Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Testing Applce Mac book

WU:4:50 2WU:6:04 LNQG1~5 x 2

Test the Apple Mac book yesterday.
The first thinking is: it's a heavy machine, about 3~4 KGs? Not sure.
I tested it and the graphics really nice and sharp. Browe to the web, went to my own blog, found it also support Chinese characters. All text showed sharp and nice, better than the broswer in IE or firefox.

Tested the iTunes, volume seem a bit low, no enough power.
Can support USB pen drive without any problem, support mp3 which just copied from my Windows XP. Good, no worried for the file format problem.

I tested for half a hour, tired after work. Cannot find any file manager, may be it have and I just do not much time to test it.

I will buy Apple Mac Book, first bad impression: too heavy. Second impression, it will very expensive compare with any Windows compatiable PC!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm

WU:5:20 2WU:5:54 LNQG:1~5 MQG:15

20th the BIG Kalachakra Ceremony held today at 1:00pm.
We god the information that we have to wake up early today again. The morning was at 5:00am. 6:00am bus will ready to go.

My room mate, Canadian Dharma brother mention why we have to wake up so early? I told him we were in Malaysia, Malaysia students always will go the ceremony as earlier as possible, especially our root Guru Grand Master’s ceremony.

We were arrived the stadium around 6:30am. Crowded of people already line-up to enter the stadium.

About 7:00am we managed to get our seat. Settled down and starting to went outside of the stadium to checked whether anything to buy. Came in and out of the stadium several times as it was earlier. My Dharma brother told me we have to another 6 hours for the ceremony to get ready.

I bought several T-shirts and some sovenirs.
10:30am, Root Guru was arrived. Resting, tea break and get ready, met all the masters.
12:30pm noon, the whole stadium was full, no more seat at all and the ceremony was going to start.
12:45pm, welcome monks line up and get ready to welcome our Root Guru to came into the stadium.
12:55pm, ceremony started.
It last until 5:30pm for this ceremony. Welcome ceremony 迎師, monk ceremony 出家戒儀式, married ceremony 福証儀式 and the main Kalachakra Ceremony started.

Then the empowerment time, I think it took about 2 hours for this empowerment to finished. It went smoothly this time, not like 9 years before it was mass up. We all were in the empowerment and enlightment team, it took quite fast for us to have the enlightment ceremony.

Went out of the stadium was about 6:30pm, wait for all the members group to gather and have our bus back to hotel. It have to took about half a hour to wait the rest of our group.

7:45pm then back to hotel. A bit tired.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Trip photos

View my Dharma brother Kuala Lumpur Trip photos:

馬來西亞時輪金剛護摩大法會, 请欣赏 !

Malaysia Kalachakra Ceremony

My own photos of Kuala Lumpur Trip photos

馬來西亞般若雷藏寺開光, 真佛墓園開光,19日感恩宴,時輪金剛護摩大法會照片等等, 请欣赏 !

Malaysia Kalachakra Ceremony

More to come...continue uploading...

Have a good sleep last night


Have a good sleep last night. It's been so long I did not have this kind of good sleep for several weeks already.

Good sleep then have good mood. Feel so good.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Found waist pain while wake up

1WU:5:05 2WU:5:56

Found waist pain while wake up.
No thinking to visit any doctor today, may be tomorrow.

Today may busy watching TV singing contest from and continue my KL trip writing. Hope I can write more today.

Uploading photo to and Picasa Google yesterday, what I found PIcasa is better than Photobucket which only limited for 100 photos while Picasa can hold for 1 GB file size files.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

18th arrived KL

Although I mention I fly at 18th dawn from the Capital, but arrived Kuala Lumpur LCCT at around 11:55pm, after the luggage claim, then it's 19th Oct, 2007. Yes, it mid-night at KL LCCT. Felt a bit tired after this late night flight.

As I do not have any baggage claim(the rest of the group got the baggage claim). Stepped out of LCCT was about 1:00am.

Saw the sign board written for our group. Said hi to the tour guide. I was the first group member who step out of the LCCT.

Have to wait for the rest of the group members, then it was 1:10am.
Arrived PutraJaya Marriot Resort Hotel around 1:30am.
Tired and luckily our TangZhu checked in the hotel for us, then after I have the card key, then rush to room for resting because we will have 4:30am morning call that morning. Only got 3 hours sleeping time.

5:00am something wakeup and have the hotel breakfast. The breakfast not showing it's quality of food, although I was sure that it's better than 3 stars quality, but I don't think it was a 5 star breakfast.

Nevermind, breakfast was included on this trip package. I have to eat the same quality of breakfast for another 3 days again.

Arrived Klang BoYe Lie Zang Temple(般若雷藏寺) around 7:00am.
About several buses parked near this temple already. Oh yes, today event was the opening ceremony for this temple.

