Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thousand Hands

I like this China Acrobatic troupe which I didn't saw on live, but did saw on DVD. They are mostly deaf and cannot speak, but you cannot ignore what they did.

Draw by pencil

Believe it or not, it draw by pencil.

Dumpling Day

Today is Brunei holiday and also Chinese Dumpling day.
I will go to sea side to view and took some photos.
I went to sea side several during Dumpling day, must be crowded of people if compare regular day.

Will post the photos here anyway.

Back to hill walking

WP:5:21am QG:1~5

I really don't know and didn't find out why Ying don't want go to hill walking on 17th May, 2006. I remembered that day when I backed from work and went to Ying's house normally, expected we have the regular hill walking exercise. I was not finished parked my car and Lian just came out, told me that they (include Ying) don't want to go, and specially mention that they will NOT going anymore as they felt tired.

I was getting some annoying, why Ying cannot informed me earlier before I prepared and get ready for the walking.

As that period my home just installed broadband, so Lian said like that then I just went home to surf, gave myself a excuse not to exercise that day. So I didn’t think anything negatively.

The next day, I tried to sms Ying, Lian replied said that Ying is NOT using that mobile phone and it belong to Lian already. I felt quite annoying and not really believe what Lian saying. So I tried to sms back and asked whether Ying was abroad as I think the mobile phone may be just temporary belong to Lian. Unluckily, Lian didn’t reply.

I felt quite puzzle why she was not reply my sms.
So I have to ignore this matter, try to put it aside first, as I don’t want to let this matter annoying me too much.

I have to make my own decision whether I still want go to Sungaliang Park again. So I try to invite my niece to this exercise. She agreed. So I went with her and her brother for mountain walking that day…let me see, it was 27th May, 2006.

I felt I back to normal exercise mood again, as I really miss this mountain walking as I felt so good to do this exercise. Although it was a bit tired, I will try my best to do it regularly.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Special sun

I have taken a special sun on this afternoon at around noon time.
I took quite a number of photos and will be upload later.
The photos still in my 2 DC, will upload when I am free.

Upload the special sun photos on Yahoo photos pages.
I just upload two on here. They are more or less the same, just that may be you can see the different whihc I upload to my yahoo photos album.

I did saw this special round light sun once, this is the second time. They mention there should be some GOOD things happen then we have this sun. The kids said they will felt a bit different as the sun is NOT too hot, it is not like usual which they cannot stand on the hot of the noon sun.

PC Services

I think my home recent became a PC service centre as more and more PC keep coming in for me and my nepnew to repair. First come my nepnew's GF PC infected with viruses, ask my chief kid technician to reformat the pc and install the standard softwares, then come to my another nephew pc faulty which I cannot help him. Finally found it is cause by the hard drive JUMPER problem. Just to inform you that if your Hard Drive cannot install or reinstall WinXp, just check your HDD jumpers. Changed power fan, replace the CPU fan etc. This cost B$65.00

After finished repaired my nepnew pc, I though I can rest and continue my surfting. Then I went to meet my friend to chat regarding QiGong then he mention his daughter'c PC running very slow. I chcked it was PIII 600, slow a bit, but I found it was too slow. Suspect something happen to this pc. So I have to bring back home to check.

Found 368 spyware and several virus at the moment, will continue to check see whether got any other spywares and viruses on this pc.

A bit disappointed by support team

Feel sad that I cannot logon to my GiiCMS to edit my webpage.

I try to write email to the support them and I found they cannot help me, so I reply with a long email to spread out my bad feeling to them, hope this time they can help me to login to the cms admintrator web page.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Morning deleting

This morning found I cannot sent to my BruNet email account. So just checking what happen on this email account. Actually this email account is for backup and I seldom go to this email again as I have a huge email account like Yahoo and Gmail. Another reason is this email account have been hacked and act like a spam email account. I almost didn't use it for 1 year and back to have a look, it seem no more spam emails, so I restarting to use it, but not everyday log in.

My BruNet email account is full, that's why it cannot be send to. So I try to deleted all the JUNK and SPAM emails again. Still found some BAD comments coming it and I SURE that it cannot appear on my BruNet Blog as I filter them already. They never appear any more. They still sending, never mind, I keep blocking them.

The BruNet WordPress spam system is quite good and can catch all the spam comments:

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chatting with Dharma brothers

Raining this morning and surf net before breakfast.
Before sister in law went to Miri, she told me there was some Chinese ban ready to eat. So I left my PC and get something to eat.

After 7:15am, I called Xing, he was still lay on the bed, but picked up the phone talked to me. We chatted a wait and invite him to have breakfast today. He requested me to fetch him at 8:30am. So I continue my surfing and found broadband was too slow to surf, off and on.

I featch him after 8:30am. We ahead to Lumut to find another Dhrama brother, Xing have something to ask him. So we went to his shop to wait for him. He was not in, he called back to his shop and told us to fetch him at Sungaliang.

We having our breakfast at Sungaliang Cafe. We chat a lot regarding the management of the Chapter, personal cultivation concept and self introspection. Saying if human being can introspection then should make this world more peaceful.

Then we change the topic to our Grand Master. Talk about whether we have to meet our Guru or not. The conclusion is if we have time, money and we really know where our Guru is, there we MUST go to meet him, if not. We need the cause (因緣)to meet him.

At 11:40am, I got Mr. Wee called then I knew I forget his appointment.
I quickly told him I will be there within 10 minutes, actually 10 minutes is NOT enought as I have to brought the Dharma brother back to Sungaliang and Xing back to Kampong Perpindahan.

After sent Xing back to his home, it 12:05 noon time already.
I rushed to Mr. Wee house.
Finally he agreed to do the massage for me, it's took one and half hour for this time massage. I felt really relax after the massage. Mr. Wee also found the cause of why I always got back the uncomfortable feeling on my shoulders.

Nice MTV

I don't know what he is singing, but he is smart and very good looking guy. His name is call RAIN BI. Just play the MTV. Nice song, I like it!

Rain Latest New Song

Slow espeed2

I think this espeed2 need to replace their name to slow espeed or intermittent espeed as it sometime work fine and sometime is almost down. What happen to espeed? So many year I heard the complain then today I finally release what they complain.

I really hope this espeed can improve someway cause it change to TelBru. TelBru can do anything better? Let’s see, but at least the installation time is shortage to within 3 days or I am too lucky to get the installation faster. I really don’t know.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Internet surfing lession

I teach two Dharma sisters to surf the net this morning. This morning main course is create a new hotmail account for them. They both do not have any PC knowledge. So the lession will go slowly but smoothly. The thing is they willing to learn, this is the main point. If they don't want to learn, then what I teach is useless.

First lession is easy. Create email account, introducing Internet Browser, mouse movement training, sign up hotmail account, sign in hotmail, how to surf to, sign out hotmail. Two hours lession pass very fast. I really hope they do know what I teach. This time I felt I got the patient to teach this two slow catch up students. I can wait for them to move the stupid mouse, it seem the mouse is too stupid for them. So I slow down the speed of the mouse movement and the pointer clicking movement just to let them catch up easily. They finally can do it perfectly but slow a bit. Never mind, as long as they can sign in and sign out, remember their password. That's the success of the first lession.

