Friday, December 10, 2010

Try to soloved ""windows can't check for updates" problem

1WU:5:25NS 2WU:6:14 MDP:45 MQG:1~5

Today decided to solve my office PC problem which always appear "windows can't check for updates".

Tried to do a Google search "windows can't check for updates vista solution".

Found the official Microsoft onecare website: then I started to follow the instruction, downloaded a small program first, then starting to do the FULL scanning. Oh, I didn't knew that it took so long to do the scanning. From about 8:30am scanning until now 1:00pm, it just scanning 17%, so I think it will took the whole day to do the FULL scanning.
It detected two items, 2 issues found, just wonder what it was as it screen display did not tell me what it was:

Actually it was a quick scanning, but for safe side, I prefer to do the full scanning.
I am not sure it will finished before 4:00pm or not, or else I have to click cancelled button.

Anyway, hope this method can solved my PC problem, will reported the result when I am free.

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