Rushed to the temple for toilet, then temple authority announced that they will stopped people entering the main temple hall. So I have to find a seat outside the temple.
More people rushed into the temple surrounding. Opening ceremony will start at around 9:30am. My root Guru arrived the temple at around 9:00am. Too crowded then I cannot took any photo direct to him. Just a crowded people photo I can taken.

Our Grand Master arrived and all people rushed to meet him.

Took some photos when I arrived the temple:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from KL-JB-Kuching-Miri

Back from KL-JB-Kuching-Miri. Took about 300 photos.
Will show you all the photos when I have time.

This trip is quite tired as we have to wake up earlier in order to get our seat for the ceremony.
Anyway, although it was a tired trip, I also enjoy it.
Travelling always will get tired sometime but we also got sometime fresh and nice.
New thinking coming up on my mind after every travelling.
Took this photo at KL-Klang TBS temple:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Get rid of Trojan vundo virus

Finally I manage to "kill" the Trojan.Vundo virus from my PIII notebook.
What method? May be you will ask.

I tried various way to get rid this virus. Checked to get the formal information again. Few weeks ago I just no time to read the instruction, so I just want to read it slowly to get detail information.

From the "virus removal" web page, I followed the instruction and check through the registry files, values and statements. No sign of virus value added into registry, but what I knew it's only a file in my c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll was infected by Trojan Vundo virus. Norton anti virus detected this virus and pop up with the notification.

I even follow the instruction that to restart my notebook to safe mood, run the FixVundo.exe, no virus found after several hours or scanning. So no use for this Norton virus removal.

I restart the notebook, fix the bad sector. Restart again and run Avast antivirus program, this time Avast detected virus on memory. So there was a option to scan the notebook on next restart. So I want to tried again for this restart scanning.

After few hours of scanning, this time Avast managed to detected two W32.Trojan viruses. I selected to delete all viruses detected.

The two viruses also included c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll and DELETED it finally.

Restart notebook again and found there was no more virus detected notification again. So good for me to keep retry.

I am no sure why this Avast cannot detect the above mention virus on the first scanning, and managed to detected on second time. May be Avast just updated the definition files. No sure for that, but the good news is I managed to get rid of all the viruses on this notebook.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Group praying for Dharma sister


Doing my regular Dharma practice after wakeup.
Decided went to "pass away" praying at Seria. It was a group praying for the Dharma sister who was 90 years old.

Decided to invite Qing to go with me. Arrived her house at around 7:05am, she want to go. I felt a bit sorry that I did not informed her earlier. One of the reason was she off her phone, another reason was I just decided to go to this praying in the earlier morning. No time to inform her earlier.

I decided go to have some tea break as I felt a bit hungry. So we were late when arrived the Dharma sister's house. The praying was just started when we arrived.

The praying was about one and a half hour. Then we went to Seria noodle store to have our breakfast. Left the noodle store at around 10:00am.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why did he cry? (A True Story) 發生在中國的一個真實的故事

Source 來源:Email電郵
Why did he cry? (A True Story)
A true story that happened in China

A bus full of passengers was travelling on hilly road.

Midway through the journey, 3 armed thugs was eyeing the pretty woman bus driver.
They forced the bus to stop and wanted to have fun with the driver!

The woman driver naturally shouted for help,
butall the rest of the passengers just kept quiet.

Then a weakly looking middle-aged man came forth to ask the 3 men to stop; but he was instead beaten up.
The man was very angry and appealed loudly to the other passengers to stop this uncivilised act but nobody responded. And the driver was dragged by the 3 men to the bushes nearby.

An hour later, the 3 thugs and the ruffled driver came back to the bus and the driver is ready to drive off again....

" 喂,你下車吧,我的車不拉你!"
"Hey you, get down the bus!" the woman driver shouted to the man who tried to assist her earlier on.

The man was bewildered and said:
"What's wrong with you? I was trying to save you just now and was I wrong in doing so?"

"You save me? What have you done to save me?"
The driver retorted, and a few of the passengers were quietly laughing away.

The man was really angry. Even though he did not have the ability to save her, he should not be given this treatment at all. He refused to get down the bus and said; "I paid for the trip and I have the right to remain."

The driver put on a grim face and said: "If you don't get down, the bus will not move on."

What was unexpected was that the passengers, who were oblivious to the barbaric act of the thugs just now, suddenly woke up and in a concerted effort asked the man to get down the bus saying:
"You might as well get off the bus, we have things to attend to and cannot afford anymore delays!"

A few stronger passenger were indeed trying to drag the man down the bus

The 3 thugs were smiling knowingly at each other and commented: "We must have done a great job to the lady!"

After much ado, the man's luggage was thrown out the bus window and he was ousted out of the bus.

The bus started on its journey again. The driver straightened up her hair and turned the radio to full volume.

The bus was reaching the hill top and will go downhill after a turn. The right side of the bus was facing an unfathomable cliff..

