Sunday, March 04, 2007

Last day of CNY


Today is the last day of CNY.
No planning for this morning, but after Wang called me for tea break then I ready to went out at around 9:00am, on that time I was eating the instant noodle which my nephew cooked for me.

I walked to Seria noodle store for 6 minutes.
Wang, Mrs.Wang and Kai was there, we chatted and get readying for Seria Plaza Lion Dance at 10:00am.

We left Seria Plaza at around 10:00am.
No sign of this Lion Dance team. So we just walked around until 10:45am. I can heard the drum of the lion dance. It last for about 20 minutes to finished the show.

At 12:20pm, went to Bong's house by myself. I did called Xing asking he want to go or not. I knew he was sicked for 3 days already.

He sounded okay but still lay on the bed(video call), he really need some rest.
I arrived Bong's house at around 12:35, Bong called me on the way I go to his house.
I meet some of the chapter's friends in Bong's house. The dishes he provided really nosh-up, but I only took all the dishes a bit. I am on diet.

I didn't back home instantly after the lunch. As I received a call regarding that QiGong buffet team required the coupon which I design. So I rushed to the office and asked my nephew to sent the file to office email account(as I saved the file at my home pc). Then I can download the file and print.

I called Judy who is in charge of the buffet dinner, she mention she was at Chang's house. So after I printed the file. I met her at Chang's house.

We discussed a while then we called Seria QiGong teacher to make some decision.
We met at Seria and chatted for about 2 hours.

Back home at around 5:00pm.

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