Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Second day for new QiGong student

There will be 16 new student attend on the second day of QiGong new class last night.

There was 4 new coming student, so Mr. Wong just do the introduction to them and teach them the preparation. I did the warm up and relax movement. After that then I teach the first routine, separate into 3 parts to teach them. I just teach the first and second part.

Most of the new student have good feeling and willing to practice the movement nicely. They catch up quite fast, so I teach the second part.
I have to repeat the movements several times.

I will teach the third part on Thursday to complete the first routine.

I forgot to bring my DC, so no photos taken last night.

We got some snack and drink which brought by Zhang Ying, our QiGong assistant. She and her husband brought these snack occasionally.

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