Sunday, April 22, 2007

Long time did breakfast with Xing


Quite long time didn't have breakfast with Xing after his wife pass away.
Today just have the feeling that have to call him to have breakfast with him.
Called him at 8:00am, and I knew he will appeared after half a hour. I said to myself, if he can appeared at my house at around 8:30am, then it was my pleasure!

Wow, he really appeared just after 8:30am. May be his wife cause him to delay a bit, now she was not in, then...

He asked tried to call Liu who cannot manage to answer the called when I called him.
He just returned my called at 8:56am, I just found one miss call when I want to check the calendar. So I called back to him, he promised to call down to Seria to met us.

We change our chatting place to Moi Nam, chat until 11:35am. Liu left and head to KB as Bong called him to met him at KB.

So Xing and me chatted until after 12:00 noon time.

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