Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not a good day

Quite long time didn't write anything on here.
Today got some mood to write something.
Yeterday my leg is been "twisted" and felt quite pain after than. It was the time I came out fro Netcom computer shop to check my neice's pen drive problem.

I just want to read the info of the computer price, then suddenly I got a fall then "twist" my left leg.

What I think was I may cannot drive my car again back to office.
But after I took a rest for 10 more minutes, then I manage drive to pay my telephone bills and back to office.

I didn't do anything and back home as usual. The leg is getting more painful and I cannot think someone can help me.

This morning I finally decided to call Xing to help me, see whether he can fetch me to Miri to check my leg. He called me at around 9:20am and mention he is busy.

So I have to do something, my sister told me can find Mr. Wee. Oh yes, I almost forgot him. So I tried to call him and make a appointment at this evening at around 6:00pm.

He called back and mention he can do at around 2:30pm. So I received his call again at 2:40pm and I went direct to his home.

The treatment really KILL me, too pain on my leg. I suffer for more than 40 minutes and release the pain after his treatment. It's realy too pain!

Back home and felt better, hope it will OKAY after 2, 3 days.

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