Sunday, March 11, 2007

She admitted

Just like normal Sunday that I ate breakfast with Xing with his wife.

He did mention he will go to KB hospital to take medicine, I was though it like normal medicine taken. But today is Sunday, can his wife just can take the medicine as usual? I got the question but I didn't ask.

After breakfast we just went to hospital. She just have to see the doctor.
Quite a number of people visited the AE department on this special Sunday time, even BSP stuffs also came here.

We wait for about 40 minutes then she menage to see the doctor, then she have to do the small breathing test. See the doctor again second times and this time doctor want to check more specific. After 20 minutes checking, doctor advice she have to admit.

So the nurse have to bring her to WAD. She still seem okay just a bit weak.
Just that her normal doctor visit suddenly became she have to admitted to hospital, a bit surprise to me.

After brought her to the WAD, they stayed a while then he went to have our lunch.
Xing drove me home after ther lunch.

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