:4:23 3WU:5:15

Sunday life always a easy going day.
Wake up a bit earlier and switch on my PC as usual. My PC is getting old anyway. I just keep running 100% CPU usage these days but now seem okay. So sometime I use my notebook instead of this old pc. I want to format it but it will take time and reinstall back what I wanted, so just keep it until it almost dead.

SMS to Xing asking him want to buy B$999.00 notebook or not with DST GO!Broadband package. It really good deal to his daughter. I called his daughter right away. She was with father, they will fetched me to breakfast.

We met Kok Ming as usual. We chatted and talked until 10:15am. Xing's daughter finally decided to buy the B$999 notebook with broadband package. Xing will called his son who is in Bandar to check first before buying. I really hope he buy for ah Hua.

Back home to watch live broadcasting from Seattle's temple.
Today also a bit slow but can view the video and sound. Espeed still very slow for live broadcating.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bandar Trip

Went to Bandar Seri Begawan this morning.
Ying requested me yesterday and I agreed I want to go.

She mainly want to go to ICC to check some Plasma or LCD price. This time is Samsung and Philip TV. We looking for at least 40" TV. Philip 42" LCD B$1699, Samsung 40" LCD B$1799.

I also bought a Multi-charger for mobile. It only need a normal AA battery then it can charge the mobile, it also can charge Nokia, Sony Errison and LG phones. Bought DVD disc which cost B$12.00 at half price at WYWY as they are clearance stock. Bought a handle for kitchen which cost B$9.90.

Did not manage to watch movie as we did not have enought time. I like to watch "Get smart". May be next time.

To have tea break near the Mall, Ying pay the bill.
Ying went to do the money exchanged for her HK trip on September. Mr. Lee is with us.

We back home at around 4:09pm.

1WU:3:29 2WU:4:29

Chat with Terry Tan who is the leader of Related with Emmax.comcompany.

I think the BWW is mainly for discussion. I jointed in and waiting for they approval.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A busy day

Seem like a busy day for today.
Non stopping doing office stuffs, self stuffs and also can went to massage during lunch time.

Burning DVD for QG and myself.
Order BRC and cement for office.
Doing paper work for office.
Update my daily expenses.

Today lunch is a piece of yam bread only. Do not want to eat a lot today.
Today's feeling was free. May be last night have a good sleep until 4:55am. QiGong some how help me sleep well and also the Meditation QiGong too.

Ying and Ang came to office at around 9:30am something. They cooked by themselve and have their breakfast.

Ah Shao called Ying mention have to fetched her at flat. So Ying have to go to met Shao and Cai Ying at flat. I called Ying not to come early before 1:00pm as I was out during that time.

Gave Ying and Ang missed call when I was back to office. Found the room was locked. Ang help me to open the door finally.

RTB visitng last night 汶萊電視台的到訪

Radio Television of Brunei Darussalam visitng our KB QiGong practice last night. They came early at around 7:00am as what they promised.

Then the two coordinators came at around 7:15pm. They started to interview one of our student Madam Yap and retired doctor Dr. Aye.

Then we started our regular practice at 7:35pm.

You can view the photo on my CSCQ blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today diary

1WU:1:39 2WU:2:32 3WU:5:55

Cleaning the draft folder of Yahoo mail. Editing my cscq blog article.
Called Kok Ming just want to ask him he manage to contact Fatt or not. Yun was picking the call. So asking him his Taiwan trip, he said okay. Mostly aged people joined this trip. He managed to bought the pipeapple cake for me. He mention he
Hope today will be a beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some trivia stuffs

1WU:?? 2WU:5:45

Received William Lee's reply email. Nice to received his email. Long time did not communicate with him as he is father of a 8 months old infant. He mention he felt tired after all day work.

Best wish to Mr. Bok who is going to marry on 20th July, 2008. Just say sorry to him then I am not going to attend his wedding.

Still waiting for the Dharma sister's sms who mention she will send me a message when she arrived Edmonton, Canada. Hope she can attend Guru's ceremony which held in Vancouver.

Today have to go a Dharma sister's house to do some special work. Wish the family have good luck what we do for her.

My boss will fly again to KL for some course. Hope this course can make his life change a bit.

I was uploaded 249 photos to which I took during my Temburong trip on 22~23 June, 2008.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 simple questions to diagnose a stroke

Just received the following message from a friend.

I do not know whether there is any medical / scientific basis for the
suggestion. All I can say is that, FROM A FEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, the
suggestion seems to be a very viable one.

Stroke is a very scary thing. As said in the message (WHICH I FIND EXTREMELY
TRUE), some people who suffer a stroke do not die, but it is likely that they
[and their families] will be left in an even more helpless and desperate

IT IS BETTER TO ERR ON THE SAFE SIDE. If you find that someone MAY BE
SUFFERING a stroke, please dial your local hospital immediately.


