Monday, July 07, 2008

Quad 2 core Acer desktop PC

1WU:4:00 2WU:6:32

I have a good sleep last night anyway after visit Miri acupuncture. I just took only lunch time and dinner. Then everything felt okay.

Today was the time for me to test the quad 2 core Acer desktop PC. It's flying. With 3 Gbytes ram and 500 GBytes HDD and good 512 GeForce display card really make this PC great. The NetCom gave me a good price at B$1,403 with 19" Acer flat LCD. I thinking if Brunei broadband is upgrade to one Mbtes like the rumour saying, then I may order one set for my self. Just think about it. The worst thing is I still using this P4 PC at home and it work still okay after I formatted it. It still stuck 100% CPU sometime only but still working fine.

I think I have to wait for sometime to have a good deal for new model of this quad 2 core desktop PC.

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