Thursday, August 30, 2007

I had car accident today


I had car accident today when I just open my car door in Miri.
I help Xing to bank in money, and just going to back home, who knew this incident will happen.

The good thing is this is really a very small accident. I just opened my car door, a car from right side drove in and hit my car door. It's stuck. The Chinese driver have to come out his car then knew how to move the car, he drove the car backward then I can move my car door.

I just sat in my car, chatting. I just going to drive away if he did not say anything. Just like Monday I also have a small car accident which I drove back my car and I hit something. Then I knew I hit a black old car. The driver did not came out from the car and I just came out and asked him: "Nothing?" He said: "Nothing", then I left.

So what I think today may be the same thing happen again. The passenger, I think the driver's son attitude is not good, said: "Why you open the door so big oh?". I kept silent. I knew it was both side mistake. Not only my side. The driver mention the car need to repaired. If I am the drive, I will said: "It's okay, as both party have mistake somewhere". I opened my car door, then you also have to be aware that someone is open the car door, right? Who's right and who's wrong. So I didn't want to say anything.

I tried to called my Miri's Friend use driver's phone. Cannot get through. The driver went to bank to do his stuff, left his son stayed there and I borrowed his phone to call back Brunei to get another Miri's friend phones numbers. Finally I get thorough and got the numbers. I called the numbers and manage to find my friend. Told him the story. He can handle it. The driver also talked to my friend. They both agreed the term.

No mood and rushed back home at 11:23am. What a morning!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good health feeling

1WU:5:00 2WU:6:07 LNQG:1~5, MQG:15m

Wakeup at 6:07am in the morning and feel okay. No so headache.
Surf the net for 15 minutes and do my daily Dharma practice.
Feel good and still feel a bit headache, but I think the main tiredness is gone. This is the main problem for me for not having a perfect sleeping. It's sleep and the brain is still working, no resting for the brain. Keep thinking something, but strange thing is I did not feel I was thinking.

I though I will go to Miri again on this coming Thursday or Friday to visit the acupuncture again. I really hope I don't have to.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NeoCounter reset

Wow NeoCounter reseting my visitors counter.
I just install a new neocounter for my Brunei Blog. Configure the nice background.Save it and installed.

Then I tried to reconfigure my main blog. Save and installed. Then I found it reset the counter to 0. Start from fresh...oh Buddha...why like that?

May be have to complain to them. Free counter, what do I expect?

Brunei Daily Diary

1WU:4:07 2WU:5:28 LNQG1~5

Found this website today, and I think this web site is available for quite sometime already:

Brunei Daily Diary

Quite informative for Bruneian and may be tourists.

Monday, August 27, 2007


头疼。但还是上网检查信件。去 看cloning credit card.
把它放到我的另一个英文博客中。 回信息。



头疼。但还是上网检查信件。去 看cloning credit card.
把它放到我的另一个英文博客中。 回信息。


Take care of your credit card

Take care of your credit card. Keep a eye on it is not enough. Just watch this video:

Credit card cloning

Sunday, August 26, 2007


不象平常的星期天。我应该躺在床上直到八 点。我想我的“醒来惯例“又回到早醒来阶段。

我喜欢早醒因为我能在早晨练我的气功。 今天感觉赞还好。那几天我读没有足够的睡眠。虽然不是很足够睡觉, 但我仍然完成的每日工作, 娱乐,就和平常一样。


明家今天去美里, 六个人挤在一辆汽车里。一定非常挤。

当做我规则互联网冲浪时,倾听着马来西亚网上广播电台。享受这片刻的安静, 但我的妈咪要我为她。没有办法。我告诉了她在我写完我的博客之后我将买为她买早餐。

DO NOT login to fake Swisscash

I got a comment regarding this

According to my
I did mention I found a new link, then I found this web site it NOT secure at all. This user told me that this is a fake web site, in order to steal the investor user names and passwords.

I really hope will back to life as someone still tried to get the user names and passwords.

I pray and hope will back to life as earlier as possible! I still cannot login today.

Early wakeup

1WU:3:55 2WU:5:00 QG:1,2,5 MQG:10m

Wakeup early today and not like usual as today is Sunday. I should lay on the bed until 8 something. I think my wakeup routine back to early wakeup stage. I like that as I can practice my QiGong in the morning.

Today felt okay and I fell not enough sleep for the last 3 days.
Although not enough sleep, but still doing my routine work, entertainments as usual.
May be the medicine was acting correctly on my body. I have to take it again for today and I can stop it anytime if my have a good sleeping today.

Ming family went to Miri today, 6 person in one car. Must be very tight.
I ask Ying to make a key for me.
Hope they enjoy themselves today. They went to do the praying for their father and my third brother.

listen to Malaysia online radio when doing my regular internet surfing. Enjoy this peaceful moment, but my mum ask me to buy breakfast for her. No choice. I told her I will buy for her after I finished my blogging now.