I don't want to remember their password as I want them to be responsible and take care for thier own email account.

Registered FREE Domain

I did registered a free Domain last night at, but didn't received any of their email until now. A bit worry where they the email to. I thought may be I type my email address wrongly, hope not.

This free domain name only last for 1 year.
My free domain registered name is:

Breakfast with Dharma sister

Will have breakfast with Dharma sister as I promised her with fetch her in this morning at 8:00am. She mention she didn't have the morning breakfast for quite long time. What is mean like that? I really don't know, no breakfast, just "BRELUNCH", yes, I think some people just ignore their breakfast. I surely can say that it is NOT really healthy. We must eat three normal meal, cannot too full, 70%~80% is perfect! So we will not become too fat.


知道有明日環此物當然是看了劉得華的電影 “再愛我一次”. 再一次重見是因為致女特別去買明日環. to be continue...

Yahoo China have this links:


Taiwan? Here it is:

明日環 in Taiwan Yahoo search

The Trick:

1. 右手拇指及食指拿 银环时,中指稍微顶住银环底部。
2. 放开右手时,银环下方会垂直套入颈链的内侧。
3. 应掉在地上的银环便紧紧索紧,扣在颈链上。




Friday, May 26, 2006

Create a forum for sale and wanted

I finally decided to create a forum for sale and wanted. Just surf to:

If you got anything to sale or wanted, just post it there.
I will try to make this forum as famous as possible.
No 100% open to public yet, but will release very soon, I still exploring it's function anyway.

Wake up early again

Today wake up early again at 4:37am. Decided to practice my Dharma first, then surfing. So quickly preparing for the offering, practice morning Dharma for 35 minutes, then come to my pc. A bit tired but don't care, just surf.

Found morning internet speed is NOT really fast enought, so web page still cannot surf to, don't know why espeed will like that. Need to try several times then can surf to the web pages I wanted.

This morning first thing is to email to the router company to query for the wireless network problem. I want to ask how to configure NOT to let unauthority person to surf my wireless network. Hope they can reply promptly and explain it clearly.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy at night these days

I felt busy at night these days and felt tired after surfing too much.
Tonight no viruses killing and tired to kill viruses these days, better off one day!
Too much surfing these days, so felt a bit tired when work. But somehow I also though these tired may cause by I using the Ultra long wave machine. It try to recover my body, to recirculating my bloog vessels, so will felt tired when it working on it. The tired feeling may gone after finished healling my body. Let's see how it is going to be. Will update here for my healthy status. So decide not to sleep very late these days, try NOT to surf too much, just surf until 10:15pm is enought. Now is 10:19pm already, so I have to offline now.

Found two pc cannot formatted by WinXP cause by the JUMPER only. So strange thing to me. Never encounter these problem before as I though it can be detected than it should be okay.

Two technician told me that it was the JUMPER problem. Ok, I accept that!

CleanUp your PC!

I download this software, found it accidently but it's really nice to use. I hate too many tmp files on my pc. So I deleted whithout ask others!

The following is a readme file for this software:

Windows CleanUp! 4.5.1

Platform: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 or XP.

Windows CleanUp! is freeware. If you find it useful, please consider making a donation to support on-going development.

CleanUp! is a powerful and easy-to-use application that removes temporary files created while surfing the web, empties the Recycle Bin, deletes files from your temporary folders and much more. CleanUp! frees disk space and reduces the "clutter" on your computer helping it to run more efficiently. It also can be used as a way to protect your privacy on the Internet. You can even instruct CleanUp! to securely delete files making it impossible to retrieve their contents using lower-level disk tools.

For more information, refer to the CleanUp! web site:

Copyright 1998-2006 Steven R. Gould, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Continue to kill viruses

Tonight still continue to kill viruses. Found lot of viruses on Hiang's PC. Try to firgure out and kill more than 100 viruses but still left 5 more cannot be heal. SO he decided to format the pc rather wasting time to kill the viruses again.

Create a forum

Found this interesting free forum, so I create it.

So decided to do the sale and wanted forum that. May be can make it more useful.

Kill Computer virus!

Yersterday try to kill the spyware and try to search and kill these pc viruses on a second hand pc. I don't know whether the viruese is there when it came or it just effected when I surf to the net as I found this pc don't have any antivirus program, so after I installed the Avast antivirus then I found two main viruses attacked this pc, one is called W32.Jeefo another one call Win32.Trojan0_CL.

I found W32.Jeefo.A virus removal on the net, repair some of the files, but NOT W32.Jeefo virus yet. Under 10:45pm, I felt tired and wen to sleep.

Try to search the net and clean all these two viruese again.
Hope I can repair and clean all the virus on this pc.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My LG 3G phone

Did I told you that I have a new 3G LG mobile phone.
Cannot show you in front of you. Just show you from the web site:

U8330C mobile phone info


Join to discover and figure the spywares.
Good forum and I found lot of antispyware info.
Try to protect my PC!

Spyware Attack!

I really hate this spyware. It come anywhere anyplaces.
I been attached several times, I also think you also been attacked!
I try to figure out the spyfalcon spyware and get rid of it. After two hour doing the research on the net, it menage to KILL it! Then I knew this antispyware program itself is a spyware! Famous on the net, if you find spyfalcon removal then you will find lot of information how to remove it!

The first removal is NOT working, I try the second one, ok! KILL it completly!
Thanks Buddha, Thanks GOD!

I try to use the Ad-Awaew SE to scan my PC this morning, it's still there, but I cannot find the annoying signal saying that my pc is infected with virus on the down right corner. This spyfalcon will appear on your down right corner system tray saying that you pc is infected with virus and spyware, then you click the message, it will bring you to their web site to downlado spyfalcon antispyware software, scan you pc and want you to buy their software!

I don't have that annoying messsage again last night.

attached the Ad-Aware scanning screenshot.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Will you buy this watch?

Will you buy this watch?

Firstly I though it is NOT true watch, so I try to search this watch info, here is their website: Telsons Watchphone

Broadband network setting okay

Finally I manage to setup properly for my Broadband network configuration. Finally find out the reset to default setting for my Broadband router. I also found that the setting will save to this broadband router.

After resetting the router, retest again, okay. All wireless internet is working fine and found if I use the USB 2.0 then the speed will change from 11 Mbps to 54 Mbps if compare with USB 1.0.

I also try to just plug in the network cable. The speed change to 100 Mbps.

Found the distance is okay for this broadband router, about 10 meters still okay.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Found broadband not working again this morning

Found broadband not working again this morning, try to figure out what happen. Finally still need to plug from Broadband modem to PC directly then can work, yesterday also the same, but yesterday is configure problem, I already redo the setting already, why like that, I really don't know, have to try to reconfigure again.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Appreciate to receive email from friend

I really appreciate receive email from the friend I expect today.
I got his email this afternoon, read it and try to understand from his point of view. Stand from his position to review the whole thing.