The speed of the bus increased gradually. The driver's face was very calm with both hands on the steering wheel. Tears started to swell in her eyes.

「慢點開,慢點開,你想幹什麼?" 」
One of the thug realised something amiss and said to the driver: "Drive slowly, what are you trying to do?"

The driver said nothing, but the bus travelled faster and faster.
The thug tried to grap hold of the steering wheel, but the bus shoot towards the cliff like an arrow leaving the bow.

昨日發生慘禍, 一中型巴士摔下山崖。
車上司機和十三名乘客無一生還 。
The next day, the local paper reported a tragic accident at the 'Tiger Taming Hill' region. A medium sized bus fell through the cliff and the driver and the 13 passengers were all killed.

The man who was chased down the bus saw the paper and cried. Nobody knew what was he crying about and why he cried!

You know why he cried?
If you were in the bus, would you stand up like the man did?

We need people like him to create and sustain a normal society!

有心人將以熱情回報妳 ;
希望我們都是用心的人; 也是有心的人
When we treat others with our hearts; we will receive warmth and love from people!
It is a very tragic story. What will you do if you are the bus driver.

Life driven by anger is no life.


早上走時還是被罵: 走了就不要回來! 也不知大嫂已經很傷心了。

Monday, October 08, 2007

Exploring "FaceBook"

I read one of the article at for this facebook web site. One of my Dharma brother also ask me to teach him how to use this facebook. So I decided to join in and exploring it.

What I found if compare with friendster, I like this facebook.
It have too many applications and you can add in anytime.
I think more and more application will be adding in facebook.
I registered on Sunday and starting to exploring it for more than one hour.
Keep exploring it and tried to get use to it.
I like some of the features. Today what I found is your friends can added photos for you. So on your photo page you will have photos which added by your friends.

There must be lot of fun using this facebook.
Will let you know what I found on this facebook.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Get rid of Winantispyware spyware and Vundo Trojan Virus

As my PIII notebook Norton antivirus liveupdate got error while updating, so I tried to search the liveupdate program. Found the liveupdate program which not from official web site. After downloaded the program, then I suddenly found that some popup keep appear.

I knew my notebook was infected with this Winantispyware spyware. It will run IE automatically and show the winantispyware software web site, and ask you to buy this software. Then it also will ask you to download this software. Exit the spyware web site windows, then it keep running again automatically.

Tried to search internet for the solution. No best solution.
I also found my notebook infected with vundo trojan virus which noticed by Norton antivirus program, but it only can detached the virus, cannot qurantee and delete the infected file. Also cannot deleted the file manually as the system mention the file is used by Windows.

I knew Avast antivirus have the feature that can scan Drive C: while booting up. So I tried to install this free Avast antivirus program, run the program for whole night. Found several viruses and I just deleted all the files.

Then I found the winantispyware spyware not appear anymore. I am not sure whether this Avast really get rid of this winantispyware spyware or not, but I did not get any automatically running IE again.

Sad to found that the vundo trojan virus still there.
Searching the web and found a special small removal program for this vundo trojan.
It was not from Norton vundo trojan removal. As I read some forum mention this Norton Vundo removal is not work, cannot fix the problem. I also knew that as my office have the same virus infection and the Norton virus removal cannot help.

The small removal program is from:
I downloaded the file vundofix.exe. Run it and it also cannot fix the problem.
Have to find a good solution again. I run the Norton vundo trojan removal now, as it is too slow, then I have to wait and see whether it's work or not for this time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


今天她把安的門搞壞, 那門現在關不緊.
她是趁穎和安不在的時候把門搞壞的. 太利害了吧!
為何知道是她搞的? 因為只有她在家. 我回時門就開了! 穎出門時門是鎖上的. 還有, 門邊有明顯被破壞的痕跡.

知道後, 除了生氣, 還能做甚麼?

Online FLV Converter

Want to convert the youtube to MP3 or other format? There is a way.

Just surf to:

Easy to use. You need a broadband internet. Do not worried the size of the file while converting although it seem too huge while converting, but it will shorten to the smallest size if you convert the file to mp3.

Try it today!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Over Weight

That day weighted and found I already 78 Kgs. Wow, too fat for me and my mind starting to think how to keep fit and loose weight. Cannot get more weight again. Checked web site for my BMI, yes, I am slightly over weight. Have to get rid the over weighted. The best weight for me is 69 Kgs.
My first target is 75 Kgs then 70 Kgs, then properly to 69 Kgs.
I do not want to loose weight too fast, I just want to make it steady and slowly.

So I have to keep remind myself to exercise daily. As I knew I am very lazy, will tried to have many reason to make myself not to exercise. Keep this exercise mood on this morning, so keep my mind to the exercise mood on this morning until afternoon.

So practice QiGong after back from office. I really hope I can make it daily.