Earth from space

Someone sent this photo to me, there are several photos, but I only like four of them:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning trvia stuff

1WU:3:22 2WU:5:30

Wake up early and surfing the net.
Watching some unfinished video on
SMS to Xing for breakfast, he replied after 5 minutes.
I called him to confirm the time, he mention he did not do the cultivation this morning.

I tried to change my Samsung battery problem mobile phone to Nokia which belong to my nephew. This one seem also got problem, first thing "please insert simm card" problem, and I also found the phone will always have to restart. The restarting time take too long for most Nokia mobile phone? I really not sure about that.

I tried to recharge it for low battery. I switch it on, no more restart for this time.
I hope it will running for today testing.
My nephew mention his colleuge request to sell this mobile to him for the lowest price. He mention he thinking about that.



看台湾新闻:聽膩星光 滅光幫倒大拇指从星光帮和减光帮。对我来说,有点无聊吧!也知道他们又有压力了。只是有点心疼他们而已。他们太累了!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Went to Miri this morning

1WU:4:48 2WU:5:23 QG:1,2,6 LNQG:1~5 MG:20m

Just back from Miri at 12:15am.
Actually there were family member will went to Miri together this morning, but somehow my brother in law having "fighting and boxing" last night with his wife, so she have to cancelled this morning's trip. Then my elder sister and younger brother also cancelled the trip.

As I promise Dharma brother will bank in money for him, so I have to go.
Got my sister called this morning told me that the trip is cancelled. I told her I knew already last night as my nephew was msn with her child. The statement "having fighting and boxing" was his description. What my younger brother got the message that her mobile have been smashed by her husband. What I found her mobile phone was still working fine this morning.

I arrived office at 8:12am, found all children were not having their tuition. So I called Miri's doctor and he will be back tomorrow.

I starting my journey at 8:23am, arrived Miri at 9:12am.
Visit the acupunture at first. Took two different medicine, once for my "lung heat" and once for my skin itch problem. Both only cost RM$30.00.

Then went to EON and Public bank to bank in.
Went to Boulevard to buy some grocery for myself.
Back to Brunei at 12:15 noon.

My China Blog not refreshing

I just want to public my blog to my Dharma brothers and sisters in Taiwan. So I post one new message there. Found my China Blog not updating my latest message as I tried to update one new message but it won't show the latest message. I post the article last night and did not show in the morning, do not know why.

I tried to login to my China blog, tried to search for the reason.
No sign of error or setting I miss out.
Need to explore the files management again.

This one should be the latest post. back to life? back to life?
I really not sure about it, but I hope it really back to life as I want to earn some money.
I do not want to lose any money from the net anymore. I have been lose once. Although it was not much money.

My nephew told me that his friend's upline him that they got this web site:

I checked and found it really a swisscash web site, exactly the same. The main problem is this web site do not have any secure setting. Even the member login page do not show a secure sign. Not a good web site for swisscash. If swisscash really a scam, why they want our username and passwords. I just wonder! Swisscash already got our money on their pocket, but why this swisscash25 appear...

Let me know if you knew the secret out there...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Add Neocounter

Added neocounter for testing.
Very good counter and I like very much, but it will expired soon on 2007.
I may thinking to buy from them if the price is not so expensive.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strange appointment

Noticed that I have my teeth filling appointment on last week. So I quickly noted it down and do a reminder on my mobile phone. The appointment was on 21st Aug, 2007.

So I asked for leave and left the office at 2:00pm. The appointment was at 2:30pm. There was just right time for me to have the appointment. So I have to pay the bill first before see the dentist.

I pass my file to the counter, one assistant came out and mention that my appointment was over as my appointment card written is 21st Feb 2007. The doctor is on leave! Oh? I just wonder why this appointment will became like this. He mention the doctor will back next week, I requested I have to make the next appointment, I thought the next appointment will be next week.

One lady came out again with the appointment book, mention that there was no sign of appointment was written on the book. She even show me the book. I wonder again. So I mention I have to make the appointment for me to do the permantent filling for my teeth. She went in again to take my file.

Another lady came out and told me that my treatment was done! Oh oh oh....I got the thrid wonder, she show me the file and told me my last visited date, I really forgot already, I just recalled may be was some where on Feb and asked me to come back on September before 10:00am.

So I just went back home...
All I recalled that may be I am mess out the whole thing, but why my reminder noted down 21st Aug 2007 with time 2:30pm? If no time wrote down then I though it may be just next flexible appointment only...strange thing happen. I think I am old already to remember all the stuff happen to me. Ha ha!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Too many mistakes

I checked, read and found my blog have too many spelling mistake, just like my "palm head lines" too complicated so make my word spelling always goes wrong.

I will tried my best to correct it! Anyway, sorry for my poor English and grammar. I am Chinese and my Chinese writing is always better than English. is dead? is dead? I think so as I cannot surf to their web for 3 days since 18th August, 2007
Then I found it really a scam for more than two years.
What a long scamming investment program.

