Friday, March 31, 2006

HSBC complain reply

This is what HSBC reply. I am not 100% agreed what they saying.

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Complain,, Eva_E_C_NG/PFS_BSB/HBAP/
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 18:36:03 +0800

Dear Mr Sim,

Thank you for your email received today 29Mar06, with regards to your queries on your credit card and our telephone services. We appreciate it if you could kindly furnish us with more information about your credit card number and a preferred contact time and numbers; we will be able to further investigate into the length of time the staff took to deal with your enquiry.

With reference to your other concerns:
1. Bahasa Melayu is our national language and is prioritize as theopening language used. Should you have stayed on the line longer, you would have heard the English version

2. Please note that 2252 252 call will only incur local calls; Should you have any concerns, you could also use our toll-free service which is available for land lines 1-800-0252 We hope that your credit card queries have been addressed and look Forward to receiving your credit card number, call details and contact information so that our telephone service representative can contact you to assist you further.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for banking with HSBC.

We ate BIG fish last night

Ying and me went to ate the “fry fish” at Seria Hotel. What a big fish we selected, B$2.00 or 100 grams. Ying and me just ate the fish then we felt full. Ying called Xing, and he was still working, it was 7:45pm already. After we almost finished all the fish, about 70% then Xing called and Ying ask him to came. After 20 minutes, he came with his wife and Wong. They order “kolo Mee” , TongYam Mee, they said it was very delicious and my stomach got not place to test those foods. We chat happily until 10:30pm, felt tired and back home. Wong paid the bills, it was B$33.60, Ying mention we should paid back to Wong B$10 for each of us. Sure I said. investment

Joined yesterday afternoon after listen William Chen explain this investment. I invest US$1030.00, then will get cash each month, after the 8 months, then I starting to gain. He logon to this web site to do the invest for me. I paid B$1,730.00 for the first US$1,000 invest.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 blog have viruses?

My friends emailing me saying when accessing my blog will have virus. So I try to access it. No problem, as he mention he did try both pc on his office and at home, so I just try to inform for this problem. This is what they reply me:

From: “

Dear Seemon,

Many anti-virus programs are over zealous these days, and will blockwhat they think is a virus. What it really is, is simply a cookie thatwe store to show they have visited your site.

There is nothing malicious on your site.

Lycos Customer ServiceProduct Support Specialist

So my friend should feel okay then.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad communicate with friend

Yesterday after the walking, I called Xing thinking to have dinner with him, he just said you go to the Hotel there, and didn’t said he confirm the dinner gathering or not. So I just ate dinner at home and took a rest after that. I watch DVD using my home computer, sms to Ying saying Xing is not in and may be he was at his mother’s place. After a while, Ying called me saying that Xing was at Hotel wait for me for dinner, he called me and I didn’t answer. Hey, I really did got what he mean, he also didn’t called me then, as he mention he will went to Ying’s house, I decided to meet him. After I finished watching DVD, it was 9:45pm already, and it was raining, I felt tired to see him and explained to him. He always like that these days, not easy to communicate with him, I felt a bit angry anyway, but after asleep, today I felt better and write this blog to remember this thing happen to me and I felt a bit angry. I should not angry and better to find out whether he was joking or not!

HSBC services problem

HSBC services problem

I think I have to complain to HSBC telephone services. I have problem when accessing the redeem web page. I called the most general HSBC support 2252 252, I don’t like this telephone number although it seem easy to some people. I called, press 1 to speak Malay, press 2 to speak English(but the language spoken is using Malay, if a English people called this number, how can he know to press 2 to use to speak English, need to improve for this matter, you have to say in English then people will know to press 2 for English!) . Okay, after press 2, then have to press again for 1 for credit card section, so I press 1 as it is related with credit card problem. SORRY the line is pass to KL, after you give your credit card info, then the guy saying sorry it’s the Brunei credit card then pass back to Brunei. HEY am I calling to KL, my god, press 1 for credit card it passing me to KL centre??? Then I have to waste my money calling to KL for my Brunei Credit card problem. Hey this HSBC setting up NOT a local call telephone services? I really cannot accepted.

Okay, pass me to BRUNEI credit card center. Then I told my problem, she cannot solve my problem, let me wait for at least 50 second, I have been wait from KL to Brunei for more than 1 minutes, my telephone calling is free of charge, please let me know it is so! So let me wait for 1 minutes, she say sorry for my waiting, YES, I waiting for too long for the answer. Finally, I got the answer but it’s after 1~2 minutes.Can HSBC improve this kind of services? It’s time for me to switch to another Banks?