I cannot say I 100% agreed what he saying, just that I knew what he think.

I reply him a long email saying how I feel and what I thinking.
I say, he got his opinion then I have mine. Just fair enough that both of us can share different thinking.

At least I knew he will think like that, if no this case, then I really don’t know he will do like that, then he also will knew I will think like that. Good thing, not a bad thing actually.

I told him I really learn something on this case.

I always said human being is NOT 100% perfect, that’s why we need to practice the Dharma to make it near perfect.

I always say I am not a 100% good person, I try to be good at all time. Be aware of that I still a simple human being and will also have negative thinking sometime.

I really appreciate he will email to me. I really thanks him for that!

I feeling get better after I reply his email. Suddenly I feel I am too stupid to put this case too seriously.

Maintanen PC at my brother's house

My brother called me to have a look one PC is faulty, cannot log into Windows XP, so after I finished my breakfast, then I went to his house at 8:30am.

Arriving his house then I found there is 4 PCs have problem, some are very easy task, just set the frequency to refresh rate at 85HZ. Installed Chinese Language for the PC for typing in Chinese characters. The first PC have to format as system files is corrupted, PIII PC.

Another have to installed USB driver, plug in and out the HP All in one printer, then found the back USB port not function. Plug in to front USB port, okay. Need to installed the HP scanner software, tested working fine.

Please let me know

After two days thinking, I think I just want to hear my friend voice. It doesn't matter how it is. Do you think on this incident, who is right and who is wrong.

Just for B$100 then spoil the 7 years good friend relationship. I really NOT such person and don't know to let this thing happen to me.

Please do let me know your opinion. Tell me your feeling after reading my sad(what I think only) story.

May be you will think you are right, I am wrong. So PLEASE DO let me know your feeling. I also want your response, okay. I am not that kind of person cannot accept other's point of view, okay?

Do you see the LOVE shape of the cloud, it's mean that we still have the heart to break our relation, to turn from NO GOOD to GOOD.

Morning Walk and Take some Photos

Morning wake up early at around 5:10am, cannot fall asleep again. So use the Ultra Long Wave machine to do my shoulder and spinal cord problem. Do for half a hour. At 6:00am, I waked up and prepared to do the morning exercise today.

Walked out from the main door, saw Eng’s house and found no car there, so I guessed they are no doing the morning walk at Sungaliang. I saw the morning sky was so beautiful so I quickly toward it and took some photos. So nice morning to have this beautiful sky. I like that!

So took the photo facing to the sun and the other side of the sky, the opposite direct of the sun. The sky is having it own colour.

It took me about 35 minutes to do the morning walking. Sweet and feel good. Called Xing for breakfast, he was watching TV, mention he will fetch me after watching TV.

Wait for him and turn on Avant Broswer but the internet seemed NOT working. Try plug it and out, clicked the repair button, still the same, not working at all. Will try later

Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't want to think again

Driving back home today. Felt tired and suddenly my mind still thinking the same thing. I really hate these feeling and just want to get rid of this. My friend Joe saying just be happy. I say hope time can change everything.

It's really effect my last night sleep. I don't want it to effect me again by tonight.

I don't like myself to be like that, but sometime my mind just cannot stopping thinking again and again. I hate that.

Don't want to think! Don't want to think again! I will become mad to think again. Let time pass by, and let me forget all the no good feeling things!

Why friend will become like that?

I though I can sleep very well last night, but it is not. I really sure it is causing by yesterday incident or not. I really don’t want to let this kind of thing to effect me, by it really effected me so much. Whole night thinking the same thing, why will be like that?

Why friend will become like that?

All the question appear on my head. Can I NOT to think it again? I am just a simple man. So I have to wake up at 3:00am in the morning, try to fall to sleep again, not really sleep. Question around the head. So have to wake up at 4:00pm, read my Dharma magazine, feeling getting better. Then I practice my daily Dharma practice. On my PC and try to write down today’s feeling.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Really disappointed me

Really disappointed me

I received my friend sms “sorri I m busi, u just keep it. is ur one already no return consider third hand.”

As I sent him this sms “ I decided to buy wireless router as my nephew cannot wait, I will return the Dlink to u.”

After I saw his reply, I really sad and disappointed.

My very first thought was I am very sad to heard that I cannot return him the thing I bought from him. This Dlink which make me sick and cannot be use, wasting me lot of time.

I really don’t know how he think.

When I bought the router then I thinking that I can return him his one and I can get back my money back. The new wireless router is B$95.00 and his one is B$100.00.

So am I lost B$100 or one good friend like this. I really don’t know.

I don’t want to think too much, then my negative thinking will appear again to think lot of untrue thing.

Our friendship is worth only B$100.00?

I think it seriously.

Should I be sad and feel annoying like that?
What is friendship mean? Let me know. Relation really can effect by just little of money. I really don’t like that at all. I hope I didn’t bought anything from him and this will NOT happen to me.

I though I can wake up earlier today

I though I can wake up earlier today. Sleep at same time at around 11:00pm, using the health machine, fall asleep.

Wakeup at 7:00pm. No QiGong practice, still have Dharma practice.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WP:5:10am QG:1,2,4,5.

WP:5:10am QG:1,2,4,5.

Went to brother house

Went to my younger brother's house last night for preparing tonight praying.

I showed him and the rest of the family the letter of our chapter doing the praying for him. The letter will fax to Seattle for our Guru praying.

We will come back today to do the one hour prayng for her.
After explained all the details, so I just sat down and talked to another Dharma brother. We talked a lot then I knew this Dharma brother cultivation is not bad and help lot of people. I liked his stories.

May be I can recalled his stories and write it here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Transfer Cash from CB

Transfer B$1720.00 dollars from Geak accoaunt City Bank to my HSBC account. for :

Invest in

Create banner ad for my homepage

I created banner ad for my main homepage this morning.

My main home page is:



Chat with Joe today

QG:1~5 WP:5:30am.

Chat with Joe who is from Canada today. Just 5 minutes chatting.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Knew a new friend from Taiwan

Just chat with my Dharma brother name James 詹柏霖.
Nice to chat with him, we chat for more than an hour.

I am not sure he is my Dharma brother at first, then I try to ask him. So he said he is my Dharma brother. Good feeling.

After broadband life

After broadband life is busy and solid.

There will be a good thing and bad things together.
The bad things is the wireless router not working. The best things is the speed is quite fast and I just busy doing web editing, photos posting, chatting, web creating, download mp3 and so on.

Found still got people who do not disable their wireless broadcasting connecting, just broadcasting it and let go, no admin, no password. So good for us and the kid. The thing their broadcasting is not so stable, always drop down to 0 Mbps. Tiring for the kid to play the online game.

Chat with Friendster friend

Chat with Fiona last night and found she is Fred's friend too. She appeared on my Yahoo messenger which my niece just installed that day.

Then I knew she is a nurse who did went to China to studing Chinese medical course, 5 years in China, Jinan, ShangTong and Shanghai. She not really like Shanghai as it is too crowded.

