Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strange appointment

Noticed that I have my teeth filling appointment on last week. So I quickly noted it down and do a reminder on my mobile phone. The appointment was on 21st Aug, 2007.

So I asked for leave and left the office at 2:00pm. The appointment was at 2:30pm. There was just right time for me to have the appointment. So I have to pay the bill first before see the dentist.

I pass my file to the counter, one assistant came out and mention that my appointment was over as my appointment card written is 21st Feb 2007. The doctor is on leave! Oh? I just wonder why this appointment will became like this. He mention the doctor will back next week, I requested I have to make the next appointment, I thought the next appointment will be next week.

One lady came out again with the appointment book, mention that there was no sign of appointment was written on the book. She even show me the book. I wonder again. So I mention I have to make the appointment for me to do the permantent filling for my teeth. She went in again to take my file.

Another lady came out and told me that my treatment was done! Oh oh oh....I got the thrid wonder, she show me the file and told me my last visited date, I really forgot already, I just recalled may be was some where on Feb and asked me to come back on September before 10:00am.

So I just went back home...
All I recalled that may be I am mess out the whole thing, but why my reminder noted down 21st Aug 2007 with time 2:30pm? If no time wrote down then I though it may be just next flexible appointment only...strange thing happen. I think I am old already to remember all the stuff happen to me. Ha ha!

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