Friday, April 27, 2007

Chasing for payment again

Have to force myself to send sms to him again.
Just want to find whether he will reply me again.
I found he just ignore my email and will reply my sms.

So I sms him two day before asking.
He replied: Almost buddy, Once bank in, inform u.
He just give me hope again.
Two day after, I sms him again, after when he pay.
He replied: This sunday, K.

I replied him try not to delay.
He replied: It nt i wanted delay anyway.

I think if he really want to pay, he have able to pay earlier of the month, and not end of the month. His salary should come out earlier on the month, so end of the month, he manage to pay or not, I just wonder. This Sunday, I expecting him he will delay the payment again.

I mention I will checking on Sunday. Let's see!

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