I cannot say I don't like Shanghai as I only stayed not more than 3 days.
Shopping electronics is good as a whole building is seeling the electronic equipements which you select slowly. I did bought a MP3 player at reasonable cost and still use until now.

I may go to Shanghai again for exploring. I think Shanghai is a great to revisit again.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday activities

After we went to our Dhama sister house, we went to Da Hua restaurant for tea break. This is also one of method (culture)after visitng any "pass away" person house.

All together have 7 people. Finished this tea break(we do some eating too)at around 10:30am, went to Chen's house for Xing to take some document. We stayed at his house until 1:00pm. We test use the health machine which we don't have. Also play the "He Le - Happy" card to test our psycho status. It's really fun and so real.

Just download some photos when backed home.

Took a snap to 2:30pm.

Went to one of the Chen downline's house for the demo as there was two partner came from KL to teach us some new dishes and introduce Seketsu products.

Finshed at around 5:00pm. Back home and Chen's wife mention there is also a mother day celebration held at Zhi Kuan's house. I decided not to go as I just want to surf tonight.

Edit my web page and seemons web page on

Try very hard to do the editing and finally manage to figure what is wrong on my web page. Felt Tired after doing that.

Sunday Morning Walk

Today wakeed up at 5, practice my Dharma. Sms to Eng, she have no reply. So I drived my car to her house, the main door was locked. So I just drove my car to OGDC to have the quick walk. I took photos and took the quick walk. I done it for half an hour only.

Drove my car to Eng's house again, the main door was open. Lian appeared and mention they will went out today.

So I called Xing to have breakfast for me. I waited him for more than 20 minutes then he appeared.

We have the breakfast for 1 hour.

We will meet again later and will go to KB for visited our Dharma sister who's father was passed away last week during travelling.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Upload mother's day photos

Took the photos and Upload mother's day photos to Yahoo's photos album.

The total size is 66 Mbytes, the upload time is 1 hours plus, but change to 2~3 minutes in a short while. Now change to 10 minutes plus.

Retest my web site on

Today retest my web page on

Please have a view:

Sky Dream

Most sorrowful Mother's Day

Hear the news my younger brother's wife's mother to get the cancer when I travel backed from Macau.

Really felt bad to heard this news. She is very good mother, quiet and not taling to much person. She gets sick very ominously. The time when found out then there has not been able to make the chemotherapy. Heard that it starts from the small intestine, ther has a lump, the proliferation spreading too quick then to the whole body.

Cannot feels the pain right now, only is thought the whole body is all uncomfortable. Cannot described what kind of feeling and the uncomfortable. Whole body all already swelling. Unable to eat, could not drink. Only be able to wait for that moment arrival. This is the most most difficult time for her to suffer.

After today there were Mother's Day, I thought younger brother's wife's mother family member certainly very sorrowful on this special period. It was their most sorrowful Mother's Day.

Now only can implore the various Buddha Bodhisattva to shine Canada to hold her Burden of sin elimination, to leave painstakingly happy. Amitabhada.

Our Chapter did the praying for her. Hope she will feeling comfortable. Amitabhada.
Delivers her a lotus flower

Wireless network connection

I still having problem with this wireless network connection.
This afternoon I just found that we are using other people wireless broadcasting broadband. So the line always drop here and there.

Called Fred for this problem, he mention I have to do the former way to bridge the network connection first.

I will try it and hope everything will be fine!

Will celebrate mother day today

Today my home will celebrate mother day today.

My sister called up my another sister to confirm the celebration. Oh, sure she will contact my brothers too.

The main celebration is just a dinner.
My two sister with their sons, one brother in law will come to my house for the celebration.

May took the dishes photos to show what we eat.

Friday, May 12, 2006







Sold two Seiketsu products last night

I did sold two Seiketsu products last night.

I introduce this products to my brother in law. He agreed to have the demotration. So I called my Dharma brother to have the demo at 7:30pm.

He came at 7:35pm. We arrived my sister's home at 7:51pm. My partner started to do the demo to my brother in law. She explained slowly and clearly. Show how to use this HC 1A vitality health machine.

Following is some of the this health machine.

The foot bottom is the blood vessel to the heart farthest region, also is the blood backflow turning point, in the blood the dish filthy, the blood fats and the harmful sulphur matter are easier to deposit Yu Chiade, affects the blood to be unimpeded In vivo each organization organ because the blood stream is not suitable, the nutrient and the oxygen supplies reduce, will have the indisposition in the course of time.

The I979 year, Swiss Ji Father Mr. Wu Jeshih, advocated the foot bottom massage health method, makes the social populace to understand the foot bottom massage the importance and changes the "health only to depend on medicine" the idea, then understanding "self- physical therapy" necessity.

The vitality health machine is based on the foot bottom massage theory,
Fused center doctor practicing western medicine's essence ~ to adopt China ancient times the medical skill (a kind of Chinese Acunpunture way)(灸法)
And unifies the doctor practicing western medicine with the masculine and feminine elements well distributed theory
Static electricity guidance balance (electrical way, NOT former translation) (電位法),
The application method is simple, effect amazingly quick,
Is in the modern family the necessary health care equipment!

They finally decided to have this machine and another product.

Ultra Long Electromagnetic Wave Massager.

I also have this machine. I like it so much. I use everyday especially at night. It really help my sleep, my health. I like it so much so I try to introduce to people who need it.

First day of Broadband Morning

This is the first day of Broadband Morning.
Just waked up at bit earlier, doing my rountine cultivation.
Practice Qigong, although it was only 1,3 and 5 step.

Called up Xing's house for breakfast, he was not in.
So I called his mobile, he was busy buying things.
He fetched me to breakfast.

We chatted regarding the Tang's PC, he mention he will have the meeting again to decide.

It took about 20 minutes for this breakfast.
I didn't bring money, so he paid everything, and also paid for the cake which I will bring to office for snack.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Testing the wireless device

The wireless broadcast device may have some problem.
I email to my friend who sale this device to me, hope he can solve the problem.
The connection is on and off and even my msn will drop to disconnected, so there really wrong somewhere.

My main pc is okay, running smoothly. So may be have to use another notebook or pc to test whether it is the device problem or the USB wireless adaptor have problem.

Wireless network

My nepnew was so desperate to have the wireless adapter and luckily he got it at town. Everyone comtribute the B$40 for the adapter. What a poor and gather family. Ha ha.

I bought at YY at B$39.88 Prolink.

Plug in the wireless adaptor, installed the software from the CD, not need to reboot pc, and it worked.

The problem encounter now is to set the admin password for this wireless network.

There is two pc running internet rigght now.

Testing this broadband and others things

My brother apply this Brunei Espeed broadband on 8th May, 2006 afternoon at 4:20pm. I called TelBru 121 last night at 8:30pm. The guy mention it might be installed within 7 days. It can be earlier and it can be late. So his saying is like nothing, just they can installed anytime they want, right? Ha ha.

Today they called up and mention they will come at 10:30pm, they didn't come. they called again and mention will come at 1:00pm, but 1:00pm sharp. They came at around 1:00pm something.

