Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not a good experience

What a good sleep last night until 6:23am.
Today feeling free although get some not so good news.

Send back the authority email to directwithhotel which made my credit card been block by my banker. Wrote all my complains to them when I booked with this Bintang Warisan hotel.

Their reservation system was not perfect and with hidden"10% Non Refundable Guarantee Deposit for your reservation" charge. Their web page did not mention anything regarding this charge. I do not like this kind of feeling and services.

Firstly I booked the rooms and the web page showed me the room was been charged. Then I found the hotel did not charged anything then they have to pay the hotel while arrival. I really didn't know this 10% charged so when I saw one strange transaction on my credit card statement: directwithotel from GB to MYR. I went to my banker and asked them to check. The bank blocked my credit card and mention will send me a new one. So this payment was disputed.

This made me quite inconvenient as I use the credit card quite frequently. So I have to wait one week for me to collect the card.

The hotel is using a Philippines company to managed their paying system. I don't know whose right and whose wrong when this kind of situation happen, but bearing in mind, be aware while you do the reservation online with Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia hotels.

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