I think may there will be million of US dollars involved.
Also invloved million of people around the world.
Why we will be scam? As we are too greedy.
If not, I earn something from this investment already.

Over clock CPU

Found overclock the CPU speed for 30% which can be done on board make some errors on network copying, even cannot watched youtube movie correctly.

It took so slow to copy a 1.63 Mbytes file from the network. It just took 1 second to copy the same file after I switch to 5% overclock. Youtube is working fine and will not running in the middle and very slow. Youtube run very smoonthly and fast after I switch to 5%.

The over clock can be done on CMOS. It very easy to do the switching.
I knew all the CPU can be over clock as all the CPU is not made with the exactly speed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sound card faulty

Found my home PC sound card not working at all in this morning.

I got the same problem on last week. So I tried to use the same method, tried to find the device drive in device manager, delete it and put it the driver CD to reinstalled the driver, reboot then it should be okay.

What I found I cannot find the sound device driver at all, no sign on it in device manager. Put in the driver CD, also the sound driver menu is not appear, that's mean the on board sound card is totally dead, just what my normal solution.

So decided to buy a sound card from Seria. Called Seria Wywy, no sound card sold. Call KB netcom, found only one single sound card cost only B$20.00. Good price for me, just what I wanted!

So went to KB with my nephew and niece in the afternoon at around 3:00pm. Bought the sound card first then went to NamHua cafe for the tea break, cost B$7.40. Then went to Soon Lee Mega Mark as my niece want to buy some stuffs.

Just plug in this PCI sound card when back home. Good WindowsXP driver found this new card and installed the driver directly. So I not need to put it the driver CD. No need reboot, play mp3 song on WMPlayer, it working fine! Cheap card cannot said no quality. What I think this card also cost RM$20.00 in Malaysia.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Surf is too slow when using mobile as modern

I surf using my LG mobile phone as a mobile to surf the internet. I seem so slow and worse than the time I using dial up. The connection said it 115 kbps, but the speed is like 30 kbps.

I really do not what happen to this provider Internet connection.
My LG phone problem? May be...I have to try again.

Anyway, the rate still the same, quite expensive, it cost about 70 cents for about 45 minutes. I cost by the data in/out not the time consuming.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PC can surf espeed now

My nephew's friend espeed is working fine on the PC I mention before suddenly.She told me that it's working fine after she bring back from my house.Strange thing always happen on IT stuff?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Symantec antivirus realtime protection failed to load

Found this morning for my office PC cannot load the realtime protection mode for the norton antivirus program.

I tried to restart PC twice and found it's still cannot be loaded. I tried to reload it manually and it seem not working at all.

The first thinking is to reinstall this software, but the program is not with my hand.So other though is surf to the net to find the solution.I use to search, just key in the full error message.It came the solution web page, the link address is not under Symantec, on this page then I doing the search, then got the solution page, it link to Symantec help center.

I read the solution and following the instruction to download one file. After downloaded, use the method they provided, restart PC. What I think this method will not solved the problem. What I think I may need to download the next definition file to fix it. Oh yes, the problem may cause by the latest definition file, I just updated the latest definition file and it show the error on the next day.

Anyway, their provided the good solution.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Espeed problem? PC problem?

It really strange that my niece’s friend house Espeed(broadband) cannot surf completely while using his own desktop PC. So my niece tried to bring this PC to my house and found it can be connected to internet after do the formatting and reinstalled WindowsXP.

So my niece tried to bring this PC back to her friend’s house and found Espeed internet connection still not working. Strange, what happen? Espeed problem? Desktop PC problem?

She also tried to use her own notebook to connect to the net using her friend’s house espeed internet connection, it’s working fine, but why his desktop pc which can surf on my house and cannot surf using the same Espeed internet connection?

To many question mark on my head and cannot help her, better ask Espeed technician to solve this problem.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My PC problem solved!

My PC finally get back to healthy yesterday.

My nephew found my pc cannot start anymore and do not have any display when he tried to switch it on. So he tried to replace the display video card, switch it on again and it was back to work. Surprise to find that the previous problem which cannot play any video files is solved!

Good news to me and I also suspect the problem is cause by hardware, not software. Also suspect video card just do not have chance to replace it, good that I have the chance to replace it and solve the problem.

Friday, August 03, 2007

PC hanged

Did your PC always hanged?

My home PC did not hanged me for so long time, but it keep hanged me these days.
Really make me sicked. Even I want to watch a simple wmv video file, it just hanged.
But it will not hanged when I play mp3 songs. No hanged on my chatting. No hanged while doing most of the things. But I mostly watch wmv drama files these days, it just hanged and hanged, let me reboot and reboot my pc.

So I tried to watch some HK drama DVD which using rmvb real player format, it's also hanged.
Any wrong with the video card? I just wonder.
I tried to roll backed from Windows media player from version 11 to the older version 10, hope it will solve the hanged problem, but it was not! It also hanged on real player...

Make me sicked. My PC is sicked now and the bad thing I have no idea what I can do now.
Who can help me?