Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Try to get rid of Vundo Trojan virus

Got this virus before I went to KL, but not sure the real date of this virus infected.
I got this virus may be I went to some web sites which I should go.

I got the Norton antivirus and AVG free antispyware but it still infected without any warning.
I think nowaday viruses and spywares is so tricky and strong enough to bypass your installed antivurs programs and anti spyware programs.

I got the Norton antivurs program notification saying that my pc is infected with this Vundo Trojan virus.

Then I tried so many way to get rid of this virus.
No chance to "kill" this virus. I got this virus removal from Norton web site, but no luck. The removal even cannot found this virus. Strange to me. Wonder why? I was so happy at first when I found the removal and it took about a hour to scan my whole hard drive.

I follow what the web site saying and still cannot find this virus and delete it.
I tried to boot from save mood, go to command prompt, tried to delete it. Cannot as the file pmomlkh.dll which located at c:\windows\system32 is loaded with system while boot up to save mood windowxp.

I also tried to search on the net using "get rid of vundo trojan" on Yahoo.com. Found some tips but cannot help at all. I also went deep inside the registry and scan the line step by step, cannot find the sign of this virus attacked statements, so may be the reason the Norton virus removal cannot found it!

The noticification still there on yesterday. Strange thing that the notification is gone when I switch on my pc today! So, where is the virus, it is gone forever? Will tell you that!

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