Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some thinking of PC antivirus program

No sign of virus notification again, good news to me.
I really not sure.
I also don't know the Norton Antivirus is good enought or not. Sometime I think it is good enought to protect my pc on realtime protection, but it still attacked by viruses anyway.
As my office still using dial up connection, so the 2 days updating have to take some time to download the files. No like the rest of the antivirus program AVG and Avast which just have some little files to update daily. They also update automatically while online.
There is many antivirus programs out there, which is good and which is not so good.
The new one also came and I also heard this nod32 antivirus. My niece is starting to use it as she mention AVG and Avast cannot help her. Her notebook already formatted for several times already.
I really hope the antivirus keep updating and work strongly, but I think the spywares and viruses also will become too stricky.

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