Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent daily life

LNQG:1~5 x 2

Still keep watching TV series but a bit slow down.
May be this series is not so attracting anyway, and I also like to slow down a bit. The mood may be a bit change.

Still chase for his payment, he did reply on email, but seem not much action. Still let me thinking he is trying the old method, delaying. Still starting to create story again. I don’t like the feeling. My thinking is simple, just pay on time, do not give me so many stories. I tired of his stories and he never say: I will pay on which date. Mostly the date is promise is not a promise, and delaying again and again. This is what I really don’t like. So how can I trust him.

My hope for his month is he can pay something. That’s all, I cannot expecting too much he will pay full so promptly.
Until today, I didn’t he take any action to pay. He always keep me worried.

Still keep my QiGong practice although my brother is not with me this week. He went to Singapore for training.

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