He just installed NOT more than 10 minutes as my home telephone system is simple. No connecting to many phone and only one simple line.

The speed show is 100Mbps.

Sure better than dial up which less than 56 Kbps.

Hope this service is steable without any problem.

I pray for that.

Got my Broadband

Got my Broadband this afternoon, testing it right now.

Seiketsu Blood Circulator Foot-Sole Massager demo tonight

Called my up line who also my Dharma brother to have the The blood Circulator Foot-Sole Massager (Please use the upper menu to change translate from Chinese traditional to English) for demo.

He agreed with that and I almost 99.99% will sold this machine. The reason are:
1. My brother in law and sister got no time to do any exercises.
2. They are lazy to do any exercises.
3. They are high blood pressure.
4. They have under high risk of high blood sugar.

So this demo will be successful. I cannot say 100%, as we don’t know what will happen tonight.

My New Digital Camera, Pentax

Have a look of my new Pentax camera.

Yahoo shopping detail

This web site have more detail

I still try to figure out this new camera.

I really like the Outstanding battery life! I use their original battery which provide by them, I can take more than 200 photos, I think. They mention normal battery can take about 180 photos, and the rechargetable battery can take double or more than 200+ photos.

My broadband installation

Called 121 enquiring for the broadband installation info. The guy(I forgot to ask his name) told me that they will install the broadband within 7 days. May be earlier or may be delay. Told me this info just like NOT told me anything. So just like the same answer they told my brother: We will install ANYTIME.

I really hope they can install earlier before this week.

So when JTB became TelBru also didn’t change anything, right?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Unsatisfying B-mobile new Interenet access rates

I am representing as one of the B-Mobile users regarding the new rates since JTB has gone private. All I can say is...

I didn't notice it increase until I surf that day. My relatives just download his online game with cost B$7.00, too expensive and I cannot accept it. It is time for us to disconnect BMobile.

Bmobile should increase anything as you can see the EASY new SIMM selling like a hot cake, why? as the gsm phone is so cheap! So you BMobile should NOT increase anything and may lower down the price again.

Increasing the surfing rate and downloading 4X the original price is cannot aceptable.

>Lots of B-mobile subscribers subscribe to B-mobile for its >internet usage which previously cost only $0.05/mb which is >quite an affordable price and suprisingly,without any notice, >the new internet rate costs $0.20/mb.

WOW to BIG increasing!!! Cannot acceptable!!!

So, when DST have 3G service? I expecting that or I will throw this BMobile SIMM away soon!

A not so good feeling story

I have a not so good feeling story to tell.

There was three men who set up a firm.
The firm is starting to earn money since it established.
This firm received a letter from Government mention than their firm have some problem and may need to change something.
So the firm will be loss money if they change the situation.

So one of the partner hide this letter. He sell his share to one of the partner at quite huge monney. More than Twenty thousand dollars.

When the other two partner received the second letter than he really felt NOT so good to this previous partner.

So will you do like that if you get that letter?

I ask my nephew and he mention he will negotiate with others partner to recover this critical condition.

Still no espeeds(broadband) yet

Really don’t not this just privatize company TelBru doing. After submit and paid the rental fee, they mention they will installed anytime. What do they mean, anytime? Anytime can mean anytime until next year? This is the third day I have been waiting. Can I call them? Did they starting to charge for these few days, if so, then I loose these few day of usage.

Hope they will come today, if not, I will starting to call them out.

Brunei Telekom official web site

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reinvest at

I decided to reinvest my gain US$100.00 back to again. So after 23 months, I will gain back US$10,000.00++.

Then I got my both download who also invest B$1730.00 (US$1,000.00) then I can gain back US100.00 again.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh oh oh I got back my pen drive

Got a called from nephew this morning saying that he found my pen drive. I asked him where is my pen drive found by the time when I am came back. He mention he found it in the living room. I think I dropped it last night, but I really don’t know how to dropped it there. I just remembered that I didn’t put it into my bag. That’s it.

The disadvantage of this pen drive is it is too small and the colour is black. Another thing is the pen drive do not have anything to hang it.

My 1 GBytes pen drive web site is: Mr. Flash

6th day HK one day trip

Although I still not sleep very well last night. Still wake up at 8:00am something. Take shower again, Eng mention it may rain today. I prayed there will not rain today as we need to have a whole day trip. We have our simple breakfast just downstairs. Back to hotel get ready for going to the wash room. I got nothing.

We starting our walking at 8:30am. We just walked the same way, tried to figure out we have to go to Sheraton Hotel lobby, then go up to the main street. Opps…the way to the hotel lobby is closed. Wow Buddha, where we should go? We have no choice, we have to find the Nathan Road for our way out. Finally we reached the main road. Then where are we. Finally we figure out and found the Starbuck coffee shop. We saw this Starbuck then we knew our way.

We walked aside through the coffee shop toward the T junction. We saw the tour guide was looking something. We knew she was our tour guide. She checked our names, checked the receipt. Then ask us to wait in the bus near by.

Our journey started at 9:25am, 5 minutes earlier. We went to see the ancient big canon. Here we can see some mountain and the future cable car(which not finish build yet). We spent 25 minutes here then the main purpose was to wait the mountain bus to fetch us to the BIG Buddha temple. The bus arrived in time. Oh the group have 29 person. Eng and me was in group I. Easy for the tour guide to recognize us.

The Canon

I took about one hour to arrived the temple. The road was so slide and have to turn here and there, sometime have to stop for other to go first.
The mist was getting big, so when we arrived the Big Buddha place, we even cannot the head of the big Buddha.

The blur BIG Buddha.

Under the Big Buddha, I took this photo.

We enter the main hall which under the big Buddha. Took a look of some exhibition. Tour guide ask us to see the “Shen Li Zhi” which came from the Buddha. The “Shen Li Zhi” is just like a crystal, a colour stone you can said that. After the body been burn, then left this beautiful crystal which is very hard. It always a round shape. I cannot see as it was too far and cannot took photo.

You can see this heavy mist!

After the exhibition, it’s time for us to have the vegetarians lunch. The dishes was okay but you will felt a bit oily.

I walked around to took some photos.

The beauty of the main temple.

After finished the lunch, we go around. I took few free books. At 2:00pm, we have to gather again to go to the “Heart Sutra” jungle. It took about 20 minutes walk to the path. Felt a bit cool and Eng walked toward the small hill. I just walk to took some photos. The mist was heavy and I have to shoot closely. I have to show you the picture then you will know what I mean.

The "Heart Sutra" wood.

The Heart Sutra Wood Characters

We arrived “Dai O” at 2:00pm, we have 45 minutes to visit this fishing village. The main product is “Balancha” a kind of soy make by prawn. We visited the small “Balancah” manufacturer. Our group said you will not eat it if you saw the progress of the making.

After this, we may went to a garden, but seem the group didn’t want to go, so the whole group will back to the city at around 4:30pm.

We follow the same path again back to our hotel. We will met my sister at night again.

