Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday busy life

Back from Miri at around 12:00 noon. Take a break, drink 3 in 1 coffee and eat one snack. Going to have a nap. She knocked the door then I have to wake up to tide up the flag. Took shower first before doing it.

Ready went to KB PC shop to get office PC. The lady told me that their Bandar office forgot to bring the PC. Have to wait until Monday. She did call me but I was in Miri. Okay, never mind, just that I didn't know this kind of services is acceptable or not.

So called Yue to return her camera to her, and she want the photo CD too.
Call Wee and he was not free, but he called me when I arrived home at 3:05pm. So went to his house.

Back home at 5:00pm, felt a bit tired. Have a tea break and starting to backup my P4 2.40 CPU data. I have to format this PC by today!

6:00pm started my pc format project. 8:00pm finished installing WindowsXP. Started installing necessary applications.

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