This message already sent to

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Need no visa to France

Just been inform that go to France with our travel document need no Visa, wow, so good. What a good news to me. My friend went to Bandar today to ask the info, the embassy stuff told her the Brunei new travel document need no visa to France, wow! I like it!

Travel Insurance

As going to travel a lot during this year. So we ask for the travel insurance info. Now is the time to compare both company, I found Aviva is better which sum of insurance is B$200,000.00. Annual charge is B$340.00 which compare with other insurance company is B$398.00. The things I want to find out is the yearly coverage is cover all the travels I go to or ONLY valid for one trip only. So I will find out for that.

Monday, March 27, 2006


真的有心靈感應嗎? 早上聽到收音機說到. 找到雅虎 心靈感應 , 好多.
慢慢欣賞吧 !

這個網站不錯 神奇的心靈感應

我也喜歡這個 催眠對前世有些疑惑

Morning story 27th March 2006

Wake up at 6:20am, do the QiGong practice for 3 steps only. Doing the daily routine. Eat breakfast which cooked by my nephew. Rush to work and arrived office at 7:40am. Phone ringing and Haji call for help, as his car need repair. So I called the manager to help him out!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today went to Bandar to attend the direct sale course

Today went to Bandar to attend the direct sale course, starting at 9:30am to 4:30pm in the afternoon. Interesting course and we can learn more about the company. Rush back to Seria and brought my friend back home as I have go to Wee house for massage. Arrived Wee house at 6:05pm, massage for one hour +. Tired and back home.

Regarding the course, I think it gave us the very positive thinking and go for the business. We do exercise, dancing, singing. Said out loud what we really want to be and what we want. Some partner really make it within one year and they will still keep going steady. Sharing warmest stories was the best part. The one who stand out and telling their stories really impress me. We also have to train ourselves to say something, try to express our own feeling to our own term. All the products short introduction. Some attraction bonus, again and again, adding more and more interest and profits. Holidays for all the successes members to join…and more to came. Quite nice course for all fresh partners.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Posting to my Google Page Creator

Just surf to my googlepages for beautiful dawn.

Went to Fred house for Demo

After went to office, I keep surfing, Brunet keep dropping and disconnected. I found it cause by my Microsoft Outlook Express, just disconnected when checking email. I called Fred first to confirm the demo at 10:30am, but I left the office at 10:35am.

Firstly I demo the health machine to Fred, and ask his father to try out, he only try for about 20 minutes. As this machine have to use it in a long term, so he may cannot felt anything.

We chat happily from high blood pressure to diet. Saying today food is full of toxin, so many organize foods is available at the market, but not easy to find in Brunei market.

So we have to eat less meat, eat more vegetable. Eat more fresh stuffs rather than fine made foods, like cake, ice-cream, margarine(did read some report saying you eat butter better than margarine, as our body don’t know what this margarine is).

I surf the net using BMobile phone, 246 Kpps? Not sure, but I found it really speed up although I use only Pentium III notebook. Just surf to Royal Brunei to find some fare to Singapore, check the blue sky price, still in the high price. Just update my blog in I surf for more than one hour, time was 12:30 noon. Fred just ask me to eat porridge, just simple lunch. I don’t mind. I left Fred house around 1:00pm and promise we will meet again for another demo.

Fount this WindowsXP tips

Found this useful website for WindowsXP.

WindowsXP Tips

I like this backup tip which I can backup all my data.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Try to edit the blogger template

Found some beautiful temple from the net, so try to edit it. Try and try and try. Need to edit it manually, not easy, but the blog will be a bit beautiful anyway. How it is look like? Please give me some comments! Thanks!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photos Posting

Need to test to post the photo on here.

Do you like this photos, if you like, I will post more. okay? Finding more easy to upload photos here, no like before already!


今早她突然來電說要我去一醫院, 因醫生要見家人. 我只有去了!
去了才知那醫生老早(2003 年10月)已叫她要通知家人一起來, , 因醫生要見家人!
那醫生說她的右眼有很多黑點, 所以她現在會看得不清楚. 左眼好一點. 兩個眼睛都要做雷射的小手術, 只要兩分鐘而已. 但做雷射的小手術不能對她的眼力有幫助, 只是減輕眼部的壓力而已. 那右眼也不知何時會惡化, 會在任何時間! 惡化就會盲! 現在是有在控制著. 雷射的小手術今天就可做. 所以她在那兒等. 前後要半個小時. 醫生說那不叫手術, 只是雷射燈照一照而已.