We waited my sister in front of the HK bank building which we can saw it after walked out from the “Zhong Wan” Central. There was place for us to sit there to wait. My sister came at 6:30pm, she mention her office is just beside us, the left building.

Eng want to ride the electric train which only cost HK$2.00, nor matter how to ride, from where to another place follow the train truck. After the train then we went up to the hill to watch the night light of HK. Unluckily that the balcony is under renovation, it may open after few months. So we just shoot some no very nice photos. Then we cached the boat back to Kowloon then we can view the night view closer. So photos will blur as the boat was swing here and there.

My sister asked me to hold my stomach first as the time was 8:30pm already. We arrived the restaurant at 8:40pm and managed to get our chair at 9:00pm. We finished our dinner at 10:30pm. Steamboat cost B$433.00 include the dessert. Just surprise my sister pay the bill, I saw pay the bill for this dinner as she will brought us walked around. My sister walked together with us to our hotel. It’s was about 11:30pm when we backed to hotel. We have to take shower and have to sleep right away as we have the one days trip tomorrow. We back to hotel at around 11:20pm.

Earn US$100.00 from SwissCash

Checked SwissCash this morning and found I got my US$100.00. Will tell you when I got my real money in my bank. The follow is some proof:

You can click on the photo to enlarge for viewing.

Oh Oh Oh I lost my pen drive!

I lost my Pen Drive at home. I sms my home detective to find it. He will be reward if he find it! Hope he can find it for me, I got my blog update written last night. I got bad mood to write anymore today….B$77.00 I bought it at Brunet computer exhibition, Bitex. Then I heard my nephew bought Toshiba pen drive at S$33.00 with all the accessories. Oh…what a good price Brunei computer vendor have!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

After Seiketsu products Demo

Afternoon at 1:30pm, My Dharma brother now also a partner came to my house for cooking demo. He came with his wife, also our Dharma sister. They work together to get the crown stage in the direct sale business. Now they have fixed income from the company, so now they try to help their downline.

She bring three products. First one is: Cosmos Induction cooker for cook the French toast, nice and easy. Second products is: Nutrition Cookpot for cook the rice and steamed rice, need not electric and save energy. Third one is Cosmos soylove, a machine to make soymilk with one-touch button. Today she used green bean and red bean, this one took 25~30 minutes to finished the task.

She demo and explain all the products. Finished at around 3:30pm, then my second brother get interested in the Nutrition Cookpot which cost B$420.00 then after he joined the members for B$11.00, then can get back RM$40.00.

I tested all the food. Good and nice. I even can cook by myself. I satisfied for today task. At least get one member join in.

No mountian walk today

Waked up 3:18am today, try to sleep, cannot sleep, just lay there. Use the Long Wave health machine, then I can fall asleep for one hour again. Waked up again at 5:35am. Practice QiGong for 3 step only. Went to Eng’s house, Saw Lian and she mention they are busy today, will not go to morning mountain walk today. So I just went home and watch TV until 7:30am. Will go to have breakfast with friend this morning.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Seiketsu Bloog Circulator Foot-Sole Masager

I manage to introduce this machine in English.

Seiketsu Bloog Circulator Foot-Sole Masager Please use the upper menu to change translate from Chinese traditional to English.

The translation may not in proper English, but it is better than you cannot read anything!

I found the health machine web site

Finally I found this health machine web site, so sad it is in Chinese. If you can read Chinese,just have a look. The main product of this company is:

Seiketsu Blood Circulator Foot-Sole Massager

Just read and if you interesting to buy this machine, please let me know.
This machine really help million of people. This Seiketsu direct sale company already have 13 years of history. So don't worry about it!

Their main web site:


The Health Machine - Ultra Long Electromagnetic Wave Massager

I have this helath machaine and it really help me a lot.
Make my cannot sleep well problem improve.
Make my bad sickness go away.
Make me more healthy.

If you interested in this machine, please let me know.

Afternoon activities

Bring my mum to the massage her leg. Then I went back to office for checking emails and checking my credit card info online, my sister and brother in law not in. Then I went out for my lunch. For my mum and myself. Try to call my “up line”, Chen. He was in the hospital to take his medical, actually he got no need to take any medicine as his health is in perfect condition as he use the health product, SEIKETSU Blood circulator foot-sole massager. He even show this health report to public to prove that this machine is really help him a lot.

Okay back to my story. Chen said his wife should be at home, so I went to his house to pass the registration card to him as I bought a electric cooker, so we can cook without fire. I also passed the RM100.00 to her and she gave me the RM$100 cash. I fill up the registration form to gave it to her. Chen was back during my during my visit. He mention he was not taken any of his medicine but will pass it someone who need it. The doctor mention he have to take the medicine but you may not have to eat it. Like me, I also took the medicine but did eat any of them. So I have to keep exercise very frequently, walking in the mountain, practice my QiGong and use the SEIKETSU Ultra Long Electromagnetic wave Massager. It really help so way.

Back to home and ate my lunch. Took a snap and time was 3:20pm. Wake up to have my tea break. I practice QiGong and “Stand” Gong for about 45 minutes.

I sms to Xing and tried to have dinner with him. He mention he will went to his mother’s house for dinner. So I ate the rice noodle for my dinner.

Xing called at 8:20pm mention it better to have breakfast tomorrow. To meet the Miri chapter’s management at Kuala Belait at 8:00am. He will fetch me tomorrow morning.

So I write this blog and have a update. Will watching TV myself tonight.

Back to office for work today

As mum want to get her money, so I brought her to KB for the money. She got the money and manage to replace the old pass book.

I brought her to the supermarket as she want to buy some stuffs.

So I have the time to visit Fred. Luckily he is at home as I didn't called and sms him.

As I didn't any digital photos and LG phone. So I try to figure out how the wireless network working. He have the device and showed to me. Seem it is easy to install just that my home have all the equipment, like pc and the broadband, Espeed. Now the broadband under promotion at B$50.00 for the modem. Monthly charge still at B%98.00.

I promise to my brother who will install broadband for his son that I will pay him B$20.00 for the surfing. He agreed with that, just that when he will apply then I don't have any idea.

Nice to chat with Fred as I always learn something. He agreed to sale his second hand wireless device to me, promise to give me a free network card. Hope my broadband dream come very fast.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I cannot find Eng and Lian on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cannot contact them and they are not in, call at night also cannot find anyone to answer the call. SMS to Eng and she didn't reply. So my stupid thinking starting to act. Silly thinking think here and there, all bad silly thinking only.

Finally Eng called on Thursday, she mention she was busy these two day. They all went out for dinner at night.

Ha ha, what a big misunderstand and silly thinking I have!

QiGong Practive

I practive my QiGong early morning at 6:00am today and on 2nd, 3rd May. Good to have the practive. I also got time to practive the "stand gong" on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Macau one day trip - continue...

Macau Tower was the next visit place. Very good place to visit, not so many people, there was a interesting part was you can step of the glass which you can view outside. Got what I mean, never mind, I got the photo to show you. This floor is at 58 floor, then we use the left to went up to 61 floor, the top floor which you can do the jumps and sky walk. You have to paid for the jump and walk. You can walk from outside of the tower, there is a path for you to walk, sure that you have the safety wear on your shoulder.