A friend once fell down suddenly in a BBQ party.

People around suggested her go to the hospital,

But she reassured that nothing's wrong with herself, except having fallendown
due stepping on a piece of brick in a pair of new shoes.

While she was still shivering, not standing firm,

Friends helped her clean up her body, and got a plate of food for her,

So afterwards, she happily enjoyed the rest of time with the company.

Later on, her husband called to tell these friends,

She has been sent to
the hospital at last, and she passed away at 6 PM only,

Which cause was a stroke to her during the BBQ party.

If they know how to identify the symptoms of a stroke,

She might still be staying with us ......

Some people do not die,

However the result is in even helpless and disparate condition.

It only takes one minute to read this article.

A neurosurgeon says:

If he can reach a patient in 3 hours after a stroke attack,

He can alter the stroke consequences completely.

The trick is how to diagnose a stroke,

And let the patient have treatment within 3
hours after a stroke.

But this is very difficult.

To diagnose a stroke

感謝上帝讓我們記住 STR 三步驟,
Thank god for allowing us to remember 3 simple steps: STR

Please read and learn!

Sometimes it's not easy to identify a stroke,

Yet unfortunately, it will bring disaster without proper alert.

If people around a stroke patient are not able to tell a stroke,

The stroke patient will suffer from serious brain injury.

A doctor says, if surrounding people can just ask 3 simple questions,

It is possible to diagnose a stroke.

S : (smile)

Ask the patient to smile

T : (talk)

Request the patient say a simple sentence (must be reasonable and
consecutive),e.g. The weather is sunny today.

R : (raise)

要求 患者舉起雙手
Ask the patient to raise both hands at the same time


One more diagnose method of stroke is: Tell the patient to extrude his tongue.
the tongue is bending or leaning towards one side, that is also a symptom of

上面四個動作,患者如果有任何一個動作做不來,就要立刻打999 !!!
Above are 4 steps. In case a patient can't do either one of such gestures, you
should dial 999!!!

It can safe save at
least one life

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday life

1WU:2:20 2WU:3:23 3WU:5:35 4WU:6:06

SMS to Dharma brother asking him can I checked his notebook or not.
He reply lated saying that he managed to run the notebook as he did not key in the password only.

Call Xing to have breakfast with him. I walked to the place. I have to wait for half a hour then I saw him with his daughter came in Seria noodle store.

We finished at 9:00am, and we ready to go home as Xing have something to do this morning.

Oh, yes, I will go to Temburong this morning with QiGong group. 15 people will go.
Will try to take lot of photos to show you here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Flat

House cleaning

P Ying and Ang was busy cleaning the house.
Cleaning start since this Monday, today should be the last day for the cleaning.

I also help a bit for the cleaning. Bought "Bao" and milk tea for two of them yesterday afternoon.

SHE did not said anything when I am back home on that day I brough her to Miri.
I also brough the Seiketsu cooking set to them this morning, mainly the "Eletronic cooker".Lunch with them at Pandan Tujuh AyamKu restaurant.

We back to the flat and Ying's mum and Loong was there already. Loong also help to brought Ang's PC to the flat. Hiang did the whole house painting last week. He mention he will do the curtin for the house.

They should finished the work around 4:00pm. I back home at 2:00pm.

Wakeup early to surf

1WU:3:19 2WU:3:41 3WU:5:30

Wakeup early to surf, still not have a very good sleep last night although visit doctor yesterday. I think I was on my regular routine of wake up early stage. So at least I felt the internet speed is quite fast. I surf a while then found my PC run slowly.

I really don't know my P4 2.6 PC. It is infected with viruses? I was scanning through using Mcafee antivirus and NOD32 antivirus programs. Mcafee reported it was free from viruses as well as NOD32.

That day I tried to install AVG free antivirus version 8.0 which include antivirus and anti spywares, but my PC hanged after restarted.

So I have to restart my PC and boot into safe mood. Deleted the new AVG antivirus program.
Restarted again, and it work fine. The main problem now is this PC keep running on 100% CPU usage. Strange, the best way is to reformat the HDD. It failed to boot this morning after my second wake up. So I have to use my notebook to surf. Luckily I have this 12" notebook. Fast and good enough for me to surf and do my regular stuff.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Which one you like?

Which one you like?

I like this strawberry so much!

I like this strawberry so much!

