Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Get rid of Trojan vundo virus

Finally I manage to "kill" the Trojan.Vundo virus from my PIII notebook.
What method? May be you will ask.

I tried various way to get rid this virus. Checked symantec.com to get the formal information again. Few weeks ago I just no time to read the instruction, so I just want to read it slowly to get detail information.

From the "virus removal" web page, I followed the instruction and check through the registry files, values and statements. No sign of virus value added into registry, but what I knew it's only a file in my c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll was infected by Trojan Vundo virus. Norton anti virus detected this virus and pop up with the notification.

I even follow the instruction that to restart my notebook to safe mood, run the FixVundo.exe, no virus found after several hours or scanning. So no use for this Norton virus removal.

I restart the notebook, fix the bad sector. Restart again and run Avast antivirus program, this time Avast detected virus on memory. So there was a option to scan the notebook on next restart. So I want to tried again for this restart scanning.

After few hours of scanning, this time Avast managed to detected two W32.Trojan vundo.xxx viruses. I selected to delete all viruses detected.

The two viruses also included c:\winnt\system32\oppmn.dll and DELETED it finally.

Restart notebook again and found there was no more virus detected notification again. So good for me to keep retry.

I am no sure why this Avast cannot detect the above mention virus on the first scanning, and managed to detected on second time. May be Avast just updated the definition files. No sure for that, but the good news is I managed to get rid of all the viruses on this notebook.

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