I think we visit this Macau Tower for half a hour. Eng and me just went up to 61st floor and went down to 58 floor. Then we try to search our group. Only left 3 European women, so we stayed with them. We use the left to went down to the ground floor, we busy to take some displayed picture. We wait outside, they were too slow, after 10 minutes, they were out. So we went back to the bus to go to our last destination. The Sand Casino.

After entering this Sand Casino then we knew that our hotel casino was so small. This one may offer more than 3~5 thousand(self estimation, not correct info) to play. Two stories. Crowded of people, various style of gambling. We didn’t play any. We felt a bit smoke, so after we have a free drink (tea) then we went back to the bus. One hour was not enough for real player.

We went back to the HK-Macau harbor. Said good bye to the group and the tour guide.

Our journey was not end. As the time still earlier, it was about 5:15pm something. We decided to explore the travel agent for tomorrow trip. We select the China Travel Agent which I always consider the best one. The female agent mention she got not much info went to GongMen, (ChuHai, GongMen is the gate go to ChuHai)China, she gave us a name card for us to the main office. We cached a taxi and it cost about MOP$13.00.

We try to ask for one day trip to ChuHai, but after 20 minutes, they not manage to provide us the service as we not stayed there. We asked for more info, and they provide the good services and give us some good info with no charge at all. I like this China Travel agent.

We walked around and found nothing, and we saw Sand Casino was right in front of us. So small Macau and it was so near. We took some photos here, then we sat down for a rest.

We catch a taxi just want to went back to HK-Macau harbor. It cost MOP$12.00. When we saw the New Yahoo department sign, we tried to walk toward the building, then we saw Sand Casino again. Wow, what a shot to us and we have the feeling that we have been cheated by the taxi. Why we are the tourist, not studying the map correctly, right? We even have map on our bag but not studying it properly.

The reason we don’t want to went back to our hotel as the hotel was under renovation. The sound the renovation made Eng crazy, and renovation period was started from 9:00am to 9:00pm. We got nothing to complain as the BIG sign board already told us, just that I found it very lately when I was in the room.

Dinner time, Eng found the duck rice and she decided to eat there. When she want to take photo on her duck rice, WOW, she found she lost her camera. We have been walking around the department for about one hour. She remembered that may be she left the camera when we sat down after we took photo of Sand Casino. I searched her bag again, nothing was inside her small bag. I decided to ask Eng to walked one more time to find her camera. Eng mention the camera will not there any more after long period of time. I don’t want to loss a chance to find back for her. The lost feeling really not good although it was not my camera.

Just like what Eng mention, as the place was so many people walk across there, so the camera was so easy taken by someone although it was small.

We found nothing. We have to went back to hotel for this day! What a happy and sad day for Eng. The most important things was the content of the camera and a bit sad to loss B$500 camera.

We went back to hotel. Took shower and watching TV. Didn’t went anywhere again that night.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3rd day One day Macau Trip – 24 April 2006

We did asked the info regarding for this one day trip, luckily the hotel have this arrangement but the tour guard will introducing in English. We got no choice as we don’t want to waste money to search around.

Went downstairs then we found the trip was starting at 9:30am, we paid for MOP$200.00 each. The hotel arrange us to went with the free bus to HK-Macau ferry, then they will someone to find us there. The travel agent quickly found us, and brought us to join the group, then we found 95% of our group was European.

We started our journey at around 10:00am.

The first thing to visit was the Golden Lotus which created when Macau was went back to China. Lotus is Macau represent flower.

Second place to visit is the MUST visit tourist place, the Dai Shan Ba, only left a front side of a very old church. Crowded people. I ate the famous “egg ta” cost MOP$7.00 each, quite expensive, as it cost about B$1.50 each.

The tour guide point us the small temple locate at the right side of the Dai Shan Ba. We visit the very small Jesus related museum and the bone placed museum. I forgot what these bone belong to.

I shoot several photos in different direct, side, up and down. Some view is quite nice.
Eng try to buy some gift which can represent Macau, the key chance is the best thing to buy. 4 key chance cost MOP35.00 and Eng only paid MOP30.00.

Time up, then we found we were the last two person to enter the bus. Oh, yes, the whole group have 29 people. Asian people only Eng and me and a Philippines family with kids.

After this trip, it was lunch time, buffet which included on this trip. What a surprise to us. Good buffet which have eastern and western good. We also have the special dish which can select fish or pork. Very good meal and it really full, too full.

The compassion Buddha- Guang Yin was the next destination. Hot sunny day.

There were several people left us when we arrived the very old Maco temple, only left 9~10 of us. We visited the fishing related museum which requited ticket, also included on this trip. The Maco temple. As it was too hot, Eng don’t want to climb up there, I just went up there to took some photos. The top small temple is GuangYin temple, very small. I took the photo and went down.

Watching the tourists buy gifts, quite impolite. When lower down the price then the shop owner said he don’t want to sell, so proud!

Macau Tower was the next visit place. Very good place to visit, not so many people, there was a interesting part was you can step of the glass which you can view outside. Got what I mean, never mind, I got the photo to show you. This floor is at 58 floor, then we use the left to went up to 61 floor, the top floor which you can do the jumps and sky walk. You have to paid for the jump and walk. You can walk from outside of the tower, there is a path for you to walk, sure that you have the safety wear on your shoulder.

To be continue…

2nd day in Macau 23rd April 2006

23rd of April morning at 7:00pm, we still in Macau airport. As we felt quite cold, so we waked up and went to see around the airport, do so exploration. Arriving hall have nothing, although we found a money charger which just open when we arrived, now was closed. A near by hotel but I think it will quite expensive. Hotel just outside the airport. Then we went to departure hall, use the left to go upstairs, very easy. No much thing, saw few travelers, a traveler just sleeping. We found a good place for us to sleep when we on the way back, not sleep now. At about 8:00pm something, we decided to leave the airport as Eng did saw some taxi appeared.

I cashed out MOP$1,000.00(B$200~B$250) direct from the HSBC ATM machine, easy and convenient.

It was so fast to arrived New Century Hotel, about 10 minutes. Charge MOP$33.00(about B$7.30).

We cannot checked in yet as the checked in time is at 2:00pm in the afternoon, but we can store our luggage free. We just walked out the hotel and search for something to eat, Eng saw the “Tim Sam” shop, we went in and went direct upstairs as the ground floor was full. We don’t know how to order, a women just asked us what tea we want, Eng ordered it. Finally eng asked me to went down stairs to get something to eat. I order quite a lot, very nice and luxury breakfast, a bit oily. Too full and we cannot ate all the Tim Sam. Cost MOP$44(about B$9.70).

We walked around, nothing to see, just took some city building, no shop was open as I think it’s quite early but it was about 9:20am already. May be that day was Sunday. We changed our directly to another road, still no shop is open. So we have to walked back to Hotel for a rest. Eng found a place named “Kun Ye” street, so at about 11:30 noon, we called a taxi to go there. The taxi driver was so rude, just ask us to say when we want to go when I try to point out the map. He mentioned he also don’t know where it was.