Go to Miri today as planned

1WU:0:23 2WU:5:54 3WU:6:30

Go to Miri today as planned.
May back late a bit today.
Sure she is with me, as I want to let them to take something from home as we planned this week.
They just want to take some of their necessary stuffs only.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Upload photos twice in

1WU:2:08 2WU:3:45 2WU:5:45

Uploaded the photos twice at still cannot make it.
Have to upload again now.
Now try several pieces, I do not want to upload 60 photos like this morning and afternoon work.
Hope this several one successfully.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

I have this sickness Bruxism - Teeth grinding since I was young.
I tried to find some information for the treatment but there is no very good treatment for Bruxism.
Most of the information said that Bruxism is cause by pressure, but I don't think it's related with my case as I bitting my teeth during sleep since I am a teenager.

One of the most common treatment is using the "Mouth guards" when sleeping.
I also did found a equipment to stop Bruxism - a product called GrindAlert. I really don't know how true it is. As this product located at USA, costly at US$395.00 and I don't think I can try it for free 21 days.

I think I have to visit the dentist to get some help.

Get six-packs without a single crunch

Got this interesting news from msn:

Most men try to build their six-packs with forward crunches, reverse crunches, and twisting crunches. Gentilcore says that's the wrong approach. "The primary function of your core is to prevent movement," he says. The cable core press improves core stability, or the ability to resist force through your torso.

Full information:
Get six-packs without a single crunch

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family gathering

1WU:5:04 2WU:6:01

I went to my second brother house for family gathering. Sure that she was not going.
Almost all the family member going. Hiang was the first time going H's house.

YKP and K Wai's family also all appeared.
Yun and the two kids, his wife did not appeared.
Loong drove me there and I just back home after the dinner. We arrived at 7:00pm, and left the house at 8:20pm as I left quite tired last night.

I will post the photo on facebook, not here as it was quite personal photos to show here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some trivia stuff

Weng Mei Fung went to Canada with Lian Zhi yesterday 16th June 2007.
Cancelled my Baiduri Visa Electron card yesterday finally, thinking to do quite long time.
Send SMS to informed Yen Hua for the Brunei-KL air ticket fee which cost B$177.00.
KP couple already back from KL for visit XYDShi.
L King will go to HK on coming 19th~22nd June.

I paid the most expensive expenses this month, more than my salary. Terrible experience.
Two weeks did not got to QG practice, this was the longest period I did not appeared.
S Fatt mention he got the B$50 awarded by the bank after the ceremony. Making him good luck.
Sign up to yesterday. Good to try out although I am not the one who have to recorded all the expenses.

She got the key

1WU:3:14 2WU:6:04 LNQG:1~5 MQG:15m

SPY finally got the key on last Thursday 12th June 2008.

She will be very busy these days to run all the stuff, like went to the related department to do the necessary paper work. To inform some authorities for repairing. She and Ang will do the cleanning too.

MSN charged?

MSN charged? My nephew received the following email and ask me. The question is:How msn knew you did the sending? Did we all get charged these years? The uk BBC web site news is dated at Sunday, 25 February, 2001, 11:00 GMT. I still using my hotmail anyway. Do not worried.

Good afternoon all msn / hotmail users,

I am Tara and together with all the directors of MSN, we apologized for the
interruption. Please be informed that msn is closing down due to the
increasing numbers of inconsideration.

In our current report, it has clearly showed that there is an overflowing
percentage of population using one name to sign up for lots of new and
different accounts. This draws us to a shortage of new username accounts.

Reports have shown that we are left with only FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT
names. So this actually forced us to close down as many wasted accounts as
possible for our company sake.

To do so, our company has decided to use this idea.

If you would like to keep this existing account, please kindly follow the
instructions given below.

01: Copy this entire email.
02: Go back to inbox, and click on new
03: Right click paste
04: Sent this to all the names / emails address in your contact.

(*To help you to ensure that you have followed to given instructions, once
you sent this email to all your names / emails address in your contact ,
your msn will turn blue)

** Closing date: 30 JUNE 2008

If you would like to close your existing msn / hotmail account, ignore the
FOUR (04)steps given above.

Any new account that is being signed up for will be charged at the cost of
US$10.00 a month. Please go to for more details.

Thank you for your understanding

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dinner photos

This is the photo I promised to post:

I like this dish.

We also celebrate father's day last night, all the father on stage:

Too long did not post anything here

Too long did not post anything here.
It's time to post something.
What to post? Not sure yet.
I am quite busy for the Dharma work for the week, 8 days actually.
Felt tired although I did not help a lot. It end with the "Thanks" dinner.
It's started at 8:00pm and end at 10:30pm. Have fun on this dinner although the programs did not arranged properly.
I sang two songs, one is good and one is not so good. Have to practice before singing, but I did not have time to practice.
Felt tired after the dinner, arrived home at 10:45pm.
Wakeup early this morning. Have mood to write something. So this is the article.
I will try to post some photos anyway.