Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some arrange for October travlling

Finally I booked my Brunei- KL air ticket.
Thinking and thinking, I was thinking that I will not going, but Mr. Xing asked me to go.
After I decided to go, he seem did not want to stay with him in one room, although his daughter is with him already. May be this is the main reason why he didn't want me to stay with him in one room.

Calling to many Dharma brothers and sister, asking for information and thier flying time, schedules and so on. Some of them just booked their own ticket and arrange everything by themselves, did not join to the big group. Most of them have go with the 4 days 3 night schedule. I took the 6 days 5 night schedule. Although not stay with the same with Grand Master, it's still okay stay with the rest of the Dharma brothers and sisters. I cannot accept that before, but after I thinking I want to go, then I accepted it.

The air ticket just raised up from B$200 to B$279++, luckily I did not go with the short schedule which cost up to B$300.00 just for the air ticket. I cannot fly with Royal Brunei airline as my schedule is not with this although the ticket is B$341.00, I prefer this ticket price if the price go up to B$300.00. Now I did save some money for the ticket.

Hotel charge is according per head, not per how many person in one room. About RM$180 daily rate, 4 stars hotel. I checked the web it charge RM$190.00, just a bit cheapter.

Everything is settle down and my heart feel stable too after the hotel and ticket was booked.
Just booking the ticket after I called Dharma sister J Er as I really want to confirm the exact schedule date.

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