The building.

Macau street.

Finally we found the street name and told him, he drove so rude to the place. Luckily the charge was quite cheap, MOP$13.00(about B$2.80). Then we finally found the good place for tourist, the special street with all the small shop, I forget to took photos on these street. Clean and tidy. Eng want to buy a pan which cost MOP$99.00 for two, but cannot test, so she refused to buy. We walked through the street and exploring some old small street and houses. Road only for people to walk, not for car. Waling inside the small street and finally walked out from the small street, we arrived back to the main street. Then we found lot of good restaurant and lot of nice dishes to select. Finally we select once and went inside to have our lunch, it’s right time for much, 12 noon.

We still walked around after the lunch, found one small temple and some Portuguese houses. One house also became a restaurant.

We also found the famous cookies shop. We decided we will bought some from here before we left Macau. We backed to hotel at around 2:00pm, right time to checked in. Checked in was easy as we booked in Brunei. This hotel cost B$105.00 per night. We will stayed two nights on this hotel.

We just want to have the shower after not shower for one whole day!

After the shower, we felt tired, watched TV and fall to sleep.

We have our dinner at near by restaurant. I ordered the web style fly noodle, but it was not what I want. Never mind, it was still delicious. Cost MOP$22.00.

We just went back to hotel after the dinner as I think we really felt so tired after not really rest for one whole day.

Eng slept until 8:20am, Eng will never be like that as may be she was so tired. I cannot slept very well as I always wake up to the toilet very frequently.

We will joined the one day Macau trip at 9:30am today.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last Day in Macau 28th ~ 29th April

We have to check out today 28th April as we only stayed one night, and our flight was on the second earlier morning at 2:45am 29th. We did plan go to GongMen, the gate between Macau and China, and it cost free travel there as our hotel have a free bus go there. I really have a good sleep that day on 27th, but found it was raining and raining, non stop raining, so we cancelled our plan go to GongMen. Just stayed at the hotel until I really felt hungry. So I asked Eng whether she want to go breakfast or not. She agreed. So she got her umbrella, and I wear her rain coat style jacket which also have a hate(is with the jacket). The rain was quite big, but we still keep going, just stop by on the very first restaurant(Macau and HK called tea restaurant, mean not so big restaurant). Went in and order the simple breakfast, I got the Maggic style noodle with vegetable, Eng got the normal noodle(which I want order) with fish cake. Good taste anyway. Thinking to have the second breakfast with the normal noodle, but finally decided not to have that. Back to hotel, it’s still raining, but became small already.

I went to washroom. Just watching TV, and sleep. Drinking, I cannot drink anymore, feel stomach full of water. Eng keep drinking green tea, watching TV. We checked out at 12:45 noon which I did checked with the front desk that we can late checked out. We still store our big luggage, even Eng and my small bag also put for the hotel to store, free of charge.

We going no where, just sit on the lobby chair, when my eyes starting to closed, the security touch me and don’t want to let me sleep at lobby, I still can sit there with eyes open. At 1 something, we have our lunch. We arrived restaurant at 1:30pm, we order the longer cooked dish, clay pot rice. Mine one was fish clay pot rice, Eng was “frog” clay pot rice. We have to wait half a hour to get the dishes. Never mind, we have plenty of time to waste. So after finished the lunch, it was about 3:00pm. Then we planned go to Macau downtown with the hotel free bus, as we knew there is a New Yahoo department store there. The bus arrived the HK-Macau harbor, We just went upstart toward our destination. We spent 2 hour plus on this department store. I really felt so sleepy doing this window shopping. Eng bought 3 shirts and a shirt cleaner. Went back to hotel at around 5 something. Still sit on the luxury sofa chair at hotel lobby.

We have our dinner at 8:00pm. Not a good restaurant, it was huge dish, the taste is not VERY good, just okay. Not what we expected, but cheap, MOP$18.00. Normal dish should be at MOP$22.00. Both of us cannot fished the dishes although we sharing the dishes. (MOP is Macau dollar unit, same as HK dollar, B$1.00=about HK$4.6)

After went back to hotel, we sit a while. Then we decided went to airport as we got nothing to do on the hotel anymore. So we took back our luggage, called a taxi and toward airport. I think it was about 9:00pm something. Taxi cost MOP$26.00(if I am not wrong, from airport to Hotel is MOP$33.00). I found there was so many flight fly to China, Taiwan and even Korea. Korea flight was just earlier then us, at 2:05am.

To be continue…

Monday, May 01, 2006

Macau HK trip - first day

I have to recalled everything on this traveling.

As I have been sick 2 days before traveling. The main problem was cannot sleep well at night, feeling that my mind was not sleeping whole night. Went to Miri for visiting doctor but this time cannot help, still cannot sleep well. Thinking that should I went to this trip or not. Another thinking coming up, as I paid the air ticket, 6 days hotels. So I must go. Wake up at 6:30am, head was heaving, not feeling well, still can go, I think.

So after prepared everything, I went to Eng’s house at 6:30am, she was not in. Ask upstairs then I knew they went out. They backed then I knew they have breakfast with brother Xing.

We starting our journey at 7 something. When we arrived Brunei Immigration, she chopped Eng and mine CI, then she passed back Liang CI saying that she need the reentry visa.

So we have to rush back to Seria, Eng called back to home, Rose answering. May be she didn’t heared properly. When we arrived home, the one who suppose to fetch us to Miri was out and Rose was also not in.

Eng called Xing to fetch, he agreed.
Then Kok who suppose to fetch us was back. We finally came to catch our flight on time then we manage to have a simple breakfast at the airport.

Arrived Kuala Lumpur LCCT(Low Cost Carrier Terminal) was 12:30noon, this terminal is simple. The good thing is they have 2 24 hour restaurant, one is McDonald, and another one is Asian Food center. Quite big and not enough chair for traveler to sit, and the chair is not good for sleeping. I only ordered one Chicken rice (RM$12.90), and a vegetable burger from McDonald(RM$7 something if I am not wrong).

LCCT Terminal

Then a long wait. We have to wait until 7:30pm to check in. For you information LCCT terminal checked in time, for international is 3 hours before, for domestic is 2 hour before.

So we just keep sit on the chair, we found a good chair which belong to Asian Food center. Eng keep buy the drinking water, and drink all of them, I bought a few bottle only. 500 ml cost RM$1.50, reasonable price.

We sit here from 1:00pm to 6:30pm.

After we finished our dinner at McDonald, we checked in to the departure gate. Same chair, we wait until 10:30pm, on time fly to Macau and arrived Macau earlier at 2:30am.

We just went to do our visa, just on the left of the main hall. It took half a hour for us to do the visa, cost MOP$100.00, I already prepared HK$500.00.

We knew that we will stayed at the airport until morning. We found a good place to sleep, I think I only sleep for 1 hour, other time was laying there only. Very cold airport.