Monday, April 23, 2007

Firewalls fighting

I found my PC is not connection to the network and internet when I backed from work.
I checked all the necessary hardware and found everything is okay. The second PC connect to the network is working okay.

Then I think I have to take a rest for the checking.
Just took the bath first.
I thinking of something while I taken my bath.
I just installed the sygate firewall last night and didn't restart after the program was installed.
My family just shutdown the PC last night.
I didn't on my PC this morning, so didn't found the problem.
I also didn't uninstalled the first Comodo firewall. Hey, it may cause problem if two firewall(actually three firewall including WindowXP own firewall) is running together.
So I decided to uninstall the sygate firewall.
Reboot, and the network is back to work. Good, then I learned something again for today!

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kelvin said...

Yepp! A machine cannot have more than 1 firewall runs at the same time. It will cause a conflict. Sometimes, it may not obvious, but it will certainly slow down your network. Stick with one firewall and block all necessary port to prevent backdoor entrance for trojan horse. :)