Monday, June 08, 2009

Failed to install MSN 9.0

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Today tried to install MSN 9.0 but failed to installed although I have the full installation files(136,786 Kbytes).

Tried to reinstall again, still cannot.
Tried to using the simple setup files, still cannot install.
Tried to find my previous msn, cannot found.

So I tried to restart my PC, Windows installer start automatically.
Then my old version of msn was installed.

Why I want to install this new version of msn, one of the reason is I found my msn program got something quite strange. It cannot save my address and cannot login automatically when I started up my PC.

My nephew's PC also have the problem, so he tried to install new version of msn (version 9.0).
He managed to install, but still not checking whether will lost the saved email adderess and login automatically or not.

MSN 9.0 download web page.

I tried to install the third time after reading the error message from Windows Live web page. I disable my third party firewall and Threatfire. Then I found after installed 100% then it started to rolling back. So when you saw this rolling back then your msn installation would failed.

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Seemon Sim said...

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