Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lost my eyeglasses today!

After I have done vacuum cleaning for my car in the noon time. As it cause sweating(冒汗) then I had to put my eyeglasses on the top of my car.

After finished car cleaning, I forgot to wear back my eyeglasses(眼鏡).

It was first time for me to do the car cleaning for the last 7 months. My office car is too tidy as I think the dirt kept coming in and I really lazy to do any cleaning.

Today is prompted by a sudden impulse(心血來潮) to do this job.

I just went up to upstairs to do my Internet surfing. Then my nephew came in asking me to lend him my car.

After 20 minutes then I realize that my eyeglasses is on top of my car.
Everything seem to late for me to found this fact.
Mood just dropping to the bad. Like the Chinese idioms said: "The mood falls into the valley" (心情跌入谷底)

Then I tried to analyse why this will happen.
Am I a careless person? Am I a forgotten peson? I think the main problem is I just forgot to wear back my eyeglasss. That all! No other reason to loss a precious along with stuff!

Today I got a dinner. After cool down then I have to find my old eyeglasses for tonight!

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