Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kill the Trojan worm MS32DLL.dll.vbs

This worm seem a normal acting to me firstly.
My nephew told me that it was a virus then I just keep on ignore this is a real virus, I though it may cause by something else and not a virus.

This virus seem not much hurting the PC acting just a bit disturbing that when you double the Drive, then it will appear error saying it cannot find the file MS32DLL.dll.vbs, actually it was infected by the virus script.

Tonight I tried to plug in my 80 Gbytes hard drive and tried to double it, it show the error message. I got the idea and tried to find a way to kill this low risk virus.

I found many info, first of them is a software which claim can kill the virus but I have to buy the software. Okay, just don't care about this software. Keep on finding, then I found Norton Antivirus can heal this problem, but I quite long time didn't using this "well known" antivirus again. I use AVG and Avast, these two antivirus softwares cannot solve this vbs scripe trojan virus.

Then I keep on finding, then I found this website:

This forum showing the real picture of how the virus attacking.
The best thing is it showing so good point to get rid of this virus.
The norton web site also provide the Registry manually moving method , but my thinking is my Drive C is not infected, how can I editing my F: drive registry?

Removal info from Norton: removal instrution

So from the above forum, I tried to use the search using "a word or phrase in the file" method.
Just key in the MS32DLL.dll.vbs, then I finally find a file content this MS32DLL.dll.vbs, the file name is autorun.inf, so I just deleted it. Unplug my 80 Gbytes hard drive, plug in again.

The error message gone! Good, finally I found a way to heal this stupid virus! It make me headache for several months...just that I keep on ignoring it in the first time!

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