Saturday, October 06, 2007

Get rid of Winantispyware spyware and Vundo Trojan Virus

As my PIII notebook Norton antivirus liveupdate got error while updating, so I tried to search the liveupdate program. Found the liveupdate program which not from official web site. After downloaded the program, then I suddenly found that some popup keep appear.

I knew my notebook was infected with this Winantispyware spyware. It will run IE automatically and show the winantispyware software web site, and ask you to buy this software. Then it also will ask you to download this software. Exit the spyware web site windows, then it keep running again automatically.

Tried to search internet for the solution. No best solution.
I also found my notebook infected with vundo trojan virus which noticed by Norton antivirus program, but it only can detached the virus, cannot qurantee and delete the infected file. Also cannot deleted the file manually as the system mention the file is used by Windows.

I knew Avast antivirus have the feature that can scan Drive C: while booting up. So I tried to install this free Avast antivirus program, run the program for whole night. Found several viruses and I just deleted all the files.

Then I found the winantispyware spyware not appear anymore. I am not sure whether this Avast really get rid of this winantispyware spyware or not, but I did not get any automatically running IE again.

Sad to found that the vundo trojan virus still there.
Searching the web and found a special small removal program for this vundo trojan.
It was not from Norton vundo trojan removal. As I read some forum mention this Norton Vundo removal is not work, cannot fix the problem. I also knew that as my office have the same virus infection and the Norton virus removal cannot help.

The small removal program is from:
I downloaded the file vundofix.exe. Run it and it also cannot fix the problem.
Have to find a good solution again. I run the Norton vundo trojan removal now, as it is too slow, then I have to wait and see whether it's work or not for this time.

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